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Restore Your Body

Children are our greatest blessings but pregnancy can distort and reshape your body in undesirable ways. While you may be able to return to your pre-baby weight, most likely your body won’t ever be the same after giving birth. A Mommy Makeover can help restore your body to its pre-baby state or even better!

Customized Makeover

Every woman is unique and Dr. Whitlock will determine the best procedures for helping you achieve your goals. Most women have a breast lift and augmentation to restore the breasts to a pre-pregnancy look in addition to a Tummy Tuck to smooth the abdominal area. Mommy Makeovers may take several appointments; Dr. Whitlock will review a schedule with you in your initial consultation.

Priceless Confidence

Every mom deserves to feel confident and beautiful. Dr. Whitlock proudly offers multiple payment plan options for Mommy Makeovers. All costs and payment options will be reviewed with you in detail at your consultation so there will be no surprises later. Everything except prescriptions will be included in your quote.


“I love my 3 kids, but having them all in 5 years really took its toll on my body. Dr. Whitlock answered all of my questions and we worked together to come up with a plan I was comfortable with to put my body back to its pre-baby shape. I feel confident as a woman again and am planning on rocking a bikini on the beach this summer!”

– Natalie, Tulsa, OK

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