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Dr. Whitlock offers his patients compassionate care with years of experience to provide you the best results for your cosmetic improvements. Dr. Whitlock has completed over 5000 surgeries and has the highest patient satisfaction ratings, giving you the confidence to move forward with your dream of improving or reshaping your body.

Body Contouring

Dr. Whitlock offers multiple procedures to give you the body you’ve always wanted or restore the body you had before pregnancy and/or aging took their toll. A personal consultation with Dr. Whitlock to discuss your concerns, will allow him to create a customized strategy for renewing your self-confidence.


We believe feeling beautiful and confident should be made available to everyone and proudly offer several payment plans to allow you to pursue your dream of cosmetic surgery. During your initial consultation, our staff will review all costs and payment options in addition to answering any questions you have.

Body Contouring Services Offered at Whitlock Cosmetics

We also offer several non-surgical options for beauty enhancement.
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Body Contouring

What is Body Contouring with Viora?

Considered the fastest, most comfortable treatments for body shaping, Body Contouring with Viora is a new, un-matched radio frequency treatment for skin tightening, fat reduction, and cellulite reduction! The Viora V30 machine applies an advanced combination of RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective body and facial treatments on the market. This technique offers an unheard of level of control and targeting depth precision. Body Contouring is a completely non-invasive procedure – no downtime, no pain, no injections. Unlike many other lasers and treatments, Viora V30 Body Contouring is color- blind and works well on all skin types and skin colors. What’s so fantastic about Body Contouring with Viora is that it allows for penetration depth control with the added benefit of treating all layers of the skin in one treatment session. For the client this means a more effective treatment through textural improvement, collagen stimulation and skin tightening all in a single treatment.

Body Contouring

This treatment provides consistent results, for facial contouring and body circumferential reduction. Body Contouring is one of the most effective ways to reduce the size of stubborn fatty areas that won’t budge with diet and exercise. It is also one of the most ideal treatments for tightening loose and sagging skin. Our Viora machine has 3 different sized applicators, to treat large areas on the body, or small areas on the lower face and neck. Viora’s fat volume reduction technologies allow for a broad range of body areas and offer a quick and effective solution. With the Multi-RF channels and vacuum suction, to help reduce fat volume by treating the fat layer effectively and safely. During the treatment for Body Contouring, the treatment area will be cleansed, and Glycerin will be applied to provide a glide motion. First, your physician will “preheat” the area until achieving the desired temperature (39-42 degrees Celsius). Second, your physician will treat you in Mode 1 which is the deepest depth of penetration, and aimed towards the shrinking of fat cells. You will stay in Mode 1 for at least 10 minutes. Next, you will be treated in Mode 2 for two minutes, this mode is aimed towards the stimulation of fibroblast activity and enhancing collagen and elasticity in the skin. Last, you will be treated in Mode 3 for two minutes, this is the shallowest depth of penetration. Similar to Mode 2, this mode also works on enhancing the elasticity of the collagen. All of these modes work together to reduce fat, and tighten the skin at the same time. This procedure is not painful, and typically described as a warm massage. Depending on how long your body takes to “pre heat” you could easily complete the treatment in 30 minutes for 1 area.

Not to worry, during your Body Contouring treatment, skin tightening will be addressed as well. When reducing fat we are also tightening the skin to avoid creating loose skin from the fat reduction. Whether we are treating fat reduction and skin tightening at the same time or JUST loose skin, we are able to customize each treatment you receive. To read more about your Skin tightening with Viora please view “Skin Tightening” under our Medical Spa tab, where we go in depth about the different options of Skin Tightening.

Cellulite Reduction

To combat cellulite and sculpt the body, Viora Body Contouring can heat subcutaneous tissue layers, stimulating collagen production and strengthening the dermis. Cellulite is caused by enlarged fat cells, tight connective tissue bands and a weakened dermal layer. Fat cells in the subcutaneous layer are arranged in chambers surrounded by bands of connective tissue called septae (collagen). As water is retained and triglycerides are accumulated, fat cells are enlarged which causes the fat chambers to expand against the non-flexible connective tissue. Women are prone to cellulite because we have less collagen in our skin, a higher percentage of body fat and hormones. The dermal layer expands and molds itself to the fat cells, while the hardened and tighter connective tissue pulls down on the dermal layer. The end result is that we end up with a dimpled appearance. Viora Body Contouring treats cellulite by breaking down the rigid collagen cross links, thus shrinking the fat cells. This includes increasing the oxygen level and nutrient diffusion, increasing the skin elasticity and improving skin texture. During this treatment the Septae’s are stretched out, fat cells reduced and skin tightened, making the appearance of cellulite less noticeable.

What is the purpose of the Vacuum?

The vacuum technique paired with RF allows for a deeper penetration of heat.
(Enhancement of efficiency)
Improving lymphatic drainage- enhanced removal of waste- reduces intracellular edema
Improving local blood circulation, due to mechanical pressure increases metabolic rate
The vacuum action has a direct effect on the elasticity of the connective tissue both in the dermis and in the sub-dermal layer (septae)- by mechanical stretch (stretch-relaxation model).

Treatment Expectations

Parameters that will influence the results:

  • Age
  • Exercising and Diet
  • Drinking of water
  • Environmental parameters (smoking, pollution)
  • Hormonal changes and genetics
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Unknown parameters
  • Due to unknown reasons (usually intrinsic factors), a very low percentage of patients do not respond to Radio Frequency treatments.
  • Different patients react differently and different body areas may react differently.


Contouring Disclosures:

  • Weight fluctuations may influence the results
  • Patients with significant liquid accumulation may exhibit significant circumferential reduction even immediately after the first treatment
  • Patients with high initial body temperature may exhibit low circumferential reduction
  • Patients with BMI higher than 35 will not have dramatic improvement
  • Patients who go to the gym immediately after treatments usually have better clinical outcomes.
  • Patients who drink a lot of water react better to Radio Frequency influence.


Why Choose Body Contouring?

Millions of patients a year seek non-surgical options for Body Contouring and rejuvenation. Are you one of them? Viora CORE technology is the most advanced tripolar radio frequency Body Contouring and skin rejuvenation device on the market! Viora’s treatments are clinically proven, safe and painless with no downtime. With multiple different hand pieces, your physician will be able to completely customize each treatment you receive. We offer a wide range of treatments than other laser services.


“I love my kids but having 3 babies in 5 years really took its toll on my body. Dr. Whitlock helped return my body to its pre-pregnancy state with a Mommy Makeover. I actually look better than I did before having kids!”
– Julia

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