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Portrait Of A Young And Beautiful Woman In MakeupWhitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery offers some amazing services available to help you become more confident in your appearance!  Not only do we offer surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, breast augmentation and more, but we also have a full-service Tulsa medical spa where we offer dermal fillers.

Whether it’s volume deficits and/or wrinkles, our experienced injection nurse has a variety of dermal fillers to choose from to deliver results that are natural and long-lasting. Her goal is to provide outstanding results with a minimal amount of pain and discomfort.  With her extensive knowledge and experience, she knows the amount of dermal filler required and the appropriate filler to use for the desired effect.


Tulsa dermal fillers aid in the replacement of skin’s natural structure and volume, taking away lines and wrinkles. The Tulsa dermal fillers we use for both prescribed and off-label use include: Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Ultra, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure, Radiesse, Restylane Kysse, Restylane Contour, and Belotero. Your desired outcome will determine which filler or combination of fillers will be used. As an example, Restylane works in certain areas better than Juvederm™. Belotero™ works better for certain types of wrinkles than Radiesse. It takes a professional with a lof of knowledge to know which dermal filler to use to achieve optimal results. The experience and knowledge our injection nurse at Whitlock Cosmetic Center brings to the evaluation of patients seeking dermal filler therapy is what separates our practice from our competitors. Experience the best results using the best techniques tailored to your individual needs.


Benefits of Filler:

  • Restore the youthful “triangle” to your facial shape
  • Restore youthful fullness to your cheeks
  • Plump and augment your lips – by far the most popular treatment for women of all ages at our practice
  • Remove hollows under tired looking eyes,
  • Lift drooping corners of your mouth
  • Fill nasolabial folds and contour your jawline or chin
  • Smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Alter your nose or chin without surgery or “try-on” your new look to see how you like your appearance before making a surgical change.


Our goal is to provide our patients with a natural appearance and therefore, we lean toward a more conservative approach to dermal filler therapy.  We may also recommend combining other therapies with dermal fillers such as Botox, IPLs, skin resurfacing, microneedling, and PlasmaMD Pen.  Each patient has individual expectations, goals and budgets.  All of these  will go into the development of your optimal treatment plan.

Schedule a complimentary consultation so our injection nurse can learn about your desired expectations and goals with your dermal filler treatment. She will evaluate your skin’s current condition and facial structure to determine what dermal filler products will work best for your needs. This is also the time when she will discuss cost, precautions, and all other important issues so you have the information you need in order to proceed with treatment.


What is Juvederm®?

Allergan offers different dermal filler options and each serves a different treatment purpose.  Juvederm Ultra Plus is a thicker version Juvederm Ultra and is used to correct more severe facial wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds (the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth), and marionette lines (the lines from the corners of your mouth down toward your jawline) and to fill in depressed areas in the cheeks. It may also be used to sculpt and reshape facial contours. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is the exact same formula, but contains lidocaine, an anesthetic, to make your treatment a more comfortable experience.

Juvederm Ultra Plus is made with a hyaluronic acid gel or HA.  Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in your skin. Its function is to absorb water, deliver nutrients and act as a cushioning agent. When it’s injected into your skin, it expands to fill in wrinkles and folds and support sunken areas. The extra water brought to the skin’s surface delivers a fresh, glowing radiant look and a soft, supple skin texture. These dermal fillers increase production of collagen, which helps to further plump your skin and reduce wrinkles over a period of time.


What is Belotero®?

Belotero® is a dermal filler that is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid. Known as “the smoother solution” and one of the thinnest fillers on the market, Belotero® is injected in the skin and it distributes evenly, giving a smoother, seamless look between both the treated and untreated areas. This can be highly important especially if you are looking for smoother, surface areas. Allow me to briefly walk you through the Belotero process. When you arrive at the Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery center, for your appointment, and when Belotero® is administered; there is only minimal discomfort. You will not need to be put under any local anesthesia. The injection nurse will generally use a topical anesthetic cream to numb the area before the injection. The entire process does not take long, making it possible to complete the procedure during a lunch break.  Results will appear nearly instantaneously and continue to smooth and fill over the next few days or weeks. Belotero® is a temporary treatment and will require follow up injections to maintain the smooth appearance. Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery warns against possible side effects that may include tenderness, swelling, redness, and itching. To reduce the chance for bleeding or bruising, patients are directed to avoid blood-thinning medications, aspirin, or vitamin E supplements. After the treatment, patients are advised to avoid touching or rubbing their face. Also, exposure to sunlight or temperature extremes should be avoided.


What is Restylane®?

If you are looking for a revitalizing facial treatment that will make you look more youthful, then Restylane® is a filler that can help. Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery center can end your quest for the fountain of youth. Restylane® contains  hyaluronic acid gel and is ideal for smoothing and removing the appearance of wrinkling around the mouth and eyes. Also referred to as HA, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring mucopolysaccharide or carbohydrate polymer found throughout the body with the largest concentration located in the tissues of the skin.

Found in both the epidermal layer and beneath the skin, the production of HA diminishes with age. Therefore, Restylane® can assist in enhancing the fresh-faced look of youth because HA is a natural moisturizer, that is water-friendly and water-binding substance that recaptures the smoothness and volume that are lost over time. This FDA-approved product can be applied, on average, in about 30 minutes. The filler is injected into the dermis or the skin’s middle layer where collagen is produced and where the connective tissues are found. The temporary treatment lasts about six months.

Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery warns against possible side effects that may include tenderness, swelling, redness, and itching. To reduce the chance for bleeding or bruising, patients are directed to avoid blood-thinning medications, aspirin, or vitamin E supplements. After the treatment, patients are advised to avoid touching or rubbing their face. Also, exposure to sunlight or temperature extremes should be avoided.


What is Radiesse®

Radiesse® is cosmetic filler that refreshes the facial appearance of patients, adding volume and smoothing wrinkles. Applied by injection from a skilled nurse, the facial filler promotes the production of collagen. Long-lasting results are achieved because the injectable substance is made of calcium-based protocells, also called microspheres, which are combined with a watery gel. When Radiesse® is injected, these microspheres are absorbed in the body. As a result, the collagen that is produced creates a more youthful appearance and can last as long as a year.

Because collagen is the substance that provides skin with elasticity and volume, Radiesse® is a choice filler for any woman who wants to enhance her appearance easily and instantly. Given that the substance can automatically smooth wrinkles and restore volume plus stimulate collagen production. This is a popular treatment option for any woman over 40, because typically studies have shown, that is when women’s collagen production drops, and the natural aging process increases by loss of collagen, and results in loose and sagging skin.

This FDA-approved facial filler can be injected safely and quickly into the skin in under an hour. Injections are not painful, as the filler, when mixed with the local anesthetic lidocaine, causes only a minimal amount of discomfort. Radiesse® comes in a variety of syringe sizes, so you’ll need to set up a free consultation at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery center to find out how much product you will need.

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