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Botox® is used for temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. It does not have existing and long-lasting results. Usually with Botox treatments, many women and men will have multiple a year. Dr. Whitlock and his Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center would love to educate you on how Botox works. Botox is not for everyone, and it can have so negative side effects. That is why it’s important to consult with your doctor and Dr. Whitlock before receiving Botox injections.


What is Botox®?

While it’s often mistakenly thought of as filler, Botox® is actually a cosmetic prescription medication that is injected into the glabellar muscles. The glabellar muscles are the frown lines that gradually appear between your brows after a period of time. The temporary treatment, which can be administered by injection to adults 18 to 65 years old, works by preventing the muscle contractions that cause the frown lines to form in the first place. Therefore, you’re left with a wrinkle free, smooth, and ecstatic facial expression. If you have many frown lines, wrinkles or even crows’ feet, and you are wanting them to disappear, Botox is right for you. The next step for you is to reach out to Dr. Whitlock and the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule your free consultation. Yes, that’s right, The Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center is wanting to provide you a free meeting with Dr. Whitlock. This way you are able to gather necessary information to make an informative decision regarding your health.


What does the Botox® treatment process look like?

Time to dive right in on the Botox process. With Whitlock and Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery on your side, this process will run smoothly. Now, when Botox® is administered; the patient feels only minimum discomfort. Usually, the injection site is numbed with either a cold pack or a local anesthetic, typically in the form of a cream. The entire Botox injection process only takes about 10 minutes. Therefore, patients can have the treatment performed on their lunch hour or conveniently after work. Even if you have a hectic work schedule or you need to run children to school, after school activities, everyone can spare ten minutes of their time.

With Botox treatment sessions only lasting ten minutes, you can quickly run into the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center for your Botox treatment. Now, remember, Botox is not a long turn solution with long term results. The results last for a few months, and then they do wear off. Once you get started, I promise you, you will not want to stop your Botox treatments at Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center.

After the initial Botox injection, and within only a matter of days, a patient will see a definite improvement in their facial appearance. Frown lines continue to diminish over a period of about a month. Botox®, which is a temporary treatment, can last as long as four months depending upon the individual. Of course, with varying variables, you may need to come back for your next Botox injection after one or two months.

We did discuss who would be great candidates for Botox injections. Now let’s take some time to discuss who should not receive Botox injections. Dr. Whitlock and his team located at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center, want to discuss those who should not receive Botox injections. Because while Botox is great for those ages 18-65, Botox is not for everyone. Some individuals who may not be a good candidate for Botox® and who may need to opt for another cosmetic option include: Individuals who have had or currently have breathing conditions such as asthma or emphysema. You may not be an ideal patient of you are susceptible to bleeding, have issues swallowing, or may be undergoing any surgery within the next few months. If you have ever had facial surgery, this automatically disqualifies you from receiving Botox injections. If you are pregnant or may become pregnant within the near future. If you are nursing or will be nursing within the next few months, you should not receive injections. Dr. Whitlock would not recommend you receive Botox injections. 

Some of the side effects from Botox® can include injection site pain, tenderness, redness, bruising, swelling, irritation or inflammation. In addition, some patients have experienced headache, dry mouth, fatigue, neck pain, and blurred vision. Allergic reactions, although rare, included asthmatic symptoms, dizziness, itching, or rash. However, in rare circumstances patients do experience these side effects. Patients who become faint or dizzy or have difficulty breathing after a Botox® treatment should contact their health care provider immediately. Dr. Whitlock makes sure to ask many questions regarding your health, as well as perform many tests, measurements in the initial free consultation, to help reduce the risk of experiencing these side effects. This is all part of the initial research. Once Dr. Whitlock has cleared you for your procedure, or Botox injections, you can then go ahead and schedule an appointed time to meet with one of the team members. Remember, Botox injection sessions only take 10 minutes. You will see results almost immediately and you will not need to take of any recovery time. You may experience headaches, allergic reactions, swelling, irritation, or redness. However, any side effects or minimal pain will typically only last for a few days. If it persists past that, please schedule a follow up meeting with Dr. Whitlock and his truly gifted and amazing team at Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery. After you schedule your appointment you can then speak with the receptionist on how you will be paying. If you have questions about payments plans, insurance coverage for injections, or any other services you may require, bring your insurance information, and they will gladly go over the details and any questions you have before you leave.

All of his staff members have been formally trained and have years of experience in every field. Whether they are giving you a Botox injection, or drawing up the areas where you would like a face lift, they will instill confidence in a job well done.

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