How Long Will My Appointment Last?
If you have ever felt rushed, or as if your questions didn’t matter, I promise you, you will not feel that way when you come in to Dr. Whitlock’s Cosmetic Center! We don’t rush our patients, because we understand that you may have multiple questions regarding your procedure. Which is why it’s so important that we answer these questions in the initial consultation. This may be your first cosmetic procedure you’re looking into having done, and as someone who’s “getting their feet wet” so to speak, you need to feel confident in your decision!

That is why every initial consultation, our team allows for the meeting to take 30 minutes to an hour and a half. In your initial consultation, this is where we’ll take measurements, discuss your surgery options, types of products you may choose, and your financing options. The reason we offer a broad speculation of how long it will take is because everybody is specifically unique, and you may have different questions or concerns. That is why Dr. Whitlock personally meets with every potential patient, even before and after every procedure!

Before you even become a patient of Dr. Whitlock, he personally meets with you to make sure your concerns and questions regarding pricing, your procedure, and after care are all addressed properly!

Now most patients are wondering how long the consultation will last because they either work, need to pick up/drop off children, have other appointments, or generally have other errands they need to run. We know how valuable your time is, which is why we allow time for your consultation to last a minimum of 30 minutes, and can even go for a full hour and a half. If you need to leave at a specific time, we will be time sensitive to your needs, and work around them as best as we can. However, if you have cosmetic procedures before, and really have no questions regarding the procedure, we may finish the consultation earlier. That is why we tell patients and potential patients to plan on meeting with Dr. Whitlock and our staff for a minimum of 30 minutes, and a maximum of an hour and a half.

We are the highest rated and most google reviewed Cosmetic Surgeon in the Region! Which includes Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas! That is why it’s important to us, that as we meet with you for your free consultation, that whether this is your third cosmetic procedure you’ve had done, adn feel confident with the entire process, or if this is your first time having any cosmetic procedure done, you will feel confident that Dr. Whitlock’s Cosmetic Center is the team to handle your procedure!

There are many practicing cosmetic surgeons that often rush their patients and potential patients through meetings because it’s all a numbers game to them. They’re only thinking of the next client and the money they’ll bring in! Which often leads to potential clients feeling like they’re cattle being herded into the next room, or someone being given general answers that don’t specifically apply to them or their situation. Within your initial consultation you’ll be given thirty minutes to an hour and a half of our attention! You can ask us any questions you have! Don’t worry, if you are not confident that we have answered your questions, or you would like more information regarding your procedure, before care, or after care, we will more than gladly extend the appointment length. Our clients are our main concern! Especially when it comes down to receiving a specific procedure that may alter your appearance or body, you want to feel confident that you have all the necessary information and are making the best decision for you!

Our patients typically have procedures done because their body has altered over time, and they no longer feel like themselves, or they want to feel beautiful again! Nothing should stand in your way when it comes to feeling confident in yourself! Our team is here to assist you in your journey back to feeling completely radiant and beautiful! Working alongside a team that you trust and can confide in makes all the difference in the world. You have someone that you can confide in, trust, and know that you will once again feel confident, radiant, beautiful, healthy, young and youthful!

Now we offer free consultations for all of our clients and potential clients! So regardless of whether you’re interested in Breast Augmentation, a Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia), Cellfina, A Mommy Makeover, Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, A Tummy Tuck, Full Face Lift, Eyelid Surgery, or even some of our popular Medical spa Services such as Botox, Chemical Peels, Dermal Fillers, Latisse, Obagi Blue Peels, Photo Facials, Skin Tightening, or Micro Needling, you can schedule your free consultation today! We try to accommodate those with work schedules, which is why we offer free consultations Monday, tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays anytime from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Our office is open from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

Before scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Whitlock and members from our staff, you should read our reviews! All of our reviews have been left by patients who have had a procedure done themselves! Reading reviews prior to your meeting and paired with your free consultation, you have the perfect opportunity to get the inside scoop of the Whitlock Team! Not only does it provide you the convenience of being able to find out more information regarding your specific procedure, and how much the procedure will cost. It grants you an hour and a half chance to interview us to seem if we would be a great fit for you and your needs! This is just as important, because who would want to work with and pay a company and team to provide them services, if they don’t even fit your requirements?

To schedule your free consultation there are numerous ways! You can call into our office by dialing (918) 743-5438, or you can visit our website and fill out our schedule a free consultation form, our contact form. Then a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule you for a free consultation!

What Type of Injections Does Dr. Whitlock Offer?
Oftentimes, everyone thinks of Dermal Fillers and Botox injections as the same things! However, they are both used by men and women to enhance their physical facial features. They can be used to enhance different facial features that may hinder your confidence. Botox injections are used by both women and men to reduce moderate to severe frown lines! So if you fall into one of these categories, keep reading!

Now if you’re not familiar with the terms and different procedures and products in the cosmetic world, you are not alone. Which is why we’re going to break down both for you! To begin, not many people actually know the real reason Botox injections are used, or what they consist of. Botox is a cosmetic prescription medication that is injected into your glabellar muscles. You may be thinking “ What are my glabellar muscles”? “Where are they located”?! Your Glabellar muscles consist of the frown lines that appear between your eyebrows over time. Which is why the average age to begin botox treatments for men and women range between early 20’s and you can continue to receive Botox Treatments well into your 60’s. You wouldn’t need them any earlier because your frown lines only appear after time.

Botox injections are not a one-and-done kind of deal. If you are interested in Botox injections you receive a number of injections over the course of a few months. You continue this until you achieve your desired results! Which means if you have smaller less noticeable problem areas it may only take one or two sessions. You will, however, begin to see changes and improvements after the first session! Dr. Whitlock offers a great deal for botox! If you buy one, you get one free botox area! If you are interested, you can call to schedule today!

If you are wondering if you can afford the Botox Injections you need, the buy one, get one Botox Area free deal is perfect for you! We also offer 100% financing, if you would rather finance the entire cost. When purchasing botox injections you are typically charged per unit. Depending on how large the area is you are wishing to treat will determine the cost. The Average price per unit is typically $20.

The other injections we offer at Whitlock Cosmetic Center are Dermal Fillers! Now Dermal fillers like Botox injections are used by both men and women! They can be used to replace lost facial volume or eliminate wrinkles these fillers will give you just what you need! What we use for the Dermal fillers is what is known as Belotero. This is a non-animal hyaluronic acid or ‘the smoother solution’. Once it’s injected in the desired area, it disperses evenly and provides a smooth seamless finish. This eliminates wrinkles and gives you a seamless, perfected look!

As you grow older, your body’s natural production of Hyaluronic acid or HA diminishes over time. It’s a mucopolysaccharide or carbohydrate polymer that’s naturally produced by your body. HA enhances and gives you that fresh faced youthful look! If you have numerous wrinkles around your eyes or mouth Restylane fillers are what will do the trick! This is a revitalizing facial treatment that will give you a youthful appearance! Restylane injections average about $350-$800 per syringe. Some insurance companies will partially cover the cost if it’s for medical reasons. If you have questions about what’s covered by your insurance provider and what’s not, contact our office today at (918) 743-5438. While the rejuvenating effects are not permanent, these youthful results will typically last 3-8 months.

Collagen is what provides your skin with its elasticity and volume! Over time your body’s production of collagen fades. Some patients naturally have lower collagen levels in their body despite their age. Our Cosmetic Center can offer Radiesse Injections. These cosmetic fillers are injections consisting of a substance of a watery gel and calcium based protocells, which are also called microspheres. These injections help promote the production of collagen! It adds more volume to various areas, and can smooth out the surface of your skin.

Radiesse Fillers results can last up to a full year! That’s twelve months! The FDA-Approved fillers can be injected in under an hour, and will provide you with year long results. Each syringe can cost anywhere from $600-$800. Typically you’ll need 1-2 syringes per session, so one session could cost anywhere from $600-$1,600. Now we’ll be able to give specific price quotes and how many injections/sessions you may need once we meet in person.

Regardless of what injections or fillers you recieve, after care is important and you may experience some side effects such as swelling, redness, or bruising. The swelling, redness, and bruising will go down after a few days. If for any reason the side effects do not discontinue, contact our office to schedule a follow up consultation.

We do offer free consultations so we can assess what areas you would like to treat, and cover what filler or Botox injection would be best for your desired outcome! This consultation will probably last around 30 minutes, and we may begin treatment in that session! So if you are interested inBelotero Botox Injections, Radiesse Fillers, or rejuvenating Restylane Fillers, call us today! Or you can fill out our form online, and after providing your contact information our team can reach out to you and schedule your free consultation. During this free consultation, we can answer any of your Botox, or filler related questions, like what treatment would fit perfectly with your needs, how long the treatment session will take, how much it will cost, and if you’re interested we will discuss our financing options with you.

We do offer specials on treatments and Botox injections, as well and $0 money down and 100% financing available! Our team works hard to make a variety of botox Injections and Fillers available! So if you are a man or woman in between the ages of 20-65, and are looking to look more youthful, radiant, and have a smoother complexion, contact us today! During the free consultation you’ll have the chance to interview us to see if we are the right fit for you.

How Much Do Botox Injections Cost?
You may be interested in purchasing Botox Injections or receiving rejuvenating treatments! However, before you even begin the process, you may be wondering if you can afford it. Now before we get into pricing you need to determine what type of injection you are interested in. Many potential patients who’ve never had any cosmetic procedures or treatments done before may not realise that there is a difference between Botox injections and Dermal Fillers. That is why Whitlock Cosmetic Center would love to schedule you a free consultation! We need to determine what treatment you are interested in and what your desired results are.

If you are a man or woman and between the ages of 20-65, and have over time have increased frown lines between your eyebrows, Botox injections would be what treatment you would need. If you are looking to smooth out the surfaces of your skin, to appear more youthful, wou would also need Botox Injections. Botox Injections really cover three main areas which are: Crows Feet, Frown Lines, and Forehead. Patients are charged for Botox injections by the unit. And depending on the size of the facial area you’re wishing to treat you may need anywhere between 20-100 units.

The average price per unit is $20. So if you’re interested in purchasing 20-100 units, you’re looking at $400-$2,000. Obviously if you are looking at treating one facial area or completing a full facial Botox Treatment will affect the price. Here at Dr. Whitlocks Cosmetic Center we are always offering specials! We are currently offering a buy-one-Botox-area-get-one-Botox-Area free special! So if you are interested in treating your forehead and your Glabellar muscles or better known as your ‘frown lines’, you would qualify for the buy-one-Botox-area-get-one-Botox-Area free special! This could save you quite a bit of money!

Receiving your Botox injections typically happen over a period of time or multiple sessions. So the cost will also be spread out over a period of time!

If you are interested in Dermal Fillers that will rejuvenate your skin, and restore your youth-like appearance, Restylane Fillers are what will get the job done! It uses a hyaluronic acid gel that soothes and removes wrinkles around your eyes and mouth! Your hyaluronic acid or HA is found in your epidermal layer(skin) and beneath the skin. Your body naturally produces HA, however the production of HA diminishes with age. These treatments are not only going to give you your desired results, but they are water friendly, and act as a natural moisturizer. Restylane Fillers will once again give you a voluminous, youthful face!

For Restylane Fillers, you’re charged by the syringe. Depending on the area you’re treating will determine how many syringes you’ll need. If you are treating under your eyes, you will only need one syringe split between both eyes. If you’re treating your cheeks you will need two syringes. If you’re treating your temples, you may need 2-3 syringes. To do an entire facial treatment you’ll need around 6 vials.

Each syringe costs about $350-$800. So your entire cost could be anywhere from $350-$2,100 on the lower spectrum, and $800-$4,800 on the higher spectrum. The great thing is Restylane Fillers can last up to 12 months!

Radiesse Fillers are what refreshes a patient’s facial features! Radiesse Fillers will add volume and smooth out any imperfections! It’s made up of calcium-based protocells, which when injected are absorbed in the body. These injections stimulate the production of collagen which is what provides your skin with elasticity, and that ‘youthful’ look. Just like Restylane Fillers, you’re charged per syringe which ranges from $650-$800 per syringe.

You can use Radiesse Fillers to ‘Plump’ or volumize areas of your face such as cheeks, chin, corners of your mouth etc. For any area, you may need 1-2 syringes for treatment. So your total cost would be $1,300-$1,600. If you are interested in financing or making payments over a period of time, our staff members would love to discuss with you what options are available! Dr. Whitlock offers a free consultation for all potential patients. He personally meets with every potential patient to ensure your questions are answered. If you are interested in financing, we’ll outline what payment options and financing there are available.

You can also apply for financing before coming to your free consultation! This will help you be pre approved, and if you are pre approved for financing, we most likely will be able to either start the treatment session after the initial consultation, or we can schedule the treatment session shortly after the appointment. Being pre approved for financing helps the entire process run more smoothly. If you are preapproved you have the fund to pay and can book as soon as possible! However some of our patients prefer to pay cash up front as well.

So once again if you are interested in Beletro Botox Injections, Restylane Fillers, or Radiesse Fillers, and are interested in financing over a period of time your best option is to fill out the application online to be pre approved. This ensures that whether you decide to pay upfront in cash, or you would like to make spread out payments, you can start your treatment session as soon as possible. In the free consultation we’ll map out what areas you’re looking to treat and determine what fillers/injections are best, and how many units or syringes you’ll need.

The pricing for each Beletro Botox Injection or Dermal Filler is listed below:

Beletro Botox Injections:

Per Unit: $20
Number of Units Typically Used: 20 – 100
Total Price Estimation: $400 – $2,000

We currently offer a special for Botox Injections. The special is buy-one-Botox-area-get-one-Botox-Area free! So if you’re interested in one – two facial areas talk with our technicians and we’ll get you set up for the special!
Restylane Fillers:

Per Syringe: $350 – $800
Number of Syringes Typically Used: 1 – 6
Total Price Estimation on the Lower Spectrum: $350 – $2,100
Total Price Estimation on the Higher Spectrum : $800 – $4,800

Radiesse Fillers:

Per Syringe: $650 – $800
Number of Syringes Typically Used: 1 – 2
Total Price Estimation: $1,300 – $1,600

If you would like to schedule your free consultation today, please call (918) 743-5438!

What Kind of Breast Implants Should I Get?
Moving forward with a Breast Augmentation is a big decision! Which is before moving with the procedure our team at Whitlock Cosmetic Center would love to meet with you for a free consultation! There are many important factors you need to take into account before having this procedure done. Some of the questions you need to consider are : Am I an ideal candidate? How long will recovery time take? And what type/size of implants will give me the best results?

During your hour and a half free consultation you’ll be meeting with Dr. Whitlock one-on-one so that he can answer all these questions for you. This also gives you the perfect chance to explore what size of implants you’re interested in, what desired shape and lift you would like, and type of implant would be best for your body type and desired outcome. Because everyone’s body’s are so different this consultation is an important step in finding the right shape, type, feel, and look for you. Different implants and sizing will all align differently on different body shapes and sizes.

Ideal candidates and women who desire more fullness, perkiness, volume, and symmetry are those who have:

Experienced Weight loss
Have gone through pregnancy
Experienced lower, deflated breasts due to age
Or those who have never fully developed desired size and fullness

Now a Breast Augmentation can go hand in hand with a Breast Lift ( Mastoplexy) or a Breast Reduction ( Reduction Mammaplasty) to give you your desired outcome.

The Different types of breast implant choices may give you different outcomes. So it’s important to research and as questions to ensure we find the perfect fit for you. Your breast implant options are:

Silicone Breast Implants
Saline Breast Implants
Structured Breast Implants ( Ideal Breast Implants)

These are the implants options you have to choose from, but you also must think of what incision type would decrease the amount of scarring possible, and decrease recovery time. Dr. Whitlock personally meets with every potential patient in the free consultation so that you are not left alone on this decision. He’ll be able to provide you your breast implant options, incisions, and what will minimize scarring and decrease recovery time.

