Breast Enhancement

Quickest Recovery

Dr. Whitlock specializes in breast enhancement surgery with minimal downtime. Most of his patients feel well enough to go out to dinner the same day as surgery. His special technique cuts surgery time in half and reduces the trauma to soft tissue, which eliminates swelling, bruising, and pain. Patients travel from several states for Dr. Whitlock’s quick recovery method and expertise.

The Most Experience

Dr. Whitlock offers his patients compassionate care with years of experience to provide you the best results for your breast surgery. Dr. Whitlock has completed over 5000 surgeries and has the highest patient satisfaction ratings, giving you the confidence to have the breast lift, augmentation or reduction that you’ve dreamed about.


Don’t delay scheduling a consultation to enhance or lift your breasts and confidence because you are concerned about cost. Whitlock Cosmetic offers one of the most affordable rates in Oklahoma. Your initial consultation will include meeting with Dr. Whitlock to discuss desired results and a patient coordinator to review payment options.

Why Choose Breast Enhancement?

  • Small Breast Size
  • Changes due to Weight Loss
  • Correct Shape and Symmetry
  • Effects of Childbirth
  • Toll of Aging
  • Balance a Proportionate Figure

Breast Surgeries Offered by Whitlock Cosmetic

Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

For breast with tight tissues or in conjunction with a breast lift (Mastopexy). Uses a saline or silicone breast implant or fat graft to give desired volume to the breasts, replace atrophied glandular tissue after pregnancy, give more fullness to the upper breast and make the breasts more “perky”.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

For breasts that have lost volume and shape after pregnancy or weight loss. Also used to tighten the skin of the breast, improve symmetry, reduce the areola size and improve the symmtry and position of the nipple/areola and . May be used in conjuction with a small to moderate size implant to improve overall look of the breasts.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

For breast that are larger than desired. Used to decrease the weight and improve any symptoms this may cause, as with deep bra strap marks on shoulders, breast pain, neck and upper back pain and rash beneath breast. Also tightens skin, improves symmetry and reduces the size of the areola.

Breast Enhancement


Appearance, in general, has a direct effect on one’s self confidence. Having or reobtaining that self confidence, in the way a woman looks and feels, frees her up to allow her to achieve her goals and mission. 


 A woman who desires an improvement in the appearance of her breast starts off with different sizes and shapes of their breasts. Some women never developed the volume that they would be more comfortable with while others did have the volume prior to kids or large weight fluctuations. Still others are happy with their size, but kids, gravity and time have had unfortunate effects. The goal of our consultation will be to take these differences into consideration and choose a surgery or combination of surgeries to get the desired outcome. There are basically three types of breast surgery. Breast Augmentation with breast implants, designed to make the breast larger in volume, but does not have a great impact on shape. Breast Lift or Mastopexy, which reshapes the breast to a higher location and can improve symmetry and areola size. Also a Breast Reduction, which is similar to the breast lift but removes a specific amount of breast glandular tissue to help with the droop as well as the weight of the breasts issues. Weight issues can give rise to bra strap marks, painful breasts, pain in the back and neck as well as a rash forming in the crease beneath the breasts. A plan will be developed for each woman. Whether a single surgery, or a combination of surgeries, will be discussed to be able to obtain each woman’s desired appearance of her breasts. Finding out what you desire, in addition to the current size and placement of your breasts, will lead to a plan for which surgery or combination of surgeries will be recommended for you.


A smaller than desired breasts with tight skin and no droop:


A great candidate for a breast augmentation using a breast implants. Size of the breast implants is up to the patient. Outcome is typically very good. Possible things to consider are the choice of breast implants and notable rippling, as well as continued thinning of the surrounding tissues and what that can mean for a larger implant, ie implant descent, visible rippling, etc.


A smaller than desired breasts with loose skin and some droop and/or low appearing breasts:


A lot of women believe that their breasts are similar to a deflated balloon. As the air escapes the balloon, the balloon get smaller until at some final point the balloon plops over and droops beneath the level of the mouth opening. If you begin to blow air back into the balloon, it magically lifts back up to the line it was before as it enlarges. Unfortunately breasts do not behave in a similar manner, if I were to fill the breast with air or maybe perhaps, helium, it could have some sort of “lift”.  But, to simply “inflate” the breasts with breast implants filled with saline or silicone gel, as with a breast augmention, would not get the look you would want. This will produce a slightly heavier breast which may actually drop the breast slightly, rather than lifting it back up.  


You would likely be a candidate for a lift with breast implants or breast augmentation. A breast lift can reposition the nipple to a more desirable location and tighten the skin. An implant is beneficial to give some upper fullness that the natural breast glandular tissue simply can’t replicate. Using one of the “gummier” silicone gel implants will give a long term fullness to the upper breasts and give that “perkier” more youthful look.


Near desirable size with loose skin and some droop and/or low appearing breasts:


A good candidate for a breast lift or Mastopexy. A Breast lift is designed to reposition the nipple/areola and breasts to a higher location as well as tightening the skin of the lower breasts. You may also choose to add an implant, with a breast augmentation, to obtain a longer term solution to the upper fullness, as the upper fullness without an implant can leave a hollowness or emptiness to the upper chest. An alternative is to use some of the lower glandular tissue as an auto implant. This auto implant uses glandular tissue of the lower breast and places it into a pocket made behind the breast to improve the projection and give some fullness back to the upper breast. 


Larger than desired size with significant droop or low appearing breasts:


A good candidate for a Breast Reduction or reduction mammaplasty.  A breast reduction is meant to remove some of the weight of the breast while repositioning the nipple/areola and breast tissue to a higher location similarly to a breast lift or mastopexy. Also, like a breast lift, some women choose to add a small implant, with a breast augmentation, in order to get some upper fullness that they wouldn’t be able to get without an implant. In order to add an implant, the amount of tissue removed will need to be increased to compensate for the additional volume added with an implant. Liposuction of the breast and sides of the breast may be part of the breast reduction depending on what you desire.


“I love my kids but having 3 babies in 5 years really took its toll on my body. Dr. Whitlock helped return my body to its pre-pregnancy state with a Mommy Makeover. I actually look better than I did before having kids!”
– Julia

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