Breast Augmentation and Liposuction for as little as $150 per month and no money down ( Call for details)

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Women’s Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery has become one of the most desired fields. You get to make a difference in the lives of so many! Needless to say, when most women, or men search for a Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery specialist, they may think that it’s going to cost them more than they can spend. With Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery, a wide range of services is now affordable to the Broken Arrow, and Tulsa Oklahoma area. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars down in order to achieve your optimal beauty.

With Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Whitlock specialist, you can achieve the deal of a lifetime! You can receive Breast Augmentation and LipoSuction for as little as $150 a month with no money down! Now this is dependent upon your individual credit history. However, for only one hundred and fifty dollars per month you can receive two amazing Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery’s for such an affordable price!
With Whitlock’s Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center, you will be serviced by highly trained staff members. Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery was built by Dr. Whitlock, and his lovely wife Rhonda Whitlock. They both have undergone formal education in schools, with formal hands on training to become licensed and the best in what they do! They offer numerous services for their clientele, and we would love to tell you more!

With Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center, before you even begin paying our team anything, we first schedule you for a free consultation with Dr. Whitlock. This consultation will last anywhere from one to two hours. You can schedule this meeting by visiting our website at, and filling out the super helpful form that will pop up in the bottom right hand corner. After you fill out that form, someone from the Tulsa Whitlock team will contact you directly and schedule a time to meet with you.

You will be meeting at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center offices which are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. The exact address is listed under the contact us page, as well as at the bottom of this page. Now, in this consultation meeting, we are first going to ask you a series of questions, and even perform a few basic health exams. We really want to make sure we are offering you the service you really need, and that your body and mental health are in a healthy stage where recovery time will be cut in half as a result of a healthy mind and body. After asking a series of questions, and getting the results of those health exams, you and Dr. Whitlock will come to a mutual understand of how you will proceed.

If you both decide the procedure, treatment, or surgery is right for you, then Dr. Whitlock will discuss the necessary steps for you top take. He will provide you with a list of instructions to follow, and if you do follow his instructions, the entire process will be easier. After your consultation meeting with Dr. Whitlock is finished, you will meet the receptionist at the desk and schedule a returning appoint to have your procedure done at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center. Our finance advisor and coordinator will then be able to discuss your financing options.

If you are having a breast Augmentation (which is where Dr. Whitlock even’s out the full symmetry of one’s breasts) or LipoSuction (where areas of fat are removed) You can actually receive quite a deal. Right now, all you pay is $150 per month, with zero money down! Yes, you read that right, this is an amazing deal you can’t pass up! Even if you didn’t originally believe you needed a Breast Augmentation or LipoSuction, there is no way you will want to pass up a deal this great!

We often have specials, or package deals going on, so make sure you ask about our new or upcoming specials! When it comes to insurance coverage, payment plans, or outright before for your services, most people hate to discuss money and finances. That may be because of poor life decisions, or they feel it is private information. However, with the team at Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery, we handle sensitive matters like finances with care. We’ll first discuss with you how many appointments and sessions you’ll need to schedule, plus how much the entire operation or group of treatments will cost. We will then tell you about any specials or deals we have going on and discuss what payment plan would be best for you.

With Whitlock’s medical office, we generally have to financial options that may help. W e have SOFI. When checking your credit rate to see if you qualify for lower fixed rates, you will not be affected simply by checking. You will also receive low, low rates. There are no hidden fees with SOFI, and they offer fixed rates starting at 5.49%-14.24% APR with Autopay.

We also offer United Medical Credit. Now United Medical Credit has helped thousands, and thousands over the years pay for medical and Cosmetic surgeries, treatments, or procedures individuals were needing. We have helped our clients secure financing for their healthcare procedures. We offer a network of lenders who are healthcare focused. We even offer our customers with less than perfect credit , great interest rates! Our Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery office does offer other inhouse financing options. If you would like to find out what those are, please contact our office at (918) 743-5438 for more details.

It’s time to give us a call at the number I just provided to schedule your free consultation today! This is the firsts tep to taking back control of your health, your life, and your body! With our skilled and experienced hands, you will only see outstanding results regardless of whether you are having a Breast Augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, Tummy Tuck or any of our other services. Remember to take advantage of our great deal of LipoSuction and a Breast Augmentation for just $150 a month, with zero money down, and financing options available today!

Fill out the form schedule a free consultation.

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