Currently the most desired and frequently used Breast Implants are Silicone implants. These implants are most frequently used because of their ‘gummy’ like state, they decrease the chances of seams ripping, rippling and leaks. All silicone implants are not made the same! Depending on your desired outcome, whether you wish to have a fuller/perkier breast, and what shape you are looking for, they may be more firm. If you want to achieve perkier breasts a firmer silicone implant would be best. It’ll last longer throughout the years. Even after 10 years they’ll still be sitting correctly and looking great!

Saline Breast Implants is what is considered the safest option. In the event that your implant bursts or rips, they will not harm your body because the inside of your Saline implants consist of a solution of saltwater. However, because they are made up of a saltwater solution they will drop/lower over time. They will not maintain their fullness and perky result over time. Nonetheless, they are the most affordable option, and the safest breast implant in the event of an implant rupture. So if you are working within a strict budget, Saline Breast Implants may be the best option for your wallet!

Another option that is relatively new to the market are the Structured Breast Implants. These are ideal for those women who are looking for the most natural look and feel. Having Structured Breast Implants will lead to lower overall complications throughout the entire process. This is a unique process where we’ll construct your ideal implants by layer shells that have two saline reservoirs. They’ll have a more natural look/feel because you can construct it to your body shape, and instead of being one mass, it’s broken up.

If you are looking for implants that will last 10+ years and will regain their perkiness and volume, Silicone Breast Implants are what you’ll need. They maintain their shape and fullness because they are made up of gel ‘gummies’ like substance. They won’t droop over time unlike other types of breast implants. If you’re looking for a more affordable breast implant that will still achieve optimal results, then a saline breast implant is the direction you want to move in.

Now if you want to achieve the most realistic natural feel and outward appearance, then you should consult with Dr. Whitlock about using the Structured Breast Implant approach. While this is not the most affordable option, it will give you your desired results. They will not only look natural but they’ll feel real! So if you’ve had a few children and are looking to restore your breast to their desired fullness, but you are afraid of what others will say, having a structured breast implant is an excellent option because they appear more natural than silicone and saline implants!

If you are ready to restore your breasts, give us a call today! We offer great pricing and $0 money down with 100% financing available for all patients. Lack of financial funds should not obstruct you from feeling and looking your best! We are looking to restore your beauty and confidence! Anyone who has gone through pregnancies, lost any amount of weight, aged over the years, or had any health related issue, Dr. Whitlock and our team here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center are here for you! We would love to assist you during this process in helping you select the breast implant and size that will not only restore your confidence but give you the desired size, look and feel you need. Dr, Whitlock is the highest rated and most Google reviewed Cosmetic Surgeon in the Region! If you would like to have an insider’s perspective read through our reviews! Many of our clients love to share their experiences and success that they’ve had as a result of working with our team!

What Sizes of Breast Implants Does Whitlock Cosmetic Center Offer?
When choosing Breast implants, choosing what size of implant can greatly alter the results. Not only is choosing what kind of implant important. But choosing the correct size can accentuate your features, and give you your desired results! Which is why when it comes to selecting what type of implant you should use, and what size, allow us to answer any of your questions and guide you to the right selection.

Many women choose to have a Breast Augmentation, lift or reduction because they are lacking confidence! They have undergone weight loss, childbirth, aging, or have always been dissatisfied with their outward appearance. We are here to make your problems regarding your self confidence disappear! With the right Breast Implants and the correct type of Breast Implants, you’ll feel confident, radiant, beautiful, and ready to take on the world!

In order to decide on what size of implant you would like, you need to understand how Breast Implant sizing works! Now you may think it’s the same as using cup sizing, but it’s not! Breast Implants rather than measured in cup sizes ( A, B, C etc.) are measured using cubic centimeters or CC’S. Cubic centimeters measure the volume of your Breast Implants. So the more cubic centimeters your implants have, the larger they will be. Breast implants typically start out at 400 cubic centimeters. An additional 150 CC’s – 200 CC’s is the same as going up 1 – 1 ½ cup sizes. Regardless of how big or small you would like your implants to be, Whitlock Cosmetic Center has the ability to make available any size you would like. We offer sizes anywhere from 400 CC’s – 1,000 CC’s! After consulting with Dr. Whitlock if you would like to go larger than 1,000 CC’s discuss this with Dr. Whitlock and we will make it possible for you!

Now there are some important things to keep in mind when selecting your Breast Implant size.

Keep your lifestyle in mind
Consider Shape and position along with size
Consider the long term goal
Listen to the advice of your board certified plastic surgeon

All of these factors play into what size of breast implant you choose. For instance you should keep your lifestyle in mind, because if you love extreme workouts, running long distances, or enjoy an extremely active lifestyle, choosing the largest breast implants won’t be your ideal scenario. You’ll opt for something a little smaller. Other circumstances that affect what size you select will be whether or not you will be going braless, showing more cleavage on a night out, or lead an active lifestyle! During your free consultation, you will be able to discuss what you are looking for and the kind of lifestyle you lead with Dr. Whitlock. He will then be able to converse with you about what sizes would be best for your body type and ideal look.

You should consider the shape, position and size of your breast implants. If you want a perkier breast, smaller implants would be best! Larger implants will not rest as easily on your breast tissue, and will droop lower than smaller breast implants would. If you want a fuller look, how you want them angled all factor into what size you’ll select.

It’s important to consider your long term goal. Most implants will last from 20-30 years. Of course the longer you have your breast implants the more at risk you become to having one burst or rupture in your body. It’s important that you have routine follow ups with Dr. Whitlock every 10 years to ensure your breast implants are in excellent shape!

If you are hoping for a natural result, one where you look fuller, perkier, but it’s not obvious that you had work done, you will want smaller-medium breast implants. If you’re trying to go undetected you won’t want to choose the largest option there is. Dr. Whitlock listens to your concerns, answers your questions, and gives you all the information necessary to make this selection. That is why we meet with you one-on-one so that you can select the perfect sizing for your body.

Listening to the advice of your board certified plastic surgeon is highly important! It’s during the initial consultation that Dr. Whitlock will answer your questions, discuss sizing, the numerous breast implants you have to choose from, and take measurements. But we use this as an opportunity to make guidelines we think you should follow and express any concerns or advice we have regarding the matter. For instance, let’s say you came in for a free Breast Augmentation consultation. You want to go up a few cups sizes and are looking at breast implants around the size of 600-900 cc’s. However after discussing with Dr. Whitlock your hobbies, day-to-day life and regular lifestyle, we find out that you lead an extremely active and sporty lifestyle. Dr. Whitlock then makes the recommendation that while you would like to go larger, it would not coincide with your lifestyle and hobbies. He then suggests that you reduce the size of your implants to 360 – 600 CC’s. This sizing will help you achieve your desired results while still enjoying your current lifestyle!

Listening to the advice given to you by Dr. Whitlock will give you the best results! The end result will be better than expected! It can also help you avoid unnecessary expenses, recovery time, and lost time! We have performed procedures on women who have chosen 350 CC’s- 850 CC’s, however we offer and are able to get you any breast implant size you desire. Even if you would like to select 1,000 CC’s implants! If you are ready to take the next step, and schedule your free consultation so we can begin the Breast Augmentation process, give us a call at (918) 743- 5438. Or if you go online to our website there is a “Contact” form, as well as a form to sign up for a “Free Consultation”! After filling it out with the necessary information, one of our team members will gladly reach out to you!

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?
When selecting Breast implants, there are a number of important decisions you need to make.

What size of Breast Implant should I choose? What type of Breast implant should I use? Should I use Saline Breast Implants? Silicone Breast Implants? Structured Breast Implants? What is my desired outcome?

These are all great questions! And when you meet with our team for your free consultation, we’ll be able to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and guide you in making this decision. There are many variables when it comes to pricing and how much the procedure will cost. Depending on the size and type will increase/decrease the price. Regardless of what the end total is, Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers $0 money down, and 100% financing options! We’ll discuss with you what financing options there are available and which would be best for you and your credit. The entire procedure typically costs $5,000 – $10,000. That is all dependent on what surgery center and doctor you use as well as what type/size of implant. You are charged per implant, and implants can cost anywhere from $700 – $2,500 per implant. I would plan on anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 for a Breast Augmentation.

Of course this is all contingent on size and type. During your free consultation after you make your selections, Dr. Whitlock will give you an exact price, right down to the very penny! Whitlock Cosmetic Center never quotes one price and then charges another! We know that this procedure is important to you, which is why if we quote you one price we stick to it! You can count on the price you were quoted to be your ending total.

We’ll only charge you $5,000 – $10,000 for your breast augmentation! Breast implants can cost anywhere from $700 – $2,500 a piece. Depending on the manufacture, size, shape, and type will determine the exact cost per Breast Implant. You should never let financial funds keep you from achieving your desired beauty! Dr. Whitlock specializes in quick recovery Breast Augmentations! Which means that you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

After having your procedure, you should typically plan on taking 3-4 days off of work, giving your body time to heal and repair itself. However, most of our patients have said they were ready to go back to work and resume normal life within 24-48 hours! Now that’s what we call quick! Of course, after your procedure we will give you instructions, on how best to recover, reduce scarring, and avoid bursting, and rippling effects. Most patients have reported that they experienced less pain post surgery than they anticipated. After your procedure we write you a prescription for pain management. Most women have also recorded that during recovery they needed less medication to reduce pain because they recovered so quickly!

If you have any concerns about what you need to do post surgery to ensure you’re well on the path to recovery, feel free to ask as many questions as you need! We schedule a few postoperative consultations to check for any issues, assure that the incisions are healing properly, and that your breast implants will not have the rippling effect!

We take great pride in the fact that Whitlock Cosmetic Center is able to offer affordable breast enhancement procedures without comprising the value, quality, or experience. Your experience with Whitlock Cosmetic Center will be unparalleled to any you’ve had elsewhere! After showing interest and filling out the forms online you will first be contacted by one of our caring staff members! They will then identify what your needs are and the procedure you’re interested in. Then you’ll be scheduled for your free consultation. We offer free consultations starting Monday at 9:30 a.m till Thursday at 3:30 p.m. You have four days to choose from, and we’ll do our best to work around your schedules. We understand how valuable your time is!
The free consultation poses as the perfect opportunity to find out any necessary information you need, we take your measurements, discuss what your goals and desired outcomes are etc. You also get a glimpse of what it would be like to work with Whitlock Cosmetic Center! Finding a company that can offer affordable prices, unmatched experiences, and of course provide the products or services you are in need of! If you decide to continue working with Whitlock Cosmetic Center, we will then discuss what payment options and financing would work with your budget. We can then schedule your procedure as soon as possible!

The price we quote you in the initial consultation is the exact amount you’ll be charged! The price we quote you includes the Breast Implants, Surgery fees, as well as after care fees. We’ll quote you down to the exact penny! You should know the precise amount you’ll be paying for the procedure so you can plan and finance accordingly. However if you visit our website you’ll notice that we have quite a few financing options you can pre apply for, and be pre-approved prior to your free consultation. This makes the entire surgery process much easier. If you wait to apply till after you’re free consultation it takes a few weeks longer till you actually have the procedure done. Pre applying for financing doesn’t cost you anything extra, it just grants you the freedom to be more selective and ‘selfish’ when selecting your surgery date. If you decide not to move forward with the procedure or with Whitlock Cosmetic Center you would not have missed out on any opportunities, or covered any additional or unsuspected costs.

Some women searching for affordable Breast Augmentations will travel to another part of the country, or even to foreign countries to have these procedures done. However, wouldn’t it be better if you could find affordable procedures, and breast implants in the comfort of your own backyard, while receiving extraordinary customer service, without compromising the value of your experience? That is exactly what Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers to all patients!

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover From Having A Breast Augmentation?
Whenever you undergo any procedure or surgery, it’s important to know approximately how long recovery will take! However, everyone’s body is different and depending on the current state of your health you may recover quicker than expected, or it may even take longer than expected. One of the topics you’ll cover in your free consultation for a breast Augmentation is how long it will take to fully recover. It’s important that you follow the guidelines for recovery post surgery. The instructions we give you, if followed will assist your body in the healing process and may even promote faster healing.

We understand that many women have careers, work every day, and have households to run, as well as family members/children to take care of.We help promote healing and take great pride because recovery time is reportedly quicker when you have your procedures done with Whitlock Cosmetic Center than another provider. The quicker you recover, the quicker you can dive back into your regular routine! If you work full/part-time and are having a Breast Augmentation, Dr. Whitlock recommends that you request 3-4 days off of work. However most women have reported that post surgery that felt well enough to report back to work after 24-48 hours! With Whitlock Cosmetic Center, you’re able to report to work sooner!

After the procedure you may expect to experience swelling, tenderness, bruising, and loss of feeling/numbness in certain areas. However, these side effects will all subsequently reside within 24-48 hours. We also schedule 2-3 follow up consultations after the procedure is done. We’ll meet with you 2-3 times over the course of the next 6-12 months. We also schedule annual postoperative consultations. This allows us to make sure you’ve healed completely with minimal scarring, no rippling, and to ensure no seams have ripped or burst.

Depending on the type and size of implant you chose, after the first few months they may have shifted around and settled. We’ll cover this within your consultations so you’ll know what to expect and will see this coming. It will take up to six months for your implants to soften and settle completely. You should NOT be wearing an underwire bra during this period. Dr. Whitlock will tell you what type of soft, yet supportive bra to purchase and wear. When it comes to wearing a sports bra after your procedure most surgeons are lenient on whether you wear one or not. A sports bra may provide excellent support, but could alter your results. Dr. Whitlock recommends that you wear a surgical bra that is soft, yet supportive right after surgery. This allows for the support you need, but will not alter your results.

The recovery period is important! You need to take this seriously and follow the instructions and guidelines given to you! This will assist the healing process along, it will go smoothly, and will reduce the chances of scarring, and other issues and problems related to Breast Implants! Some of the instructions are that you keep up personal hygiene, purchase and wear the proper supportive bras, keep physical activity to a minimum, restrict lifting your arms above your head, and ONLY sleep on your back for the first 2-3 weeks following your Breast Augmentation.

You should keep physical activity to a minimum during your recovery period. Sleep, personal hygiene, and some physical activity are very important! Keeping your body moving will help prevent blood clotting! A simple leisure walk 15-30 minutes a day is all you need for the first few days. You should not exert yourself too much as it could pose a risk to your Breast Implants healing properly! You should also be cautious and wary of your sleeping positions at night! For the first two weeks, you should strictly sleep on your back. After two weeks you can sleep on your sides once again. However, you are NOT allowed to sleep on your stomach for several weeks following your procedure! Sleeping on your sides or stomach before you are able will apply pressure on your implants or incisions and can alter your results.

If you have any questions regarding the healing process please ask! You should not be confused or troubled about what to do. If you follow our instructions you’ll heal quickly and be ready to return to work and your regular daily routine in no time! We’ll provide you with the proper gauze, dressings, and elastic bandage or support bras. Swelling and mild bruising is normal after having a breast augmentation! If the swelling and bruising does not go away after a few weeks, schedule an appointment and we’ll take a look at everything! You should already have a few follow consultations already scheduled within the first month- 2 months. If you feel you need an additional meeting, we’d be happy to oblige!

Whitlock Cosmetic Center takes great pride in the fact that we offer quicker recovery time, affordable pricing and an unforgettable experience! We offer a free consultation for anyone looking into having any of the procedures we provide done! We create a way for our patients to receive proper care, unforgettable experiences, and high grade services in the comfort of their own backyard! Nothing about your physical appearance should stand in your way or hinder your self confidence by any means! Which is why we offer all patients $0 money down and 100% financing options! You can start the financing application online before coming to the office for your free consultation, or we can discuss the numerous options with you in person. We also have many patients who prefer cash upfront. We always have specials and discounts!

You’ll never experience a quicker recovery time than you will when working with Whitlock Cosmetic Center! If you would like to speak with some of our previous patients or read about their experience you can find their testimonials on our website. Or if you Google Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma, you’ll find over 300+ excellent reviews from previous and current patients. Call (918) 743-5438 to schedule your appointment today!

