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Many women often experience pain for many reasons where they may feel they’re the only one this happens too, or they may not know how to overcome pain in certain situations. Some women are experiencing pain during intercourse, riding a bike, or wearing tight pants. If you have ever experienced prolonged pain, wearing tight pants, during your more intimate times, or even from riding a bike or horse, this may mean you are a candidate for Labiaplasty. This certain procedure is performed by Dr. Whitlock and his team. They work for Whitlock Tulsa cosmetic surgery, and offer a wide range of services, for women and men all over Oklahoma. They are highly trained and sought after surgeons whose experience and certain skillset allow them to change the lives of their patients, one procedure at a time.


What is labiaplasty?

One of the procedures Dr. Whitlock and Tulsa cosmetic surgery conduct is a Labiaplasty, or labial rejuvenation. This procedure reshapes or reduces the inner or outer labia; repairs damaged labia or changes the appearance of the vulva. There are many reasons why women’s bodies change over time including aging, genetics, and childbirth. These can cause problems that can be corrected with a Labiaplasty surgery done. Women who are embarrassed by the shape or size of the labia, or who have pain during intercourse or other daily activities, and women who are finished having children are good candidates for a Labiaplasty. So, if you’ve talked to your doctor, and you think Labiaplasty may be right for you, contact the Tulsa cosmetic surgery gurus today and schedule a consultation.

In order to schedule that consultation, all you need to do is reach out by dialing our toll-free number, which you can find on our website today! The consultation will be held inside Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic surgery center, and then Dr. Whitlock will meet with you personally. Dr. Whitlock will customize the Labiaplasty procedure based on your initial consultation. General or local anesthetic may be used and will take approximately 1-3 hours this is determined and is based upon how much work needs to be done. Dissolvable sutures are used and should dissolve naturally, and patients should avoid any sexual activity for six weeks or until you are fully healed.

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