Tulsa breast augmentation | Mommy MakeoverWhitlock cosmetics tulsa breast augmentation is a plastic surgery and medical spa cosmetic center. Whitlock cosmetic center is the highest rated in which Google reviews cosmetic surgeons in the region. Dr. Whitlock’s goal is helping others gain confidence in their life journey to achieve their mission and purpose Dr. Whitlock CC, inner ability of each individual and he strives to make his goals. Come true for everyone to be able to get behind any external concerns, so that their true inner beauty is able to shine through.

Can I pick where my incision is for tulsa breast augmentation? During your free consultation, you and Dr. Whitlock will go over the incision choices you have for breast augmentation. You get four different incision choices for breast augmentation. There is the inframammary fold crease incision. This incision is under the breast. Typically this incision heals nearly invisible. This location of the sensation gets a better opportunity for breast implant symmetry. Through this incision, Dr. Whitlock has better visibility making that lead to less bleeding, short, recovery, and less risk of complications. This is definitely the most preferred incision for breast augmentation.

Another incision choice for tulsa breast augmentation would be the PeriAreolar. This incision is around the nipple. This incision is located along the lower part of the areola. By entering this way, the breast implants are placed through the breast tissue. This incision makes the infection rate around the implant slightly increased. An infection like this can lead to inflammation of the implant or scar tissue can form around the implant that then can lead to the capsule thickening and making the breast implant feel hard and more firm.

Transaxiallary incision is the incision under the arm. This breast implant is placed through what we call a tunnel to reach the pocket to place the implant. This incision is further away from the implant than other incisions. This creates less disability while creating the pocket tunnel. With less possibility of the creation of the tunnel pocket is less accurate which then you can leave the implant positioning to be less accurate as well. There’s also a possibility that the tunnel for the implant will slide back in overtime. This incision is commonly used with saline breast implants because the ceiling and plants are placed empty and filled in place.

Visit us online at https://www.whitlockcosmetic.com/ to book a free consultation with Dr. Whitlock, do you write not to worry about all the services we offer, to see before and after photos to check out our medical spa, official handyman services, her body, and has been services, our financing services, or specials and reviews and testimonials. Your first consultation with Dr. Whitlock is free. We also offer virtual consultations. Come see why Dr. Whitlock is the highest rated most reviewed cosmetic surgery in the region. Call us today at 9187435438 to book your virtual consultation or in person consultation with Dr. Whitlock.

Tulsa Breast Augmentation | Highest Rated Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Brian R Whitlock tulsa breast augmentation is the region’s highest rated most reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the region. Dr. Whitlock’s personal mission is helping others gain confidence in their journey through life he sees the inability of each person goes for everyone to be able to get beyond any external concerns so he can let the true innocence shine through. Dr. Braden Whitlock founded Tulsa plastic surgery, the parent company before plastic surgery. These companies have since combined are currently doing business as Whitmore cosmetic center of Oklahoma doctor who performs all types of cosmetic plastic surgery, but he specializes in breast, augmentation, body, contouring, and facial rejuvenation.

Is a breast lift tulsa breast augmentation right for you? Dr. Whitlock does women’s body center go uninvited changes due to life events that often leave the women’s confidence shattered naturally aging well cause the skin to lose its elasticity, and as the skin loses, it plasticity the breast, looser, shape, and firmness, and begin to sag. This is where Dr. Whitlock comes in where he is, and perhaps your shape and perkiness with a mastopexy or better known as a breast lift this is the surgical procedure known to raise and reshape sagging breast that is also known to reduce the size of the areola.

The ideal and perfect candidate for tulsa breast augmentation would be someone who is physically, healthy, psychologically stable, and 100% realistic in their expectations, or once her breast repositioned into a more pleasing position. As the highest rated most reviewed experienced surgeon in the region, Dr. Whitlock makes this entire process as carefree as possible. Cosmetic surgeries are often perceived to be expensive or hard to schedule during your free consultation with Dr. Whitlock. We go over all the pricing concerns recovery time for a pre-and post op clinic visit surgeon fee, operating room anesthesia, bra, everything. You will leave your consultation, leaving, very confident.

Your free consultation can take anywhere between one and two hours. After your consultation with Dr. Whitlock, we will then meet with our patient care coordinator to go for a quote discussing financing options and then from there if you’re ready we will schedule your surgery and pre op appointment. The only items not included are going to be prescriptions most women find themselves, not needing because of our natural process of surgery. A recovery time is easier and less painful. We encourage you to go out shopping or even enjoy a nice meal to speed up your recovery time.

Visit us online at https://www.whitlockcosmetic.com/ to do a virtual consultation, or to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Whitlock. If you use all of our services, see her before, and after, check out our financing, read our story, view our specials, check out our reviews or book a for your virtual consultation. Call us today at 9187435438 any questions, comments, concerns, or to book your first free consultation today. Find out why Dr. Whitlock is the highest rated most reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the region. We are here eager, and excited to help you today.