How Long Will My Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers Last?
Several men and women are yearning to feel youthful again! With age often comes frown lines, crows feet, and many other imperfections. Your skin may lose its elasticity, volume, and radiant beauty! Men and women anywhere between the ages of 20 – 65 feel this way! If you have considered Cosmetic Procedures that will rejuvenate your skin, and erase some of those frown lines, Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma will be able to walk you through this process!

Now many potential patients aren’t aware that there’s actually a difference between Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers! They often think of them as the same thing. Even though it’s often mistaken for fillers, Botox is a prescription mediation. This is a temporary treatment, so many patients will receive multiple injections a year. Botox injections will temporarily rid your glabellar muscles ( your frown lines ) of any moderate to severe frown lines. Your Botox treatment sessions only last about 10 minutes. Which makes it easier on you and your busy schedule! You could stop by the office for your Botox Treatment sessions in between dropping children off at school, or even on your lunch break! Now again, Botox treatment sessions are not a long term solution! While the session takes about 10 minutes, the results will last for 1-3 months. Which means if you want to keep up the amazing results you’ll need to receive a few injections every year.

That being said, all of our patients who have come to Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma have found excellent results as a result of receiving Botox treatment sessions! That has felt put at ease in a comfortable, welcoming, and clean atmosphere. We make time to map out the specific areas you wish to have smoothed out and improved. Our former and current patients loved working with our staff, have felt welcomed, and encouraged to become the best version of themselves! We often have specials for anyone interested in receiving Botox treatment sessions. For instance, we are currently offering a buy-one-Botox-area-get-one-Botox-area-free special!

There are typically three facial areas men and women wish to treat. This includes the glabellar muscles ( frown lines in between your eyebrows ), crows feet ( the wrinkles around the eyes) , and the forehead area! This provides you with that youthful look and ecstatic facial expressions! Once again, Botox treatments are not a long term solution. You have continually received these Botox Treatments over the period of a year, or however long you would like the results to last. If after a few Botox treatment sessions, you decide it’s something you don’t wish to move forward with, all you do is stop the treatment sessions.

Now dermal fillers like Botox Injections are used by both women and men roughly between the ages of 20-65. Whether you have lost elasticity and volume in your face over the years, or perhaps you have gained a few more wrinkles ( other than smile wrinkles) than you wish too. Dermal fillers include Restylane, Radiesse, and Belotero. While each is uniquely different each is for the rejuvenation of your skin, and facial features! Each dermal filler covers a specific facial area, and the results will vary.

Belotero is what’s known as the ‘Smoother Solution’, once injected into your skin it evenly distributes and creates a seamless look between the treated and untreated areas. Similar to Botox Injections, Belotero is a temporary solution and will need follow up sessions to continue the amazing results! The results will last about 6-12 months, that is dependent on what areas are treated, and what look you are trying to achieve.

Restylane is a revitalizing, rejuvenating treatment! Restylane is what gives you the youthful look! Many have said that in their lifetime, they’ve searched for the fountain of youth! However, you don’t need to travel across the globe to find it! It’s right here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Restylane is composed of hyaluronic acid gel, which is naturally produced in your body. Otherwise known as HA, it’s a mucopolysaccharide or carbohydrate that’s found throughout the body. It’s a natural moisturizer, and is most concentrated in the skin. When you come in for a treatment session, it will last about 30 minutes, and your results while temporary, will last up to 6 months!

Radiesse is what refreshes your facial features. This includes your cheeks, forehead, lips, and chin area. The solution is made up of calcium based protocells or microspheres and promotes the production of collagen! Collagen is what provides your skin ( facial features ) with volume and elasticity, and as a result of the natural aging process, our body’s natural production of collagen will decrease over time. This is what happens when our skin becomes loose or it appears to ‘sag’. This treatment is most often used by women over the age of 40. It smoothes wrinkles and adds volume to your facial features, which in turns helps you look more youthful, and radiant! Radiesse injections can last for as long as 12 – 18 months! They are less painful than the other dermal fillers, and the results will last longer. However, one injection is not a permanent solution.

Again, it is our goal here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma, to help women and men feel beautiful, confident, and help turn back the clock by looking youthful longer! Each Botox injection and Dermal fillers last for different periods of time. Based on what area you would like to treat will determine how many treatment sessions and injections you will need. If you would like to treat more than one area just let us know during our free consultation, and we will make necessary adjustments. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and see how we can bolster your confidence!

Botox Injections last for : 2-3 months
Radiesse Fillers last for : 12 -18 months
Restylane Fillers last for : 1 – 6 months
Belotero Fillers last for : 1 -6 months

What Can I Expect in My Initial Consultation?
If you’re wondering what you can expect to happen during your initial consultation, I would love to explain to you what exactly will happen during the consultation! Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma offers free consultations for anyone searching for Cosmetic or Medical Spa Services. Dr. Whitlock specializes in Breast Enhancement, facial rejuvenation, and body contouring! However Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma offers numerous services including the following:

Breast Enhancement, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Male Breast Reduction ( Gynecomastia), Cellfina, Mommy Makeovers, Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, and Medical spa Services such as Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Latisse, Obagi Blue Peel, Photofacials, Skin Tightening, and Micro Needling.

So if you’re interested in any of the services listed above, you would be an excellent candidate for the free consultation! Scheduling your free consultation is quite simple. There are 3 ways you can schedule your appointment.

1. You can call (918) 743-5438 to schedule your free consultation. The number listed is our office phone number. This is also the number you would call if you are running late, need to reschedule, or need other information regarding your patient profile.

2. You can go online to our website at whitlockcosmetic.com/contact/ and fill out the form. By providing your name, phone number, email address, and a brief synopsis regarding why you would like us to contact you, one of our wonderful team members will reach out to you as soon as possible.

3. You can again visit our website at whitlockcosmetic.com and select the ‘Schedule a Free Consultation” button. It will then direct you to whitlockcosmetic.com/free-consultation/ where you can fill out the form for contact.

Dr. Whitlock is the highest rated and most Google reviewed Cosmetic Surgeon in the Region! He has earned that title because of his professional, caring demeanor. He listens to what patients have to say, and then with their needs and budget in mind, finds the perfect option for them that will get the results they desire!

The free consultation will last about 30 minutes – 1 ½ hour. This allows us plenty of time for the consultation. Varying on how many questions you have, what procedures you are interested in, and whether this is your first time having a Cosmetic Procedure done will affect how long the consultation will last. One thing you can do to prepare for your consultation is go online to our website and overview the financing options. Dr. Whitlock offers $0 money down, and 100% financing options available! We recommend that you overview these options and even start the application online before even meeting! If you start the application process early, and are pre-approved for financing you’re ready to book your surgery date at the end of your consultation. Which as a result would mean that you generally can schedule your surgery date earlier.

When you arrive for your free consultation there may be forms that you need to fill out and sign. We recommend that you arrive at your appointment about 10-15 minutes early, so filling out paperwork does not run into your appointment time. Dr. Whitlock personally meets with every potential patient to ensure that you have all your questions answered. During your appointment we will discuss what procedures you are interested in, what options are available to you in terms of how the procedure is done, how often, how many sessions you may need, or you can make a selection of what Breast implants you’re interested in. Depending on what procedure or service you’re interested in, we’ll take measurements, photos, and have you explore your options.

We will then provide you with a spot on price quote for the entire procedure. Right down to the very penny, you’ll know exactly how much it will cost for the procedure, surgery fees, and possible pain management medication. If you are interested in making installments or payments, we’ll then discuss what options are available. Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma offers $0 money down, and 100% financing options! A lack of financial funds should not keep you from feeling and looking your best!

We help every man and woman along their journey to feeling beautiful, confident, and radiant! You will feel immensely welcomed by our caring staff! We understand that occasionally having cosmetic procedures done can feel awkward and invasive. You may wonder what your family members, friends, or coworkers will think of you. We do our best to put you at ease and help you feel as comfortable and welcome as possible! We provide you with an abundance of information regarding the procedure, before and after care, and financing. This way you can make an educated decision based on the facts provided, your needs, and what your desired outcome is!

If you’re ready to take that first leap of faith, give us a call or visit our website today to begin your journey to feeling happy, young and beautiful once again! What we do at Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma is help bolster the confidence of thousands of men and women! If you would like to hear about their personal experiences working with Dr. Whitlock and the wonderful team at Whitlock Cosmetic Center read our reviews! After meeting with us you will feel confident and peaceful that we are a great fit for you! This is a free consultation so even if after meeting you decide you would like to lose a few more pounds before having the procedure, or now is not a good time in your life to schedule your surgery date, you wouldn’t have wasted any time or finances in meeting with our team.

You can expect to feel welcomed and part of the Whitlock family the moment you enter our doors! We are excited to work alongside you, and help you restore body confidence. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding the procedure, cost, after care, the recovery period, or how often you should expect to meet with us following your procedure. We take great pride in knowing that we offer some of the quickest recovery times for all procedures!

What Is the Difference Between Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures and Reconstructive Surgeries?
If you’ve never had any Cosmetic procedures done, it can be hard to understand the terms and lingo used by medical professionals. So if you’re researching specific Cosmetic procedures, and are interested in scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Whitlock and his staff at Whitlock Cosmetic Center, we are more than willing to explain any terms or procedures you don’t understand or aren’t familiar with.

For instance if you’ve never had any Cosmetic procedures done before, but are interested in one of the services we provide such as a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Male Breast Reduction ( Also known as a Gynecomastia ) Cellfina, Mommy MakeOver , Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Full Face Lift, Eyelid surgery, Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Obagi Blue Peels, Latissse, Photofacials, Skin Tightening, or Micro Needling. You should know that there is a difference between Cosmetic Procedures and Reconstructive Procedures. We’ll share an abundance of information with you regarding what makes them different!

Plastic surgery is “ A surgical specialty that involves the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It can be broken down into two categories such as Cosmetic Procedures, and Reconstructive Surgery”.

Cosmetic Procedures is what Dr. Whitlock specializes in Whitlock Cosmetic Center. By definition it “ Includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that enhance and reshape structures of the body to improve appearance and confidence”. This is exactly what Dr. Whitlock specializes in. He founded Tulsa Plastic Surgery and Reflexion Medical Spa which are the parent companies of Whitlock Cosmetic Center. He combined the two so that you have everything you need in one central location. Some of the Cosmetic Procedures Dr. Whitlock offers are Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers ( Belotero, Radiesse, Restylane), Micro Needling, Skin Tightening, Medical Spa Services, Photo Facials, Obagi Blue Peels, Chemical Peels, Latisse, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Breast Lift, Full Face Lift, Arm Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, Mommy Makeover, and Cellfina. Remember, Cosmetic Procedures include surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

Reconstructive Surgery “Is performed on abnormal structures of the body caused by various factors. It could be a result of trauma, infection, tumors, disease, congenital defects, and developmental abnormalities.” Reconstructive Surgery is considered medically necessary, and is covered by most insurance providers. Examples of Reconstructive Surgeries include cleft lip and palate repair, breast reconstruction following a mastectomy for breast cancer or a lumpectomy, or following serious burn injuries! Dr. Whitlock typically focuses on and offers Cosmetic Procedures.

Now if you’re interested in Cosmetic Procedures, Whitlock Cosmetic Center will be a great fit and service provider for you! We offer a wide variety of surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures for your choosing. It is our goal and mission to help others not only reach their full potential, but restore their positive body image, and confidence! After having children, aging, or experiencing weight loss, you may not feel as beautiful as you once were. You may feel self conscious with how your body looks. You may have even struggled with a certain aspect of your body your whole life! Whitlock Cosmetic Center is here to restore confidence, beauty, positive body images, radiant skin, and your youth!

Receiving Cosmetic treatments and having body altering procedures done can be quite intimidating for those who’ve never done them before. It can be intimidating and awkward even for those who have gone through the process before. Which is why you can place your trust in Dr. Whitlock and his Whitlock Cosmetic Center team! Not only is Dr. Whitlock is a certified and experienced surgeon. He offers insight and direction regarding what type of procedure would be the right fit for what your end goal is. During your free consultation he’ll walk you through the entire process to make sure that you understand everything correctly. With his kind demeanor you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and welcomed in our office. Cosmetic procedures surgical and nonsurgical can be intimidating, awkward, or feel uncomfortable for many people. Our staff will warmly greet you as soon as you enter our doors, we’ll provide you with an abundance of information so you can make an educated decision. If you have questions at any point of time regarding your procedure, the cost, or post recovery care, do not hesitate to ask! We assure you that by the end of your free consultation you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

It’s our mission for everyone to be able to move past their outward insecurities to allow their true beauty shine through! No insecurity should hinder your self confidence, we all have inner beauty that shines through! We’re just doing our best to help you shine! We encourage potential patients to read reviews from previous patients. This allows you to see what working with Dr. Whitlock and our team will be like before committing to anything. These reviews can answer your questions and give your peace of mind. We also encourage you to schedule your free consultation. Just like the title suggests, we will not charge you a dime for coming to the free consultation. This consultation is the perfect opportunity to explore your options, meet with Dr. Whitlock face-to-face, and research cost and financing options. It lasts approximately 30 min. – 1 ½ hour. You’ll have plenty of time to deep dive into the procedure you are looking into. To schedule your free consultation, all you need to do is visit our website at whitlockcosmetic.com or give us a call at (918) 743-5438. It’s important to know and understand the difference between Cosmetic Procedures and Reconstructive procedures. Therefore, if you have questions regarding any terms or services you don’t understand, feel free to ask! Our team is here to help you with anything you need. Whether that’s boosting your self confidence by providing you services, or answering questions, or helping you find the right financing option, we are here for you!

How Should I Prepare for My Procedure?

As a potential patient preparing for your procedure, there are numerous steps you can take to prepare before your consultation and procedure! Now before your free consultation with Dr. Whitlock at Whitlock Cosmetic Center, this is the first step towards having a Cosmetic procedure. This is the introductory period as well. If this is the first cosmetic procedure you have ever considered i’m sure you have many questions bouncing around your head. The free consultation is the perfect way to look into the Cosmetic Surgery world. You can ask questions, figure out the exact cost, and learn about proper steps or precautions you need to take for the actual surgery or treatment sessions. Here is just a few things you can do to prepare for your free consultation with Dr. Whitlock.

  • Have and idea about what service you are interested in
  • If you are interested in multiple services/procedures let our staff members know so we can plan accordingly
  • Apply for financing prior to your appointment
  • Keep up personal hygiene and healthy habits
  • Carry your day planner or calendar with you so we can schedule your next meeting after your consultation

Now, there are multiple steps you can take to prepare yourself before your free consultation and surgery. The first we recommend is keeping up your personal hygiene and healthy habits! This is EXTREMELY important! One personal hygiene battles infections, diseases, and germs. If we are providing either surgical or nonsurgical services, keeping up great hygiene will minimize any risk of an infection. Living a healthy lifestyle is important. This is something we consider and cover in your free consultation. The healthier you live, oftentimes the quicker you’ll recover, and the better your body will heal. Varying on the procedure you have done there are physical limitations following post surgery care. For instance, if you had a Breast Augmentation, we would recommend that you keep physical activity to walking, and not raising your arms past your shoulders for the first two weeks etc. These physical limitations following your procedure are often there as a precautionary measure to ensure quick healing and recovery, and that no damage or tears will happen as a result.
It’s important to have an idea of what service or procedure you are interested in. You shouldn’t have the “There must be something wrong with me, I’m sure they’ll tell me what” mentality. It’s our mission to help men and women feel beautiful and confident, but to also recognise the beauty that’s within and help it shine through. Now if for instance, you have always struggled to lose weight in your lower stomach no matter how strictly you diet, or keep up an exercise regimen, and you want the stubborn belly fat/skin gone, but don’t know what procedure would best fit what you need, that’s something we can help with.

