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Are you familiar with the saying to pick your jaw up and off the floor? Sometimes men and women will feel this way about their facial features. Aging is a natural process, and everyone goes through it. It’s simply something you cannot stop from happening. However, there are ways you can combat it. If you feel your wrinkles and droopy facials features as a result of growing older no longer represent who you are, contact Dr. Whitlock and his Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center. They specialize in cosmetic surgery for women and men. They offer a wide variety of services. With their flexible hours, and their dedication to the community, they have used their skill sets, knowledge, and experience for good. They are reaching out and helping one individual at a time reach their optimal positive body image.

Many women and men suffer as a result of having an extremely poor body self-image. Dr. Whitlock and the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery team are here to save the day. Someone’s face or countenance is usually the first thing you will notice about someone. You notice what color their hair is, their eye color, if they smile, do they look old? Or do they look young? These are all thoughts that immediately go through our mind as we cross a stranger on the street.

Now if you have felt self – conscious for any reason regarding how you appear to other people, you understand how important it is to be looking and feeling your best. When it comes to facial surgery, Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery experts working for Dr. Whitlock, will be able to explain this exact and detailed process to you.

Facial Surgery typically focuses on the lower portion of the face and will correct sagging skin around the lower lids, nose, mouth and chin or jowls. So if after fifty years of living in this beautiful world, and years of laughter, you notice you basically have two chins because your skin is sagging so low, it gives the appearance of having more than one chin, you are the ideal candidate for a facial surgery.

There are different types of facial surgeries. There’s a full – face lift, a partial face lift, a mini facelift, or the perfect combination! Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery staff and technicians are familiar with the different procedures, and treatments you as a patient will need. Put your trust in those who have dedicated years of their lives to studying, practicing and perfecting their skill set. Listed below are the different types of facial surgeries explained.


Full Facelift

Full Facelifts are recommended for people over 40. The surgery is performed in the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery office, usually under a general anesthetic. A Full Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, typically last for about 10 years; less for patients over 60. Full recovery after a facelift can take several months but most patients are ready to resume regular activities after 3 weeks.


Mini Facelift

Mini Facelifts are designed to provide an almost immediate improvement to your appearance in the mid to lower part of the face, and do not take nearly as long to heal as full facelifts. Mini facelifts generally take only a couple of hours to perform and can be done in-office located at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center with only local anesthetic. These sessions are generally shorter than any other facial procedure. In fact, not only do they only take a couple of hours, but you will not have to travel long distances to have this procedure done. You can have the comfort and ease of having it done locally. We even have a Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery Center near you. It’s located right in Tulsa Oklahoma. If you would like the address, you will find it’s given on our website. All you need to do is type in whitlockcosmetic.com.


The Perfect Combination

During your initial consultation, Dr. Whitlock may recommend combining a facelift with eyelid surgery or dermal fillers, Botox injections or another treatment to give you the overall youthful appearance you desire. No one has found the fountain of youth; however medical professionals have come pretty close. They have discovered and created injections, procedures, and regular treatments that can combat the natural aging process, bad genetics, and the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery can also offer spa treatments to help you relax, feel beautiful, and overall happier with your appearance to help maintain the facelift following your full recovery.

Some of the service our full – service spa offers, are facial peels, Obagi Blue Peels, Botox injections, face lifts, eyelid surgery etc. If you have ever considered cosmetic surgery, consider Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery as your primary provider. We have helped women and men all over Broken Arrow, Tulsa, even across the entire state of Oklahoma. Especially when it comes to your body, you not only want to trust, but verify that who ever is providing you service has worked hard to learn the trade, and understand their skill especially if they are going to perform surgeries, procedures, injections and series of treatments on you.

That is why if you google whitlockcosmetic.com, you will find we have reviews from previous and current clients, as well as before and after photos of our most popular procedures such as Tummy Tucks, Mommy Makeovers, Breast Augmentation, Breast reduction, Brazilian butt lifts, arm lifts, facial surgery, and a few of our featured spa services, plus much more. It’s important in any industry to have an understand or expectation for the services you are paying for and expecting. With the consultation provided  by Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery, you will be able to ask any and all of your questions regarding our services, how long it will take your body to completely recover, and proper pre and post operation steps you need to follow. If you follow the instructions given to you by Dr. Whitlock, you should not have any issues regarding recovery time, or how to properly prepare.

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