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Bryan R. Whitlock, M.D.

Dr Whitlock’s believes in helping others gain confidence in their journey through life to achieve their mission and purpose. He sees the inner ability of each individual and his goal is for everyone to be able to get beyond any external concerns so that the true inner beauty may shine through.

Bryan Whitlock grew up in Tulsa, in a medical family. His father, Boyd Whitlock, MD was a physician, while his mother was a Registered Nurse. Bryan found a gift of art and began developing that at an early age. He graduated from Tulsa Memorial in 1983 and continued his education in Stillwater. He continued his interest in art while fulfilling his premedical science requirements. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in 1987.

While attending the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, he realized he could use his God given talents in the field of Plastic Surgery. After graduating with his MD, with distinction, in 1992 he began a 6 year General Surgery internship and residency, remaining at OU in Oklahoma City. He then matched at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s prestigious Plastic Surgery residency under the tutelage of stalwart Luis Vasconez, MD, for an additional two years. After his additional 16 years of training behind high school he was ready to begin helping others.

In July of 2000, Dr. Bryan Whitlock returned to Tulsa and founded Tulsa Plastic Surgery, the parent company of Whitlock Plastic Surgery and Reflexion Medical Spa. These companies have since combined and are currently now doing business as Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma.

Dr. Whitlock performs all types of cosmetic plastic surgery but specializes in breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation. He uses his artistic talents to help others realize their confidence. The tools of Surgery are basically like a paint brush. Those paint brushes in different surgeons hands will get different results depending on the ability of the surgeon. Surgical Arts require ability in addition to knowledge, and Dr Whitlock possesses both.

His incredible knowledge of quick recovery surgical procedures makes him one of the most highly sought after breast surgeons in the region. His patients attest to his incredible bedside manner, knowledge of plastic surgery, and gift for making people feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. His patients are encouraged to be active participants in their surgical journey, and Dr. Whitlock’s staff is always available to answer questions and address concerns in order to make for a successful plastic surgery experience. He understands that for many, plastic surgery is a longtime dream and very personal decision.

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