Now occasionally we do get female patients who are interested in multiple procedures. They may be wanting a Breast Augmentation, with a Tummy Tuck, and Arm Lift. When scheduling your free consultation, please let our staff members know any and all services and procedures you are interested in. We ask that you do this so that we can block off enough time for you to meet with Dr. Whitlock. You’ll then have enough time to explore every option and not feel rushed during the entire process. We also offer discounts and specials, if you are interested in multiple procedures it may work out to be more cost effective to have them done all at once. You also save a significant amount of time! You then only need to meet with Dr. Whitlock once, and won’t waste time driving back and forth from your home, to our office. If it’s possible with schedules, and the recovery processes, we’ll usually opt to have the procedures all done at once.

A huge step that you can take to prepare for your consultation and procedure is apply for financing previous to your consultation. Dr. Whitlocks wants everyone to be able to afford the procedures they feel they need regardless of their finances available! Which is why Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers $0 money down, and 100% financing! There are a few different financing options and payment plans. Depending on your credit score/history, as well as if you make a cash deposit will determine the financing you are approved for. By becoming pre approved prior to your consultation, if after the consultation is over and you are ready to move forward with the procedure, you are ready to schedule because you have the finances available! If after hearing the exact price quote of how much everything will cost you decide to pay upfront with cash, that is an excellent option as well! We have many patients who opt to pay upfront rather than finance their surgery. If you decide not to move forward with financing, all you do is turn down the financing offers. It does not cost you anything to apply and become pre approved.

If you don’t apply for financing before your consultation, and decide you want to finance after hearing the total, your surgery date may be pushed back a few weeks, because you have to go through the application/eligibility process.

We also ask that when you come to your appointment that you bring your day planner and or calendar. We’ll need to know your availability because we’ll be scheduling numerous appointments and follow up consultations after your free consultation. If you decide to have the procedure done, we’ll schedule a day to pay, have the surgery done, 2-3 follow up post surgery consultations, and we’ll set up your annual appointments as well. If you do these things and take these steps prior to your free consultation and the date of your surgery, it will make the entire process much easier on you! You’ll know the exact date and time of where you’re supposed to be, and you won’t be worried that you accidently over-booked yourself ( let’s face it, we’ve all done that before). Being prepared and taking these steps will take much of the anxiety and nervousness away from your experience! Whitlock Cosmetic Center is well known for their quick recovery times, and we owe that to the precautions we take and the skilful hand of Dr. Whitlock and our team members!

Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Procedures?
One question most patients ponder is “ Does my insurance provider cover Cosmetic Procedures”? Or “Are any Cosmetic procedures covered by insurance providers”? These are excellent questions! First I would like to identify the difference between Cosmetic Procedures and Reconstructive Procedures. Cosmetic procedures are often used to either surgically or non surgically alter your body. This is often used to enhance certain facial features, or other areas of your body. Cosmetic procedures are used as a tool to bolster self confidence, remove stubborn fat deposits around your knees, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, love handles (area around your hips) stomach area, chest, arms, and back. Cosmetic procedures may be used to rejuvenate your skin, alleviate harsh skin conditions, and create a youthful, radiant glow!

Reconstructive procedures are often used to reconstruct abnormal structures in your body. These services are often used for those with cleft palate and cleft lip, those who have suffered injuries or accidents, those who’ve gone through breast cancer and lumpectomy and need Breast Reconstructive surgery. Patients include those who have suffered from birth defects, trauma, and suffered illness or diseases. If you are having a reconstructive surgery done, more than likely it will be covered by your insurance providers. Insurance providers typically cover reconstructive surgeries for those who it is considered medically necessary.

When it comes to Cosmetic Procedures, most companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. A cosmetic procedure regardless of what is being done, is often considered unnecessary because it is enhancing and altering your body for beauty. There are some cosmetic procedures such as a Panniculectomy that your insurance provider may cover. If you are unsure if your insurance will cover your procedure, speak with your Insurance agent and they will cover what medical procedures are covered. You will most likely pay for your Cosmetic procedures out of pocket.

You may be concerned that you will need to pay for the Cosmetic procedures out of pocket. You may be wondering how you can possibly spend thousands of dollars all at once for a procedure for yourself. You are not alone. Many potential patients feel nervous with the fact that you must pay out of pocket. Whitlock Cosmetic Center will calm your troubled heart, and give you peace of mind. Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers many different payment plans, financing options that cover up to 100% of the full cost. Some of the financing options we offer are Advanced Care, SoFi, and United Medical Credit! These are all excellent options that could provide up to 100% of the funds you need to pay for your needed Cosmetic Procedures.

The great news is, Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers 100% financing so that everyone can afford to have done the procedure they need. We have numerous options and varying on your credit history and credit score you’ll be eligible for $0 money down and 100% financing! Financing can be an easier way to cover the fees for your cosmetic procedure. Many men and women finance their procedures because they do not have the necessary funds available immediately. This is an excellent way to afford the procedures you need! If you would like to learn more about the financing options we offer, or what specials and discounts we currently have going on!
If you are interested in receiving Botox treatments, we currently offer a buy-one-Botox-area-get-one-Botox-area free! Typically areas our patients are interested in working on is their forehead, glabellar muscles ( frown lines in between your eyebrows ) and cheeks! So if you purchase Botox treatments for one area, we’ll give you the other area for free! This is an excellent opportunity for our patients to receive their optimal results, and feel self confident and beautiful again! While insurance providers don’t typically cover Cosmetic procedures, Whitlock Cosmetic Center has numerous options so that patients can afford the procedures they need! We offer 100% financing with $0 money down. We offer point systems for returning patients, cash discounts, returning patient discounts. That means that you could receive Liposuction or a Breast Augmentation for as little as $150 a month! Paying $150 a month is significantly less than paying for a month’s worth of groceries!

You’ll be saving money working with Whitlock Cosmetic Center! Before you’re committed to your procedure, we offer all patients a free consultation! This will open the door for you to make inquiries regarding prices, how long it takes to make a full recovery, when you can expect to be back working in the office etc. Whitlock Cosmetic Center is famous for their patients having the quickest recovery periods! With Dr. Whitlock’s skilled hands, extensive knowledge, and experience have found a way to decrease recovery time, while making a full healthy recovery.

It’s time to stop guessing and find out the facts! Schedule your free consultation with Whitlock Cosmetic Center today by calling our office at (918) 743-5438. Our receptionist will schedule you a free consultation that works with your busy schedule. Dr. Whitlock is the highest rated and most Google reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the Region!( States including Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas). Dr. Whitlock firmly believes in personally meeting with every potential patient. Before and after their procedures to answer all questions they may have regarding the procedure or what rules and guidelines they should follow post surgery. We also schedule multiple post surgery follow up consultations to take a look and make sure your body is healing properly, and to ensure there will be no extensive scarring!

You shouldn’t have to stress and worry about how you’re going to pay for your cosmetic procedures! Which is why we offer such diverse financing options to fit the needs of any patient, regardless of their current credit score and credit history. We have a point system here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center and offer points to returning patients who receive multiple treatments. This can be an excellent way to earn back discounted treatments! To start your journey to becoming beautiful, confident, youthful and radiant again, schedule your consultation today.

What Financing Options Are Available?

If you are considering having a Cosmetic Procedure through Whitlock Cosmetic Center and diving into research regarding how much it costs, who are ideal candidates, recovery time, if it’s a quick recovery process etc. If you choose Botox Treatments, Liposuction, a Tummy Tuck, Chemical Peel, Cellfina, Mommy Makeovers, Brazilian Butt Lift, or a Breast Augmentation, unless it’s required for medical reasons, more than likely your insurance provider will not cover the expenses of your cosmetic procedures. However, check first with your insurance provider to see what medical expenses they do cover, if they offer co-pays or discounts. Once the realization hits that you’ll be paying for your Cosmetic procedure out of pocket, you’ll do one of three things…

  1. You’ll start panicking and decide that there is no way you can afford this procedure you need.
  2. You won’t be phased because you have been saving up for your Cosmetic procedure
  3. You’ll start the application process for financing the procedure knowing that Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers 100% financing with $0 money down!

Realizing that you’ll be paying for your Cosmetic Procedure out of pocket rather than it being covered by your insurance provider is scary and intimidating for some, but hopefully you’ll find peace and comfort in knowing that Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers free consultations. So before you commit yourself to having your procedure scheduled you won’t be roped into paying hundreds of dollars for a consultation. Your free 30min- 1 ½ hour consultation will still offer the same value if not more than a consultation you would be paying for anywhere else. There are many other Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery centers that charge patients $100-$300 for their consultation. Whitlock Cosmetic Center wants you to see the immense value of services we can offer you.

After your consultation we’ll deliver an exact price quote right down to the very cent. The prices we quote include the procedure, surgery center fees, and pain prescriptions( if needed ). Every aspect of the procedure including follow up care is included in the quoted price. You can expect to pay exactly what we quote and not a penny more. That being said, if you’re not interested in paying everything upfront, we also offer 100% financing with $ 0 money down. As well as a variety of payment plans. Of which you can select the plan that best fits your budget. By offering 100% financing. It’s our hope that everyone will be able to afford the Cosmetic Procedures they feel they need to strengthen their self confidence and happiness!

You can also review and start the application process for financing before your consultation on our website! This will make the process simpler and go by quickly. You won’t be stuck waiting for a response regarding your acceptance! You can become pre-approved for financing before the consultation. Three financing options that you can review and apply for before your consultation are SoFi, United Medical Credit, and Advance Care! These options are broken down into the quality of your credit score. If you have excellent or good credit scores you’ll want to apply for SoFi. If you have less than perfect credit, United Medical is an excellent option as well! If you are concerned with the status of your credit score, Advance Care is what you’ll apply for.

SoFi Is perfect for those who have superb credit, or even good credit! With SoFi you’ll be able to get back bonus credit or rewards! SoFi offers low rates, no hidden fees, your credit score will not be affected by checking your rate, you also get $100 as a welcome bonus from SoFi to you when you sign up! SoFi also offers fixed rates ranging from 5.49% – 14.24% APR by using Autopay. This locks in your fixed rate for years to come! SoFi has helped members reach financial independence since the year 2011! You can avoid the long application process by visiting our website. We’ll walk you through the application process easily. We also believe transparency is the best policy. We take the saying “What you see is what you get” to another level! There are no hidden agendas, meanings or hidden fees!

United Medical Credit is excellent for those who have less than perfect credit. You are eligible for United Medical Credit if you have poor credit history. We have served thousands of eligible applicants and found the perfect financing options regardless of their credit history. We have secured financing for thousands of applicants who need financing for a variety of medical reasons. Our Nationwide network is Healthcare centered lenders. You can start the application today to find out if you qualify for up to 100% financing.

Advanced Care has helped pay medical expenses for thousands of applications. Offering financing for medical expenses is our sole focus and we find the easiest ways for our clients to pay for their expenses. The application process itself is extremely easy! You’ll receive great rates because Advance Carew combines low interest rates and flexibility bringing you simple, affordable, and needed financing. Apply for Advance Care Credit today! If eligible financing will be made available, and interest free periods will be covered for 6 – 14 months. These interest free time frames make financing more affordable and readily available!

If you need help paying for medical expenses you should not have to worry day and night, trying to figure out how you can pay them. Which is why, if you are interested in financing your procedure through Advance Care Credit, United Medical, or SoFi, apply today! Some are offering interest free periods and will make financing easier, readily available, and more affordable! Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers other available options as well that are not currently listed on the website. If you would like some information regarding the payment options, call our office at (918) 743-5438. Go online to whitlockcosmetic.com to start your financing application today! If you’re pre – approved for financing with any of these providers, you can then schedule your surgery date as soon as possible!

What Is Liposuction?
I’m sure you’ve heard the term Liposuction or Lipo tossed around by medical professionals, nutritionists, friends, neighbors, acquaintances etc. Many consumers believe Liposuction to be the fool proof way to say goodbye to fat forever! That you can have this procedure done and you’ll never have to worry about health and exercising again! While some wish that statement were true, Liposuction is “ A type of fat removal procedure used in plastic surgery. Evidence does not support an effect on weight beyond a couple of months and it does not appear to affect obesity related problems”. This means that rather than a fool proof method to getting rid of fat forever, it’s actually a procedure to remove excess, stubborn fat deposits that refuse to go away after living a healthy lifestyle. It can also benefit many patients who have recently lost a lot of weight.

Before considering having Liposuction done, there is one important factor that you truly need to consider. Am I living a lifestyle that will prolong the excellent results and effects of having liposuction done? Or will my current lifestyle and eating habits reverse and undo the results of my procedure? It is important that you are currently living a healthy lifestyle! Weight management is not just a quick fix, it’s an entire lifestyle change! It enforces current sound nutritional habits and exercise routines. With a sensible eating plan, you can continue to keep a healthy, fit, toned body after Liposuction is done. If you’re not careful and slip into unhealthy eating habits, you’ll quickly lose muscle tone, and begin to regain the stubborn fatty deposits you lost.

Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers Weight Management programs, assist, and sound nutritional meal plans that focus on eating a well rounded diet. These nutrition plans will put your focus on eating to nourish your body properly by eating from the five main food groups: Fruit, Vegetables, Protein, Dairy, and Grains. By avoiding fat rich foods, unhealthy amounts of refined sugars, fried foods, and other junk food, you’ll be able to maintain your results and a healthy mind and body!

Liposuction is a form of removing fat from stubborn fat deposit areas such as, your love handles ( area around your hips) inner and outer thighs, above your knees, back, arms, chest, stomach and buttocks. During your free consultation you’ll be able to meet with Dr. Whitlock personally and discuss your problem areas. Some of these problematic areas can be dealt with a vigours nutritional plan, and a high intensity workout regimen. Now some areas will just refuse to go away. That is when we’ll use Liposuction to remove them for you.

Liposuction uses a ‘vacuum’ like tool that uses Ultrasound assisted sound wave energy underneath your skin. This energy ruptures fat cell walls and the liquifies the fat so that it can be suctioned out. Dr. Whitlock is a skilled, and highly trained Cosmetic Surgeon. He not only studied Science in Biology, but he used his God given talents to help the world of Plastic Surgery. He studied and received his MD with distinction, but also received training through a 6 year long internship and residency. He has owned and operated then Tulsa Plastic Surgery, now Whitlock Cosmetic Center since the year 2000. He has been in practice for 20 years! I assure you, you will feel calm and confident working with Dr. Whitlock.

By undergoing liposuction you are now free of your stubborn fat deposits. Nonetheless, it is up to you to keep it off. So post surgery we’ll meet with you for a few follow up consultations. We encourage you to remain healthy by eating a well balanced diet, avoiding junk foods, friend food, soda, refined sugars, and extreme amounts of carbohydrates. By keeping a daily exercise regimen you’ll keep your body toned, and slim!

Liposuction is not for everyone. Liposuction may not be a good fit for you if you are :

  • Overweight or Obese. Liposuction is not a form of a weight loss procedure
  • If your skin has poor or no elasticity
  • If you are immensely concerned with complications following the procedure
  • If you have severe illness, medical conditions or if you suffer from infections that could lead to hearing loss
  • If you are concerned with or bothered by cellulite. Unfortunately, Liposuction does not rid your body of cellulite

Now you are a GOOD or Ideal candidate for Liposuction if:

  • You are a nonsmoker
  • Regulated diet and exercise have not rid you of your bodies stubborn fat deposits
  • Have body contouring expectations that are realistically possible
  • Within 30% of your ideal body weight for height and age

Depending on what areas you are having operated on, Liposuction can take anywhere from 1- 4 hours. Of course this depends on how large or small the area is. If you are having liposuction done or numerous parts of your body it could take longer than 1 – 4 hours. During your free consultation, Dr. Whitlock will cover the requirements of Liposuction, who is and who is not an ideal candidate. You’ll cover what areas of your body you’re concerned about and how you can best treat them. After the consultation Dr. Whitlock will be able to deliver to you an exact price quote, down to the very penny! This quote will include the actual cost of the procedure, surgery fees, and any pain management prescriptions. You can then decide if you will be paying upfront, or financing the procedure. If you are interested in financing, we have many payment and financing options that work with any budget and credit score. You can find out more information prior to your meeting with Dr. Whitlock by visiting our website at whitlockcosmetic.com.

Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers $0 money down and 100% financing available to you! You can apply for SoFi, United Medical Credit, or Advance Care. We also offer financing options not listed on our website. If you would like more information, you can reach our office by dialing (918) 743-5438.

Is There a Cosmetic Procedure That Eliminates Acne?
When you hear the word acne what does your mind immediately go to? Most people associate the awful red bumps, uneven skin complex, scarring, and pus filled pores otherwise known as acne with teenagers! That is a result of most of us believing that acne strictly affects teenagers. However, Whitlock Cosmetic Center is here to bust the myth that acne only affects teenagers. Unfortunately, it can affect adults their entire life! So if you have suffered from extreme acne, scarring, uneven complexions, and pigmentation concerns, wrinkles, or freckles you will be interested to know that Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers numerous procedures that can help soothe, and eliminate these side effects.

A chemical peel is a procedure offered by Whitlock Cosmetic Center that is specifically tailored to treating and improving the appearance of your skin on your hands, neck, and face. There are 3 different types or levels of chemical peels. Keep in mind, a Chemical Peel is a Cosmetic Procedure that should only be performed in a well sanitized area, by a certified medical professional like an Aesthetician. This procedure should always be performed in a medical office. It is considered a “controlled injury”. A chemical peel is just that…a chemical. Which is why it’s called a controlled injury. You are treating the problem areas in a controlled setting by a licensed medical professional with chemicals.

The first type of Chemical Peel is called a Superficial Peel. A superficial Peel treats surface issues such as slight skin discoloration, surface scarring, and acne. Because it’s composed of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and fruit enzymes. This means the Superficial Peel is safe to apply to all skin types. The fruit enzymes help soothe and calm the skin. This type of peel requires no sedation or numbing agents. Because it only affects the epidermis of the outer layer of your skin, it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to set. One concern many new patients have is how much their skin will peel. Now skin flaking, or peely is a normal reaction and means that the chemical peel is working and doing what it’s supposed to be doing. After the treatment your skin will heal within 3-5 days. That is when you’ll start noticing the results in the mirror! We do recommend that you receive 5-6 treatments within 3-4 week intervals. You’ll receive the most benefits by receiving more than one treatment.

While Superficial peels are great for treating surface level acne, if you’ve struggled with acne for many years, and are ready to be free from the burden of struggling with clear skin, and are ready to say goodbye to your acne scars, a medium depth peel may provide you the results you’re looking for. A Medium -Depth Peel is highly effective in treating acne scars. Medium-Depth Peels are made up of TCA ( Trichloroacetic acid ) Jessner’s solution and Glycolic acid, this peel can safely be used on patients with light brown skin, Olive skin tones, and those who have dark brown skin tones. The consultation is an important step in the process because we need to figure out what results you are hoping to achieve, and we need to find a chemical peel that will work well with your skin tone. There is a slight risk of discoloration when you use a Medium-Depth Peel. Depending on the concentration, how many passes you need, and what solution we use will determine whether the chemical peel will be self neutralizing/cleansing, and how long you’ll need to be in the office. With a Medium-Depth Peel your skin will peel, and will continue to peel for the next 3-5 days.

The third type of chemical peel we offer are the Deep Depth Peels. These Chemical Peels are used solely to treat extreme skin conditions and skin damage. Some extreme skin conditions we treat using Deep Depth Peels are deep acne scars, that result from years and years of dealing with acne. Deep wrinkles from years of sun exposure, or from aging. And severely sun damaged skin. If you have a darker skin complexion, Whitlock Cosmetic Center and a certified Esthetician would not recommend using a Deep Depth Chemical Peel. It could result in scarring and hypopigmentation. Hypopigmentation is where you have patches of skin that is extremely lighter than your actual skin tone. Usually this is a result of your body not producing enough melanin. However, when chemically treating your skin, you need to be aware of what type of peel to use according to your skin tone. The solution that is used in a Deep Depth Peel is called Phenol. It penetrates to the lower level of skin known as the Reticular Dermis. While you do not need to undergo sedation for the Superficial Peel and the Medium-Depth Peel, you will need to go under sedation for the period of 1-2 hours when receiving a Deep Depth Peel treatment. There are other agreements in the solution that can only be placed on your face, and require you to be perfectly still. After the Deep Depth Chemical Peel you will have extreme swelling for at least 2 weeks and your skin will peel up to 3 months. While your skin may be swollen and red for up to 3 months. The results are certainly worth it! Your results will last for many years!

Remember to dial (918) 743-3458 to schedule your free consultation with Whitlock Cosmetic Center. This is a free consultation and before moving forward with any Chemical Peel treatments you must consult with a certified Esthetician here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center. It’s important that we discuss what results you are looking for, what you’re having issues with, and that you are familiar with the aftercare steps. These free consultations usually last about 30 minutes long, so you can even come in on your lunch break! If you have struggled for years with your self confidence as a result of skin discoloration, acne scars, skin damage from the sun, or deep wrinkles/frown lines, Whitlock Cosmetic Center can help you!

Can I go Swimming After My Procedure?

If you are looking into having Cosmetic Procedures done, you want to gather the facts before getting started! By asking questions and doing your research beforehand, you can avoid many misunderstandings, heal quicker, and have a more enjoyable experience! If this is your first time having any Cosmetic procedure done, you will feel more confident once you have more knowledge regarding your desired procedure. The aftercare of your procedure is very specific and is devised to help you get the best possible outcome, heal without any complications, and experience a quicker recovery time.

If you have any Cosmetic procedure done that alters your body such as a Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Arm Lift, Liposuction, Cellfina, or a Gynecomastia, there are restrictions to your physical activity, as well as immersing your body in water. Many of our patients often wish to have their procedures done before the summer months so that they may enjoy hot summer afternoons out on the lake, or laying by the poolside. If you have a summer vacation booked and are looking forward to spending your time out on the water, we encourage you to schedule your procedure about 6-8 weeks before.

If you have any of the following procedures done :

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Gynecomastia
  • Cellfina
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Arm Lift
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Full Face lift

You will need to wait 6-8 weeks before engaging in any water activities such as : Water Skiing, swimming in the lake, Swimming in a pool, hot tubbing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Tubing, Boating, Free Diving, Canoeing, Kayaking, White Water Rafting, etc. Immersing your body in water before the 6-8 week period could pose an unnecessary risk for infection, it could affect the healing process of your scars, causing them to stretch, and increased physical activity could lead to increased blood pressure which increases your potential for internal bleeding.

When you come to Whitlock Cosmetic Center for your free consultation, we make sure to cover the necessary qualifications for the procedure, desired outcomes, quoted price of the procedure, as well as the steps you need to follow ensuing your procedure, as well as the potential risks of not following the guidelines for after care. It’s important to follow the guidelines set. Whitlock Cosmetic Center is known for the quickest recovery time! This is due to the skillful hand of Dr. Whitlock, and our precise routines for before and aftercare.

So if you are planning a fun, adventurous summer vacation out on the lake, we strongly recommend that you schedule the procedure 6-8 weeks before your summer vacation. This allows you the appropriate amount of time to heal before your vacation. Now you can enjoy every activity during your vacation!

If you have any questions regarding when you can hop back in the water following your procedure, or if your body is healing rather quickly, bring these questions/concerns up to Dr. Whitlock or one of his staff members during your follow up consultations. We recommend that you don’t go swimming or participate in any water related activities for 6-8 weeks after your surgery. This reduces your risk for high blood pressure, unnecessary infections, and reduces aggravated scars that won’t heal. If you don’t comply with these stipulations, you may find that your scars take longer to heal or fully recover. You’ll be more susceptible to disease and infections because no matter the cleanliness or amounts of chlorine and chemicals in your pool, there are hundreds of microorganisms ready to infiltrate your body. You may cause the incisions to tear, and misshapen or misplace any implants.

If you would like to schedule your consultation to start the ball rolling on the entire process, contact Whitlock Cosmetic Center by dialing (918) 743-5438. You can also fill out our contact forms by visiting whitlockcosmetic.com/contact/ or whitlockcosmetic.com/free-consultation/. We now offer in addition to our free consultations meeting in person, a free virtual consultation. This grants the opportunity for those who have an extremely hectic and busy schedule, or those who live far away to meet with Dr. Whitlock Face-to-Face, and ask any questions regarding their procedure. Now typically if you’re meeting with Dr. Whitlock in person, depending on the procedure, we will take body measurements, weight, and have you try on different sizes( for breast Implants). So we may have you provide this information prior to the virtual consultation.

Whitlock Cosmetic Center has the quickest recovery period. We have become the highest rated and most reviewed Cosmetic Center in the Region ( Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas) because of the dedication and level of care we provide our clients with. We offer all potential patients free consultations whether you’re interested in a Cosmetic Procedure or are interested in one of our Medical Spa Services. This not only saves you hundreds of dollars before you even begin, but it provides you the perfect avenue to gather any and all necessary information you need! It’s just as important to meet our team here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center to establish the authenticity of our company, the quality of our work, and if we’re a great match for you, as it is to certify that you are an excellent candidate for any procedure, and financing! We do offer 100% financing and $0 money down. We offer multiple lenders for you to be able to choose from. It’s important that you find a lender that not only fills your needs, but offers you financing terms and an interest rate that will work with your budget.

Remember, it’s important that you do NOT go swimming directly after having a Cosmetic Procedure done. Whitlock Cosmetic Center will provide you with all the proper guidelines and rules for after care, as well as what you should and should not do for the next 6-8 weeks after. If you’re ready to schedule your free consultation give us a call at (918) 743-5438. Or you can schedule a free consultation via virtual means by visiting our website at whitlockcosmetic.com.

Can I Tan After My Procedure?
To look your best not only embodies self- confidence, but it mirrors self-confidence, love, and care for yourself. That includes personal hygiene, your style, what you wear, how you appear to others. You may be interested in tanning, laying out in the sun to get that perfect glow. Depending on what procedure you have done will affect how long you need to wait till experiencing direct sun exposure, or exposure from tanning beds directly on your scars and incisions. It is important that you do not use tanning beds, or sun-based-tanning from anywhere to 3 weeks-3 months. 3weeks -3 months is the typical amount of time you may need to wait. Exposing fresh incisions and scars to direct sun exposure ( sun-based-tanning ) can affect the recovery process.

The reason why we caution patients to wait a specific amount of time between when they have the procedure done, and when they use a tanning bed or lay out in the sun, is because allowing direct exposure to the scars or incision marks may cause hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is: Common and typically harmless. It is a condition in which patches of skin may become darker in color than the normal surrounding areas of skin. This is a result of an increase in melanin which is the pigment that produces normal skin color. Hyperpigmentation is harmless, however it creates uneven complexion and skin coloring. No, it will not pose any risk to your health, but to ensure that your scars and incisions heal properly as well as to prevent skin discoloration, we encourage patients to wait a period of 3 weeks -3 months before directly exposing themselves to sun exposure, as well as using a tanning bed or tanning spray.

There is a common myth in the Cosmetic Procedure world, that if you have a Breast Augmentation and receive Breast Implants, that those Breast Implants will melt if you use a tanning bed regularly. When you meet with Dr. Whitlock for your free consultation, not only will we be covering the procedure itself, the cost of surgery, pain medication, and the services themselves, but within the consultation lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, we’ll also be covering in depth any concerns you have. We’ll discuss with you who is an ideal and likely patient for the procedure you are interested in, How you can best prepare yourself for the procedure, and what the quickest road to recovery will be for you. We like to ‘debunk’ any myths you may have heard regarding any Cosmetic Procedures as well as the after effects of having the procedure during your free consultation. One of these myths we happen to ‘debunk’ is that your breast implants will melt while sun tanning or using a tanning bed.

While we encourage you to avoid any direct sun exposure to your incisions or scars, as well as avoiding tanning beds for 3 weeks-3 months, your breast implants will not melt while using a tanning bed. The reason we encourage waiting to tan by either using a tanning bed, or sun-based-tanning, is to avoid hyperpigmentation. And to allow your scars and incisions to properly heal and fade away. The reason many believe their implants will melt while tanning, is because tanning uses ultraviolet rays. However, the sun emits the same kind of ultraviolet rays. Your scars may take up to 1-2 years to heal completely. Now if you are exposing yourself to direct sun rays, we encourage you to wear the proper protection and use sunblock with the correct amount of SPF.

However, it would be best if you would avoid tanning for at least 3 weeks to 3 months following your procedure to prevent hyperpigmentation, and promote quick healing and recovery. If you have any other questions about what you should avoid doing for the first few weeks of recovery, as well as what you CAN do to promote healing please ask! We try to give you as much information regarding the healing process before and after your procedure. Whitlock Cosmetic Center also schedules you multiple follow up consultations over the span of 6 months to a year to make sure there are not complications while healing, and that the results are everything you hoped! If you feel something is wrong following the procedure, please give us a call at (918) 743-5438, or bring up your concerns in your follow up appointment the following week.

For the safety of their health, and in the interest of quick healing a recovery, we encourage most patients to wait a period of 3 weeks to 3 months before directly exposing their scars and incisions to ultraviolet rays. It would be best if you refrained from exposing your incisions and scars up to a full year! This will give you the best possible results, and will stimulate healing and scar fading. We give you the best estimate we can for how long you should wait. If you have questions about how your body heals, and what you can do to accelerate this process, please ask Dr. Whitlock or one of our team members here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center. The more correction information and facts you have regarding any matter will allow you to make the best decision possible.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation for your next procedure, or would like more information per your procedure, give us a call at (918) 743-5438. You may also visit our webiste at whitlockcosmetic.com where we have numerous reviews from previous patients. They are able to answer your questions, and provide their experience with Whitlock Cosmetic Center to hundreds of others stating that we were personable, kind, helpful, life changing, affordable, patient and informative. We have become the highest rated and most Google reviewed Cosmetic Surgeon in the Region! (Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma). We ascertain and uphold these statements with our results brought to you by Whitlock Cosmetic Center. You can view before and after photos as well as reading through multiple statements and reviews from previous patients.

Can I Workout After My Procedure?

Whitlock Cosmetic Center understands how important working out and maintaining a healthy body and mind is! Especially when you have been working hard day and night to achieve your ideal physique you’ll never want to deviate from your routine or exercise regimen in fear of falling behind, or undoing months or years of hard work! So most of our patients here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center will often ask Dr. Whitlock and our staff members ‘When is the soonest I can start working out?” or “ How long will I have to wait before I can workout again?”. These are excellent questions and valid concerns! We understand that you want to keep a healthy body and a toned physique. Dr. Whitlock will address your concerns during your free consultation. We also stress the importance of a healthy and balanced diet! Your diet and exercise regimen go hand-in-hand in regulating your toned physique. It’s just as important to make sure you’re eating to properly fuel and nourish your body as you are hitting the gym.

Now, there are restrictions as to how much physical activity and heavy lifting you should be doing after your procedure. Varying on the Cosmetic Procedure you have done will affect how long you should refrain from extreme physical activity. If you have any Medical Spa service or treatment done, you shouldn’t have to worry about it affecting your exercise regimen. Since most Medical Spa Services do not greatly surgically alter your body you can complete your exercise routines as normal. These services include:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Obagi Blue Peels
  • Latisse
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Botox Injections
  • Photofacials
  • Skin Tightening
  • Microneedling

If you have a Breast Augmentation you will be put under general anesthesia and will also be given a numbing agent for the affected area, to decrease the amount of pain felt once you wake up. We recommend that you prepare to take off work about 72-96 hours ( 3-4 days). Most patients report back that they feel ready to return to work just after 24-48 hours. However, after having a breast augmentation you need to be precise with your sleeping positions and physical movements. We recommend that you only sleep on your back for the first 2 weeks, then you are allowed to sleep on your side after 2 weeks. You are not allowed to sleep on your stomach for about 1-3 months. If you don’t comply with these recommendations, you can alter and misshapen your breast implants thus undoing any progress made.

After having a Breast Augmentation you should wait 6-8 weeks before resuming your regularing exercise regimen and vigorous physical activity. This includes lifting weight, running, hiking, yoga and any other vigorous physical activity. You also should refrain from lifting your arms above your shoulders and anything above your head. This could cause your Breast Implants to reposition themselves, as well as cause any stretching and scarring of your incisions or scars.
After having a Tummy Tuck procedure your stomach will not be ready for any abdominal exercises for up to 12 weeks. Essentially a Tummy Tuck ( also known as an abdominoplasty ) is a cosmetic procedure to make your stomach more firm and thinner. It removes excess skin and fat to tighten the muscle and fascia ( is a band or connective tissue beneath the skin ). Thus your abdominal muscles and connective tissue/skin need proper time to heal itself. After 12 weeks you should be able to perform crunches, russian twists, planking, sit ups and other forms of abdominal exercises.

If you undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift, you can start working out again after 6 – 8 weeks. You should consult with Dr. Whitlock during the follow up consultations about how well the recovery period is going. Once your fat cells stabilize, they can withstand more vigorous activities such as running/jogging squats etc. Before the 6-8 weeks, you should keep your physical activity to a minimum. Walking around your neighborhood for a short distance at a leisurely pace is acceptable as well as light weight lifting. It’s important to exercise during the recovery period to decrease your chance of blood clotting. Nonetheless, you should refrain from cardiovascular exercises and rigorous workouts until the 6-8 week period is up, or otherwise directed by Dr. Whitlock.

While Dr. Whitlock will answer all questions and address any concerns you have, along with the exercise restrictions he gives, common sense is a key factor. If you just had any procedure done that alters your body, your body will need time to heal. The best way for you to heal is to get the proper nutrition, stay hydrated, get lots of rest, and keep your exercise regimen to a minimum for the following 6-12 weeks following any Cosmetic Procedure. Which is why, after having Liposuction you need to take into account the needs of your body. Yes, sticking to a well maintained healthy diet and regular exercise routine is key to maintaining your results, for the first few weeks Whitlock Cosmetic Center advises you to focus on the nutritional aspect of things. You should not workout out directly following your Liposuction procedure. You should wait to engage in any workouts or specific exercises for 4-12 weeks. Depending on what area of your body is being treated and how large the area is, will affect recovery time, and when you can begin working out.

Again, you should not workout directly after undergoing any Cosmetic Procedure that alters your body or requires recovery time. If you receive any Medical Spa Services such as Dermal Fillers, Botox Injections, Chemical Peels, Latisse, Photofacials or microneedling this does not apply. But for any other procedure you should consult with Dr. Whitlock when you can resume your exercise routine, as well as what exercises would be most beneficial for you! If you have any questions or experience any pain during or after any exercise that is not typically felt, please contact us! You can reach us by dialing (918) 743-5438.

Do I Need to Wear Specific Bras After Having a Breast Augmentation?

When you have a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or Breast Reduction it is Whitlock Cosmetic Center’s job to give back to our female community by lifting spirits, teaching you to embrace your beauty from within, and restore your self confidence! You may be wondering what before and aftercare is necessary for a breast augmentation and what you need to purchase or come prepared with in regards to a specialized bra to wear after your procedure. Whether you are having a Breast Lift, Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation, it’s important that you consult with Dr. Whitlock and understand what necessary steps you need to take before and after to ensure you receive the best results. It;s important that you listen to their guidance to not only ensure you have optimal results, but if you don’t wear the proper bras/wraps afterwards, or you sleep in the wrong position, it can actually reposition your breast implants or cause them to burst.

If you are having a breast Augmentation procedure and are receiving any type of Breast Implant, you will need to wear a specific bra and wrpa following the procedure. There are restrictions and guidelines as to when you should wear sports bras or bras with underwire following the procedure. Dr. Whitlock recommends that you purchase a surgical bra. A surgical bra is made out of higher quality material with no dyes and no underwear. It will provide you with 24/7 support, so that your breast tissue has time to heal properly, as well allow your implants to settle. Your implants can take up to 3-4 months for your breast implants to settle. It’s important that you do not wear an average sports bra right after your Breast Augmentation. This could position and reshape your implants in a direction or shape that is far from what you want. The compression provided by the elasticity of the sports bra could also flatten your breast implants.

You will need to wear a compression garment and possibly medical tape for the first 2 weeks after the procedure. You will then need to wear the compression garment or surgical bra every night for 1-3 months. This keeps your implants in the correct shape. Your breast implants can take up to 4 months to settle. However making sure they settle into the correct position is key to keeping those perky, full, and lasting results!

Surgical bras and compression garments are designed specifically to keep circulation moving, and promotes your body’s quick healing process. Purchasing the proper surgical bra and compression garment are important. You want a surgical bra and compression garment that are made from high grade material, that is dye free, and wire free. You will want to select and purchase more than one surgical bra and compression garment. This allows you to change them often following your procedure. If you go online you can purchase a compression garment and surgical bra by going online, or your local pharmacy may have them. However, if you are looking for a recommendation on a specific brand, ask Dr. Whitlock during your consultation or before your surgery date. He can then direct you where to buy the best compression garments and surgical bra for your budget.

You do not need to wear your surgical bra and compression garment 24/7. While Whitlock Cosmetic Center does recommend that you wear them as much as possible for the first 6 weeks. However you can take them off for a few hours at a time. Your compression garments and surgical bra are worn to not only keep everything in place, but it alleviates pain, helps everything settle into the proper place, and can keep swelling down.

You should not try to replicate or replace your surgical bra by wearing a regular bra with underwire and a sports bra on top. You should not go braless, and you should not wear a typical sports bra. A surgical bra and compression garment are what is required because they are specifically made with higher grade materials, with no harmful dyes, and no wires included. Choosing your surgical bra will depend on what shape and size you are. However, if you purchase a properly fitting surgical bra, you’ll only see benefits from wearing it. They typically run $30-$100 a piece. Of course the amount you spend on surgical bras will vary depending on the quality and brand of the surgical bra, the size, and how many you purchase.

The Whitlock Cosmetic Center staff will inform and teach you how to properly wear the surgical bras, and compression garments. You must also refrain from raising your arms above your shoulders and head for 2 weeks after your procedure. You must also abstain from any rigorous, or extraneous exercises. If you’re not careful, you could cause your surgery incisions to tear or rip open. As well as reposition your breast implants. During the healing and recovery process. Your body forms capsules and rigours activity or strenuous workouts or exercises can prohibit your body from healing properly and form scar tissue instead of capsules. The scar tissue can harden or create pressure.

By scheduling your free consultation through Whitlock Cosmetic Center, you’ll be able to consult with Dr. Whitlock about your breast augmentation, as well as the porper before and after care. You’ll discuss when you’ll be able to workout and perform high intensity workouts following your procedure. If you have questions or concerns at any point during your procedure, please contact us at (918) 743-5438. We are here to guide you through this journey on feeling beautiful and confident once again! Nothing should stand in your way! By purchasing and wearing the proper surgical bras and compression garments, you will achieve the desired shape and after a period of about 6 months, your implants will be settled. Your implants lowering and settling is normal but will not drastically change your outcomes. Infact, your breast implants are meant to slightly lower or ‘drop’. If you would like to schedule another consultation for your next procedure or have more questions you would like answered, give us a call at (918) 743-5438.

What Does The Aftercare Following a Breast Augmentation Look Like?

Whitlock Cosmetic Center is known for their quick recovery times as well as for their exceptional results! Whitlock Cosmetic Center focuses on the proper before and aftercare to ensure a quick recovery process, as well as preventing any mishaps, and giving you the best results possible! So if you have just had or are looking at Breast Augmentation to bolster your confidence, mirror your self worth, or to help you achieve your ideal body image, there are proper instructions for your before and aftercare.

Once you’ve had your Breast Augmentation, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. You won’t be able to workout right after your procedure.
2. It will take 2 weeks – 1 full year to completely heal.
3. You’ll need to purchase a Surgical Bra and compression garments to wear after your procedure.

We IMPLORE you to refrain from rigorous workouts, as well as excessive lifting, running, and any water related activities. The reason we encourage you from refraining from these activities, is if you go swimming, complete a high intensity workout, or lift anything above your head, you could cause unnecessary tears in your incisions, increase your risk for blood clotting, and infection! It could mis-shape or reposition your implants into an undesired shape. We schedule followup consultations post operation starting one week after your completed procedure, spanning over the course of a year. The first follow up appointment is one week after the procedure. We can then assess how well your body is healing/recovering, as well as to help any tears, or infections. Once it’s been one full year after your Breast Augmentation, we’ll schedule annual follow ups to check up on you!

During your initial free consultation with Whitlock Cosmetic Center, we cover a lot of information! We discuss what procedure you’re interested in, take measurements, provide you with the necessary information you need to make a decision including price, financing options, and an estimation for how long it will take to heal completely. We do recommend that you take 3-4 days off of work to recover from your Breast Augmentation. However, most women have reported back to us that they felt ready to return to work 24-48 following their procedure. Whitlock Cosmetic Center is able to provide quick recovery times as a result of Dr. Whitlocks trained hand and his abilities. There are restrictions to what kind of exercises you can perform, as well as to your sleeping positions. These restrictions are to prevent any incisions from tearing, implants bursting, as well as repositioning. If you have questions or concerns regarding what we do and don’t recommend for all Breast Augmentation patients post procedure, please do not hesitate to ask these questions during your consultation with Dr. Bryan Whitlock, or get in touch with our office staff by dialing (918) 743-5438.
What you wear, how you sleep, and how much physical exercise you perform each day are all variables to your post procedure recovery. Before even scheduling your procedure surgery date, we’ll discuss with you how you can best prepare for the procedure, and what steps you’ll need to take afterwards. Since Dr. Whitlock will use general anesthesia during your procedure, you’ll need to plan on staying in our surgery center for 3-4 hours after the procedure is done. You should arrange for a friend, family member, or a taxi service to drive you home. We recommend that you purchase a surgical bra as well as a compression garment. You’ll be wearing a surgical bra and compression garment for the first 2-4 weeks following your procedure. A surgical bra is made up of higher quality and high grade material. This material is dye free, and the bra is able to provide 24/7 support without any underwire, and without compression on your implants.

This surgical bra and compression garment will not only alleviate pain, but it will reduce swelling, allow your implants to settle and ‘drop’ into the right position. You may be wondering “ Why would I want my Breast Implants to drop? Isn’t that the opposite of what I would like?”. These are excellent questions and valid concerns. When you have a Breast Implants, or our removing and replacing your current Breast Implants, you don’t want them to slightly reposition or drop over time. This is completely normal as well as expected and will help you achieve your overall desired look. The reason Breast Augmentation patients need to wear a surgical bra and compression garment, is to reduce swelling, alleviate pain, prevent any repositioning not in the desired direction, as well as to allow your muscles the chance to heal and form capsules rather than scar tissue.

By following the guidelines and rules we set, you’ll recover from your procedure quicker. We discuss variable outcomes and infections or problems we could face later down the road. By providing you with an influx of information, you’ll be able to make well educated decisions when it comes to what type of surgical bra and compression garments to purchase, what implants to choose that will best give you your desired outcome and ‘ideal’ body image, as well as help boost your confidence to mirror the outstanding woman we know you are!

It’s extremely important that you follow our guidelines and rules with precision! If you are concerned with having to wear a surgical bra and compression garment 24/7 for the first two weeks, talk with Dr. Whitlock regarding these concerns. He’ll be able to put you at ease ( don’t worry if you need to take the compression garment and surgical bra off for 1 hour, you’ll be okay). If you have any questions regarding the healing process, how to properly clean the incision area, feel free to give us a call at (918) 743-5438 anytime. We can answer any question you have, and will do our best to provide you any necessary or helpful information before and after your Breast Augmentation. Make sure to schedule your next consultation before leaving or visit our website to schedule a virtual consultation!

Are There Specific Ab Exercises I Need to Do After Having a Tummy Tuck?

An Abdominoplasty or better known as a Tummy Tuck is a Cosmetic procedure that is used to help tighten, thin, and firm your stomach area. The procedure removes excess skin and fat. A Tummy Tuck is not an ideal procedure for those who are extremely overweight, being that a Tummy Tuck is not a weight loss procedure. While it does tighten and firm your lower stomach area, it is a procedure used for those who are typically at their desired weight and have tried to rid their stomach of fat and excess skin with a regular exercise regimen as well as a well rounded and strict diet and failed to meet their desired outcome.

The lasting results you experience will vary from person to person. A tummy Tuck procedure can have permanent results if the patient continues to exercise regularly, and eat a healthy and balanced diet. If you forgo your healthy lifestyle, then your results from the procedure will be temporary. When you schedule your free consultation with Whitlock Cosmetic Center we will discuss with you every aspect of the procedure you’re interested in. During this face-to-face consultation or virtual consultation Dr. Whitlock will explain who is considered an ‘Ideal’ candidate, and who is not an ‘Ideal’ candidate. If you are interested in an abdominoplasty “Tummy Tuck” and are considered an ideal candidate, then we will move forward with the procedure.

After having your Tummy Tuck you may be wondering how long it will take for your body to completely heal, as well as what kind of abdominal exercises you should be doing everyday that can quicken your recovery time. Some patients have the understanding that you need to start completing ab exercises right after your procedure. Whitlock Cosmetic Center will gladly ‘debunk’ this ‘myth’. During your procedure your body is put under extreme stress. Your muscles and connective tissue have to strengthen and heal before you can build any abdominal muscles. If you attempted to complete any exercises such as sit ups, crunches, planking, leg lifts, russian twists etc. you could actually tear and destroy any progress your muscles and body have made. If you’re not familiar with how the procedure is done, to give you an idea of what goes on and the stress put on your body I’ll briefly explain the process.

The procedure will take 2-3 hours depending on how large the area being treated is. While having a Tummy Tuck performed, you’ll be under general anesthesia, which means you’ll be unconscious during the procedure. Whitlock Cosmetic Center recommends that you arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure as you may be experiencing some symptoms such as: dizziness, nausea or vomiting, sore throat due to the breathing tube, and temporary memory loss or confusion. The actual procedure may also be including liposuction to help remove some fatty deposits. After two incisions are made, your stomach muscles will be seperated and stitched together. Your excess skin is then removed and your remaining skin tissue is stretched to cover your stomach area. Again, depending on the extent of excess skin and fat needing to be removed will determine how long the procedure will take, as well as if your belly button will need to be reconstructed.

So you see, while the procedure is not extremely complicated, your abdominal muscles are separated. They need to mend and heal properly before you can resume ab exercises.

You need to refrain from performing any abdominal exercises for 8-12 weeks after your procedure. Of course Whitlock Cosmetic Center is known for quick recovery times, that is a result of the skilled hand of Dr. Whitlock, and the precautions and extra measures we take before and after every procedure. After having your Tummy Tuck, you’ll need to purchase and wear your abdominal binder. Like a surgical support bra and compression garments for a Breast Augmentation, your Abdominal Binder is used to help support and heal your stomach. By wearing an Abdominal Binder you can greatly reduce swelling, irritation, and prevent fluid build up. It will take some of the pressure off of your abdominal muscles and allow them to help properly and quickly by giving them needed support.

After it has been 8-12 weeks and you have consulted with Dr. Whitlock you may begin your regular exercise routine. Of course, use common sense when it comes to working out and listening to your body. If you completed a rigorous workout routine your body will be tired. Typically after working out your body will be sore and tired, that is normal. However, you will feel this soreness differently because :

Your abdominal muscles were separated
It will have been 8-14 weeks since you have completed a workout

It is important to listen to your body and give it plenty of time to rest and recover in between workouts. Maybe start out with shorter simpler workouts only 1-2 times per week until your body is warmed up and used to working out again. Then slowly increase the intensity and reoccurrence of your workouts, specifically your ab workouts and exercises. This way you
prevent any tearing, injuries, and scar tissue from forming. After the 10-14 week period you’ll be able to perform and complete any ab exercises. Some examples of great exercises to do are :

  • Crunches
  • Sit Ups
  • Planking
  • Leg raises
  • Russian Twists
  • Side Plank Dips
  • Alternating Toe Reach

It is the goal of Whitlock Cosmetic Center to help all patients to reach their desired outcomes, help them return to their slim, beautiful, and youthful state! We project your inner confidence into your outward appearance! We know the potential you have! If you have any concerns or would like to get in touch with Dr. Whitlock or one of our team members here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center, please give us a call at (918) 743-5438. Or you may fill out our contact form located on our website by visiting whitlockcosmetic.com/contact/.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Qualify for Cosmetic Procedures
No matter what stage of life we’re in, whether we’re single, married, divorced, have children, young or old, male or female, as a human race we always want to look our best! This may include smoothing out any wrinkles, eliminating any blemishes, scars, surgically enhancing our stomach, buttocks, legs, breasts, or something as small yet significant to us such as having a more plump youthful face! Regardless of what part of yourself you are unhappy with, it is the DUTY of Whitlock Cosmetic Center to help you along your journey to feeling beautiful, young, slim, fit and attractive! We will mirror the beauty and confidence we see within. It is our job to take that confidence in yourself and display it in your outward appearance!

We provide our services to a wide range of patients and customers. We’ve helped mothers, daughters, friends, fathers, businessmen and businesswomen achieve and find their potential! We’ve had clients of all ages ranging from 6 months old ( we pierce infants ears ) to 80+! Now you may be wondering if there is an age requirement for procedures such as a: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia ( Male Breast Reduction) Abdominaplasty ( Tummy Tuck ), Cellfina, Mommy Makeover, Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Eyelid Surgery, a Full Face Lift, and our Medical Spa Services such as Botox Injections, Chemical Peels, Dermal Fillers, Latisse, Obagi Blue Peel, Photofacials, Skin Tightening, and Microneedling.

While there is no specific law detailing that anyone under the age of 18 can not receive Medical Spa Treatments or have any Cosmetic Procedures. If you are under the age of 18, we will require that you receive parental consent. Your parent or guardian needs to be present to ensure the authenticity of their signature and consent. It can also answer any questions your parents or guardians have and can ease concerns regarding the procedure. Now if you scheduled a free consultation with Whitlock Cosmetic Center and are under the age of 18 whether you are male or female and have not received or falsified parental consent then we will not be providing you any services and will not move forward with the procedure. Now some parents and teenagers schedule their free consultations to gather necessary information, discuss desired outcomes, and will then place a downpayment on their procedure and postpone the surgery or treatment until the patient is older.

If you are a teenager, and are interested in one of our Cosmetic or Medical procedures and services and would like more information or a professional opinion about what direction you should go in, Dr. Whitlock and Whitlock Cosmetic Center would love to offer up their professional opinion. You can schedule a free consultation by calling Whitlock Cosmetic Center at (918) 743-5438. Or by visiting our website at whitlockcosmetic.com However, before scheduling any procedure or service, we will have parental consent before we begin. If you are wondering what services we offer to anyone under the age of 18, ask Dr. Whitlock during your free consultation. The reason surgeons may recommend waiting till your 18 or older to receive any Medical Spa Treatments such as Botox injections, chemical peels, photo facials, or dermal fillers, is because your teen years are typically considered your formative or growing years. It’s important that your body’s natural growing cycle is not interrupted or disturbed by Cosmetic Procedures. Dr. Whitlock will discuss the pros or cons of having any cosmetic procedure or Medical Spa service done in direct correlation to your age during your free consultation.

There can be many useful benefits to receiving Cosmetic Procedures and Medical Spa Services. You can not only regain your self confidence, but you can feel young, look youthful, rid your body of stubborn fat deposits that you have struggled with dissolving ( with a healthy and balanced lifestyle ), as well as restore your body after going through childbirth once or multiple times. You can have excess fat and skin removed after going through an extreme weight loss. There are multiple benefits to receiving Cosmetic Procedures as well as Medical Spa Services!

It’s important that you have all questions answered and concerns put to rest before moving forward with any Cosmetic procedure. This is why Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers a free consultation that will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. This provides you with plenty of time to ask questions, try on implant sizes, fill out paperwork, explore financing options, as well as be well prepared for the recovery period. Depending on the procedure you may need to purchase necessary materials such as a surgical bra, compression garments, and abdominal binders. These materials and undergarments can help reduce swelling, irritation, prevent any incisions from tearing, implants from bursting, and will create the BEST environment for your muscles and body to heal completely.

If you are under the age of 18 and are considered in one of our Cosmetic Procedures or Medical Spa Services, you may still contact Whitlock Cosmetic Center to schedule a free 30 minute to an hour and a half free face-to-face consultation with Dr. Whitlock. You can schedule the appointment by dialing (918) 743-5438. Or you may visit our website at whitlockcosmetic.com and fill out the contact form, or schedule a free consultation form, and one of the team members from our office will be in touch with you shortly! If you are under the age of 18 you will need to have a guardian present and have parental or guardian consent before we can move forward and schedule/perform any Medical Spa Service or Cosmetic Procedure. Having a parent or guardian there with you during your free consultation will allow them the opportunity to learn more about Whitlock Cosmetic Center, the procedure you are interested in, how much the procedure will cost, they can research our numerous financing options, as well as know exactly what the recovery period will look like. Contact Whitlock Cosmetic Center today to find out more information and to schedule your free consultation!

Can I Travel After My Procedure?

One thing most people love to do is TRAVEL! It’s the thought of the unknown, discovering new things, exploring and viewing new sights for the first time that really captures our attention! So if you have had any procedure done at Whitlock Cosmetic Center, you may be curious as to when you may travel next. Maybe you have a week-long vacation planned for next month, and you are wondering if you’ll be medically cleared to fly! Whitlock Cosmetic Center will be able to clearly define how soon you’ll be able to travel.

When you are looking into having any Cosmetic Procedure or Medical Spa Service done, the recovery period will vary, as well as if you’re unconscious during the procedure, or local anesthesia is used, as well as how long the after effects of any medication will last. These are important questions to ask and consider when booking your procedures. For instance, following most procedures, you’ll be able to travel and fly like normal after a period of 24-48 hours. But if you schedule your procedure or surgery for a day when none of your friends or family members will be able to pick you up, or chauffeur you around, I may reconsider rescheduling your procedure to a day when a friend or loved one can give you a ride home, or make other ride arrangements.

Now, some procedures such as a Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, Liposuction, or Breast Augmentation, Dr. Whitlock as well as other Cosmetic Surgeons, recommend that you wait 10 days to 1 month before traveling. This includes any prolonged and extended car rides, flying etc. The reason why Whitlock Cosmetic Center encourages you to hold off on any extended travel plans, is the result of not being able to move for an extended amount of time. Following any procedure it is important that you maintain minimal activity to keep your blood from clotting. When you travel this prohibits movement and can increase your risk for blood clotting. You should also refrain from taking any blood thinners especially Aspirin. Yous should only be taking the pain medication that your Dr. and Dr. Whitlock prescribes to you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding what medication you can and can not take, consult with your general physician and Dr. Whitlock. During the initial consultation, we will extensively cover what medication you’re currently on/taking to ensure that you won’t risk your health by being on too much medication.

For smaller procedures such as Botox Injections, Chemical Peels, Obagi Blue Peels, Photofacial/IPL, Skin Tightening, Microneedling ( otherwise known as Collagen Induction Therapy) the area that is being treated will often be numbed, using a numbing agent or local anesthesia. After these treatments are completed you’ll be able to travel right away. You can even have them completed on your lunch break! Since local anesthesia is used or other numbing agents, you do not need to be worried about your ability to drive anywhere afterwards, or your ability to coherently think and function. For larger procedures such as Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Explants, Tummy Tucks, or Mommy Makeovers you may be completely sedated. Dr. Whitlock will go over the pros and cons of being completely sedated or not before going through the procedure. We have found that patients tend to heal quicker while NOT however this is your decision to make after Dr. Whitlock goes over the pros and cons of each choice. After a major procedure you will feel sore, and depending on whether you are completely sedated or not, you may not be completely coherent. That is when we advise that you wait at our facility to become more coherent, or arrange for someone to pick you up and take care of you the hours following the procedure.

I would not plan any major trips that include a lot of physical activity, sitting in a car, train, bus, or plane for long periods of time right after your procedure. You will be sore, possibly tired, and adding additional unnecessary strain on your body not only increases your risk of blood clotting, but infection, reshaping of the breasts or tummy/buttocks areas, but it could cause incisions to burst or tear open. To promote quick healing, we recommend that you refrain from most travel for at least 2 weeks. You also need to be cautious and aware of your sleeping positions, and movements. You would be sorely disappointed if you undid the results or progress from the procedure by performing everyday activities the incorrect way.

In the span of 1 week to a full year, Dr. Whitlock has you schedule multiple follow up consultations at Whitlock Cosmetic Center. These followup consultations allow our team to measure your recovery progress as well as prevent any infections, bursts, or tears from happening. Considering everyone’s body is different, these follow up consultations act as a way to gauge how your body is reacting, recovering, and accepting the procedure.

One of the most common procedures where you can see a difference in results even if you use the same products/treatments is Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers, and Chemical Peels. The result of everyone’s body being different will mean that you may need a higher dose or more/less treatments than the person next to you. The way your face is shaped may alter your results and outward appearance when you receive dermal fillers or injections. That is why the initial consultation process is so important. We have time to identify what your end goal is, and come up with the perfect game plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and goal. We can then begin the treatment process. Your body will react and heal differently because your body is unique! Dr. Whitlock will cover what the exact recovery process will look like for you, and scheduling and meeting regularly for these follow up consultations can make sure your body is on the road to recovery! To schedule your next appointment, you can reach Whitlock Cosmetic Center by dialing (918) 743-5438.

Will I Be Unconscious During My Procedure?

A common concern and question with most patients is “ Will I be unconscious during my procedure”?. Some of the reasons you may be wondering if you will be unconscious during your procedure are:

  • You are concerned with being coherent enough to drive home
  • You are wondering what the side effects of being unconscious during your procedure will be
  • What will the amount of pain you feel be compared to having the area numbed or by using a general anesthesia will be
  • You have a low tolerance of pain
  • You are concerned with the additional cost

These are all common and relevant concerns with the procedure/surgery process. Fortunately we are able to discuss with you fully the pros and cons of being unconscious during the procedure. Being put under for the procedure may not even be required for the procedure you are interested in. To put you at ease, for most Medical Spa Services, we are able to complete the treatment sessions by using a local anesthesia as a numbing agent for the area we are treating.

For botox Injections and Dermal Fillers, treatment sessions typically last for about 10 minutes to 1 hour. This will vary depending on the size of the area being treated. For both services, there will be minimal discomfort and pain. When these treatments are injected you will feel a pinch and some discomfort. However, if you have a low tolerance for pain, or are worried in any way about the pain or discomfort you will feel, we can administer a local anesthesia or other numbing agent to the treated area before injecting the treatment solution.

Chemical peels slightly differ from Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers in regards to the pain and/or discomfort you will feel. There are 3 main types of Chemical Peels. They are 1. Superficial Peels, 2. Medium-Depth Peels, 3. Deep-Depth Peels. A Superficial Peel, requires no sedation or numbing agent. You will not require any pain reliever following this service. You will experience some redness and flaky skin. With a Medium-Depth Peel sedation is also not required. You may experience slight burning sensations during the application of the Medium-Depth Peel and while pain reliever is not required, if you have a low tolerance for pain, you may consult with your physician or Dr. Whitlock about being prescribed pain relief medication.

For any patient receiving a Deep-Depth Chemical Peel, the process can take 1 – 2 hours. All patients receiving a Deep-Depth Chemical Peel will be sedated throughout the process. The reason patients are sedated is because the Deep-Depth Chemical Peel penetrates down to the Reticular Dermis ( which is the lower layer of the Dermis ( Your skin )). A soothing solution is applied afterwards and you may be prescribed pain medication. You can expect swelling, redness, and peeling skin to last up to a full year. The Deep-Depth Peel is used for severe skin cases, which is why you need to consult with Dr. Whitlock and your physician before receiving this service.

Patients tend to heal quicker when they do not undergo general anesthesia which places the patient into a state of unconsciousness. Which is why for smaller procedures we’ll always opt to only use a local anesthesia which numbs the area, but you will still be awake. By choosing local anesthesia over general anesthesia you will save money, because you will not need as much.

There are some side effects that may occur during the procedure or after the procedure. These can occur whether you are using local or general anesthesia. Some of these side effects include but are not limited to: Nausea, Vomiting, Muscle Aches, Sore throat, Postoperative delirium ( confusion while regaining consciousness), Itching, Chills or shivering. If you have questions or concerns regarding these symptoms, please raise your concerns during your consultation. These side effects are typical however they should not last for long periods of time. These side effects should not last longer than a week.

If you have a low tolerance for pain and are concerned with the pain or discomfort you may feel, do not worry. Dr. Whitlock will address your concerns. Many patients who have had the same concerns have undergone the procedure or Medical Spa services with and without local/general anesthesia. If you would like to hear from previous patients about their experience and level of comfort and discomfort throughout the procedure, treatment session, and healing process, please feel free to read our reviews! Reviews left by previous patients outlining and listing in detail about their experience could bring peace and calm your nerves. We believe the best way to combat fear is to know the facts! During your free consultation, we explain the procedure to you from cover to cover. We cover proper steps and care you need to take before the procedure as well as what standard aftercare includes. You will also schedule multiple follow up consultations with our receptionist at Whitlock Cosmetic Center that will span over the course of 1 week- 1 full year.

Some patients are also concerned with the additional cost that the general or local anesthesia will cost. Rest assured, Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers 100% financing with $0 money down. We not only provide you with a free consultation, but we offer multiple lenders for you to finance through. It does not cost anything extra to apply for financing. Financing is an affordable way to pay for any Cosmetic Procedure or Medical Spa Service. Not only can you receive up to 100% financing, but you’ll be able to make payments. A great aspect of meeting with Dr. Whitlock during your initial free consultation is that you will receive an exact price quote! Right down to the very penny, you’ll know exactly how much you will be charged and what to budget for. This quoted price includes the actual services, the possible surgery fees, and fees for any local or general anesthesia used. Unlike other Cosmetic Surgeons, we include everything in the quoted price, which means you can expect to pay the exact price quoted for your procedure.


The short answer to this question is usually yes. After breast augmentation and the placement of breast implants, you should be able to breastfeed if you were able to breastfeed prior to surgery. That being said, not all women are able to breastfeed for various reasons. If that is the case, then you will still not be able to breastfeed.


The milk is produced in the breast gland. The milk, once produced, is then transported to the nipple through breast ducts. The breast ducts are small tubes that connect the glandular tissue to the nipple. Breastfeeding then proceeds as the milk is expressed through the breast ducts and out of the nipple. These are the parts of the breasts that are involved in the production and the delivery of milk.


For a primary breast augmentation, using the techniques I routinely use, the breast to nipple anatomy remains intact.  The incision is placed along the fold beneath the breast. The pocket is made beneath the muscle which is well away from the nipple, the breast gland and breast ducts. Therefore, the breast ducts and the nipple are still connected the same as they were prior to the surgery. Since everything remains intact. Breastfeed should, for most women, remain possible.


There are other techniques for breast augmentation that could cause a disruption in this anatomy. Thus, other incisions or placement of the breast implants could alter to ability to breastfeed following breast augmentation surgery.

The incision placed in other locations, most notably an incision around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). This incision required cutting through the breast tissue to get to the position where the pocket for the breast implants will be placed. Going through the breast tissue will likely disrupt some of the breast ducts. Also, some of the sensation to the nipple could be altered. And, this change in sensation could change the signals that are necessary for the letdown reflex for milk delivery.  In addition, placing the implant pocket on top of the muscle and thus subglandular, also could rarely disrupt some of the breast ducts. These breast ducts are, again, necessary for milk delivery. In conclusion, the effect that these incision and breast implant placement may not be fully known until you attempt to breastfeed.


As stated above, not all women are able to breastfeed in the first place. Other important things to consider, are the reason you might have originally desired to have breast augmentation surgery. Some women’s breast tissue do not fully develop during puberty and, thus, do not have sufficient glandular tissue to produce the necessary volume of milk. This can be seen with very tight flat breasts, as well as breasts having a tubular shape. One sign of having too little breast glandular tissue is having breast that do not have much size change during pregnancy.


First off, the silicone in the silicone gel breast implants being used today is very unlikely to get out of the breast implant. Therefore, the silicone is also very unlikely to get into the breast milk.

When breastfeeding, at times, women develop a breast infection, called mastitis. Any infection near breast implants and the capsule around the implant can increase your risk for capsular contracture. The breast capsule is normally the this layer of scar tissue that your body forms around the breast implants. Again, normally this remains thin, soft and not noticeable from the outside. However, any infection of the breast tissue near the breast implant can lead to inflammation of the area. This, in turn, can lead to the breast capsule thickening. The thickened capsule can then squeeze around the breast implant and begin to feel hard or firm from the outside.


Breast Augmentation does not have to be uncomfortable and keep you bed bound. Using a Quick Recovery technique can allow you to get out of the house the evening of the surgery. Most women are able to return to work within three to four days from the surgery. You are able to raise your arms immediately. You are able to sleep in any position that you are able to comfortably sleep. Many patients only take a small few pain pills, if any are needed at all. Many patients are able to control any discomfort with tylenol. The breast implant does apply pressure to the overlying tissues and skin. So, there is a feeling of pressure in the immediate post-operative period. Many women compare this to the feeling of needing to be “let down” while breastfeeding. This is directly related to how tight the tissues and skin are to begin with, as well as the size of the implant you desire. If the implant is placed beneath the pectoralis muscle, the muscle may be sore for a few days. As though, completing a hard chest workout and the soreness that may follow.

You will begin showing the day following the surgery. The is a surgical “super glue” used to cover and seal the incision. So, there is no concern with the water from the shower contaminating the incision. By the third week, you will be able to wear underwire bras. By this time, you can also return to your normal exercise routine. Bathing and swimming is also allowed at this time.

The breast implants may appear high on the chest immediately after surgery. This may be directly related to the tightness of the tissues before surgery and the size of the breast implants you choose. If this is the case, the implants will begin to descend during the second week. The will be close to their final position by the third to fourth week. The skin and overlying tissues will continue to grow to accommodate the new size. As this occurs the breast skin will begin to soften and the breast implant will approach its final position.


Breast Augmentation involves the placement of a breast implant to increase the bra size of the breasts. The breast implant is placed through an incision into a position behind the breast tissue to increase the volume of the breasts. There are several possible incisions, placed along the infra mammary fold crease (the fold beneath the breasts), transaxillary (underarm), transareolar (around the areola or the darker skin surrounding the nipple) and transumbilical (through the naval). A pocket for the breast implant is then created making a place for the breast implant to be placed. The possible placement spaces are just beneath the breast glandular tissue (subglandular), just beneath the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular or more specific subpectoral), beneath the pectoralis major muscle as well as other surrounding muscles, to include the rectus abdominis and the serratus anterior (total submuscular) and just beneath the covering of the muscle (subfascial). In addition, for the submuscular positioning, the pectoralis muscle can be released, and allowed to be displaced superiorly to a few different levels. This can help give a very slight “lift” internally for those women that defer a needed lift.


Breast Augmentation is a surgery and therefore has possible risks and complications. The technique of the surgery can significantly affect the outcome and the recovery.


The technique I prefer includes a preference for the inframammary fold. This incision is in a hidden area, and by the time the pinkness has resolved and the scars matured, the incision is often nearly invisible and has to be located by feeling the area to find the scar. This incision allows direct access to allow creating the breast implant pocket by seeing what is being done. Other incisions often require blind ripping or tearing open of the pocket. The ripping and tearing will tear small blood vessels which will, once torn, pull back into the muscle and bleed. Bleeding can lead to several problems. Bleeding directly leads to increased pain, bruising, swelling and infections. The bleeding can also lead to inflammation in the area, which can increase the likelihood for infections and scar tissue problems (called a capsular contracture) down the road. Therefore, by using the incision in the crease, the small blood vessels can be controlled before they bleed. This decreases any bleeding during surgery. Thus, the problems associated with the bleeding are reduced.

In addition, the positioning of the implants is more reproducible, working right where the breast implants will reside. And, being able to see the positioning of the pocket while it is being created.


The breast implants used for breast augmentation can be placed in a few locations. I prefer using the pocket placed beneath the pectoralis muscle. There are several notable advantages of this location. Most importantly, breast cancer detection is better, by both breast examinations and by mammography. Next, scar tissue problems, called capsular contracture, is less likely in this position. A capsular contracture can make the breast implant feel firm or hard from the outside. The muscle can also decrease the ability to see or feel and rippling of the breast implants. Depending on which type of breast implant is chosen, some types have a more likelihood of having these ripples or ridges and folds that may be seen from the outside. By being placed beneath the pectoralis major muscle, this muscle will cover the implant in the cleavage area. Thus, the ripples will be less noticeable. Lastly, the pectoralis muscle will help support the implant. Meaning, the muscle will help keep the breast implant in a good position and decrease the likelihood of the breast implant descending to a lower position.


I have found that by using the incision in the crease beneath the breast. Creating the pocket by direct visualization. This allows controlling any bleeding before it even starts. The pocket is also easy to compare to the other side for better positioning. If the muscle needs to be released to give a slight “lift” to the breast, this can be easily done through this same approach. By minimizing any bleeding, the pain and discomfort can also be minimized. This is allow a quicker return to regular activity and work.


There are a few different surgeries that can help to improve the appearance of the breasts. These surgeries are not interchangeable. Each surgery has different goals and outcomes. The different surgeries may be combined if necessary to achieve the desired goal. I liken these choices to those of a travel agent. The surgeries are simply the vehicles to get to the desired destination. There are a few great destinations. Mountain resorts are great places to go (no pun intended). Likewise, a nice rest on the beach can also be a great vacation. Once you determine where you would like to go, we can discuss the possible travel arrangements. Will you travel by boat? Will you go by plane? As you can see, if you are wanting to go to a mountain get-a-way, taking a cruise ship will not get you there. Similarly, a breast augmentation using breast implants alone in droopy breasts will get a different appearance than a breast lift (or mastopexy). Likewise, combining the two surgeries will lead to an altogether different result, as I will explain below.


A Breast Augmentation uses either saline, silicone or structured breast implants to increase the size of the breasts. The implants will not alter the shape of the breasts or the position of the breasts. Any discrepancies or asymmetries of the breasts will remain with the exception of some volume differences. The areola size will also not be affected with the exception of a slight increase in size. This is dependent on the size of the implant chosen.


A breast lift repositions the nipple and areola back to a higher position and can improve symmetry at the same time. The size of the areola can be decreased at this time if that is desired. The nipple and areola remain attached to the glandular breast tissue that is attached to before surgery. Therefore, the sensation and blood supply to the nipple and areola should remain similar. There may be temporary sensation changes that could either be less sensitive, or just as likely, more sensitive. These are usually returning towards normal within a few months.


A breast reduction is similar to a breast lift with the addition of removal of a substantial volume of the breast tissue to decrease the size and weight of the breasts. A breast reduction is desired for improvement of appearance and thus self confidence, as well as to improve the effects of the large breasts. These symptoms can include breast pain, upper back and shoulder pain, long term shoulder indentation created by bra straps, and rashes and infections beneath the breasts.



A good candidate for breast augmentation is a woman that has small, symmetrical well shaped breast. The breast are in good position on the chest. The skin and breast tissues remain tight. The desire is to improve self confidence and be more comfortable both in as well as out of clothing and bathing suits.


Many women hope to avoid the extra incisions and therefore scars of a mastopexy. They have hope that their deflated and droopy breast will regain their perkiness by simply re-filling them back to the volume they once had prior to a pregnancy or weight change. I use an analogy of a deflated balloon to demonstrate that this unfortunately will not get the desired results. As a balloon deflates and loses volume, at some point the balloon loses its shape and falls limply in a downward direction. Many women have hope that simply a blow of some air back into the limp balloon will lead to regain in the position and firmness of the balloon. And that might happen if we were filling that balloon with air or maybe even better, some helium. But, in fact, what we will be filling that “balloon” with is actually saline or silicone gel. So for demonstration purposes, imagine a mouth full of water when beginning to fill the balloon. The balloon will actually maintain it “droop” or may even drop further as the volume is introduced. Likewise, simply placing a breast implant into a droopy breast will not correct the droopiness and may even increase it. As undesirable as the extra scars may be, there is a trade off. You either get to keep the extra skin or will need the scars to remove this extra skin and get the shape you desire. The scars will be placed in areas that are hidden or easy to hide. These scars typically heal well and by the time the pinkness has faded, are barely visible, and much less visible that the excess skin. If the scars need revision, that can easily be accomplished to improve unsightly scars.

At the initial consultation, we will discuss the desired outcome you would like. Words like “up”, “lifted”, more perky, and back where they used to be will likely need a lift. After this discussion of desired size and shape, several measurements will be obtained from the breasts. These measurements will give additional information about whether breast implants alone may be all that will be needed or whether a breast lift may also be recommended. A good candidate for a breast augmentation is a woman who has good shape to her breasts to begin with. She likes the shape and just wants an increase in the size.


Breast augmentation with breast implants can also be used with a breast lift to give fullness to the upper breast that the natural tissue itself is unable to maintain. Even if a woman desires to not increase her breast size or even wants a smaller breast size, breast tissue can be removed from the breast during the breast lift and a small breast implant can then be placed to get the desired size as well as shape.


Breast Implant Syndrome is a self-identified syndrome by women who describe a variety of systemic symptoms and have a firm belief that these symptoms are caused by their breast implants. The symptoms that these women attribute to their breast implants include (but not limited to) the following: Chest pain, chills, rash, hair loss, headaches, neurologic issues, sensitivity to light and sun, depression, chronic pain, hormonal concerns, fatigue, body odor, brain fog, anxiety and problems sleeping. This list of symptoms appear to come from anecdotal reports. The recent increase in the discussion of Breast Implant Syndrome comes from and is related to social media. There are several Facebook groups that are based on Breast Implant Syndrome, with some groups having more than 50,000 members. Since Breast Implant Syndrome is not considered an official medical illness, there are no diagnostic criteria. What is Silicone Gel? Silicone is the most common element in nature, it is crystalline silica. This crystalline silica may activate the immune system, as seen in systemic sclerosis in stone masons. The Silcone Gel that is used in silicone gel breast implants is formed by hydroxylating the silica and forms polydimethylsiloxane. This is very different from the silicone seen in nature. This Silicone has never been known to cause any medical disease. So what causes causes Breast Implant Illness? Being that Breast Implant Illness has not been officially recognized as a medical illness it is difficult to say what could be the cause. It could be women that have certain medical conditions could be more likely to have Breast Implant Illness symptoms. It could be that certain people have a more pronounced inflammatory reaction to any foreign body or a reaction to a specific part of a breast implant, like the silicone gel. It could also be a specific response to the surgery itself, as in the way the breast implant is placed. Are there any tests that can detect Breast Implant Illness? Since there is no formal medical illness or diagnosis, there are no tests that may diagnose Breast Implant Illness. However, there are tests that can detect the likelihood of developing an autoimmune disease. But these tests do not correspond well with the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness, as some women have a positive immune tests while others show no abnormalities at all. Is Breast Implant Illness real? Surgeons, researchers and the FDA are all closely watching for the potential of the existence of Breast Implant Illness. There are recent studies published that have been looking into the matter. One study, published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found no association between breast implants and an increased risk of developing depression or any neurologic disease. Another, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, looked at a compilation of 32 studies looking into the association of breast implants and any health concerns. They concluded that there is no evidence the silicone gel breast implants cause any long term health related conditions. All current date suggests that breast implants do not cause symptoms related to Breast Implant Illness. Further studies are needed and some are currently underway. When to seek medical advice? Any woman that has any concerns about her breast implants is advised to see their doctor, including any change in their appearance, discomfort level or any other symptoms. The doctor can then address these concerns as well as any other issue.


There are a large variety of breast implants. They are basically divided into either saline breast implants or silicone breast implants. Then, with the shell, there are either smooth breast implants or textured breast implants. Also, there are shaped breast implants vs round breast implants. The popular breast implants are the more solid silicone filled smooth round breast implants. Below, we’ll explain the differences as well as the positive and negatives of each.


Saline Filled Breast Implants

Saline Breast Implants are filled with sterile salt water solution or Saline. Saline is the same fluid that is given to patients through the IV. The body is mostly made up of this salt water or saline. Saline Filled Breast implants come from the manufacture empty. They are placed empty and then filled once in place. The breast implants are filled through a filling tube and through a valve, with a sterile salt water solution. This allows these implants to be placed through a small incision and traverse a short distance into the implant pocket.

Advantages of saline breast implants:

  • Less expensive
  • Filled with a salt water solution or saline, which the body absorbs with no health issues if the implant ruptures or leaks
  • Able to be place through very small incision
  • Able to be placed through an incision that is some distance from the breast


Disadvantages of saline filled breast implants:

  • Feels least natural of all breast implants
  • Upper breast implant collapses as tissues relax and loosens around the breast implant
  • Frequent and noticeable rippling and folds
  • Highest leak rate among all breast implants


Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants consist of a silastic implant shell filled with a Silicone Gel. The Silicone Gel implants used today are remarkably different than the Liquid silicone filled breast implants that were used prior to the 2000’s. Today’s Silicone Gel Breast Implants are more viscous or semi solid in comparison. The surrounding shell is also thicker. All current silicone implants are filled with a gel and all gel implants may be considered “gummy” implants. The term “gummy” for implants is very non-descript, and is much like the term “light” in the description for beer. Do not be confused by this term. That being said not all Silicone Gel Breast Implants are the same. The newer, more solid, Silicone Gel has some advantages. The more solid the gel, the less rippling, folds and leaks there will be. The more solid implants will also hold the shape better as your tissues loosen around the implant. This will result in more fullness in the upper portion for a longer period of time.

Advantages of Silicone Gel Filled breast implants

  • More natural feel
  • Less rippling, folds and rupture rate
  • More fullness in the upper part of the breasts long term

Nationally, per the FDA, the risk of adverse events or complications is around 1%.

Breast Implant surgery has several known complications, as follows:

  • Sensation changes of the breast and nipple
  • Breast pain
  • Breast Implant displacement
  • Breast Implant Rupture or Leaking
  • Wrinkling of Ripples
  • Swelling
  • Delayed healing
  • Scar tissues surrounding the breast implant that can cause a change in appearance, tightness and pain. Know as Capsular Contracture


Recently, there has been an identification of a rare type of cancer called Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). The longer the breast implants have been placed the higher the risk of complications. Early signs could be a rapid swelling of the breast as well as the breast becoming firm and painful. Most of these cancers are seen in women that have textured breast implants. Allergan has recently had a voluntary breast implant recall for their textured implants. If you have one of these implants, you should have received a notification from the manufacturer. If you have not, you may contact the manufacturer or our office for more information.

Statistics show that of the 573 known cases worldwide, there have been 33 deaths. The current lifetime risk of developing the Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is nearly 1 in 2000 to 1 in 86000 depending on the exact implant you might have. There has recently been in increase in the number of women choosing to have their implants removed. About 20% of women are choosing to have explantation with 10 years of their original surgery.

When to seek medical advice?

Any woman that has any concerns about her breast implants is advised to see their doctor, including any change in their appearance, discomfort level or any other symptoms. The doctor can then address these concerns as well as any other issue.

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