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Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Body Contouring Breast AugmentationWith Tulsa’s premier plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you can enhance your chest size and shape with little downtime. Dr. Whitlock specializes in a quick recovery breast augmentation technique which cuts surgery time, virtually eliminating patient bleeding as well as the bruising, pain and prolonged recovery, that often accompanies this. This way not only may you feel at the top of your game, but you will not have to take prolonged sick days or vacation days to get the breast you deserve.

The quick recovery method works by greatly reducing the amount of trauma to the soft tissue, eliminating swelling, bruising and pain, creating a better overall experience for the patient. At Whitlock Cosmetic Center, Dr. Whitlock’s technique eliminates the need for any pain pumps or drain tubes and intense pain medications. Without having to depend on heavy pain medications that leave you feeling withdrawn, depressed, or angry, you will feel positive and quickly on the road to recovery. Another upside: most of Dr. Whitlock’s patients are able to go out to dinner the same day as their surgery and return to work within a couple of days. This is easily the way to go, because with Whitlock Tulsa cosmetic surgery, you’ll be feeling back to yourself in no time.


What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure which increases or restores breast size using Saline Implants, Silicone Gel implants, Ideal Implants, or in some cases Fat Transfer. If you are looking into breast enhancement and breast augmentation using breast implants, you can easily tell the quality of experience and work of the surgeon from finished cases. We want you to feel as natural and real as possible. Silicone implants are gel-filled prostheses, known for producing softer, more natural looking and feeling results. Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution and considered safe in the event of an implant rupture because the natural solution does not harm the body. We offer saline implants as one of your many options because we care about your safety as well as your health and beauty. With our Dr. Whitlock’s experience and expertise, you will receive the best care possible. Or you may choose the revolutionary Ideal Implant that combines the realistic look and feel of silicone with the safety of saline. Combing both the real aesthetic as well as one of our safest procedures.

If you have never experienced anything like Tulsa cosmetic surgery before, please allow us to walk you through the entire process, to help you ease any of your concerns. At the initial consult, we will discuss your desires and come up with a personalized plan just for you.  We may discuss a mastopexy or lift in addition to breast implants if that is necessary to achieve your goals. You can learn more about a Mastopexy here. You will have the opportunity to look at different sized implants and You will be intimately involved in choosing your size and personalized plan. 

As far as what to expect for the procedure, you will arive approximatley an hour before the planned time.  You will be able to talk to the anesthetist about any concerns you might have. After you have changed and are in the back area Dr. Whitlock will see you and make marks before the procedure. He will answer any last minute questions you might have at this time. He will also review the post procedure instructions at this time. It is very normal to be anxious during this time. The staff will make you feel more comfortable and will be able to get something for severe anxiety if needed.  During the procedure you will be asleep, under deep or general anesthesia, during the procedure. We place numbing medicine just before you awake so that you remain comfortable the rest of the day. You will be at the facility for three to four hours before being able to go home, so please make the necessary arrangements to either have someone drive you home or find the necessary rides or care for your children throughout the day if necessary. Once you get home, you may rest for a few hours.  Dr. Whitlock will encourage you to get up and about later that day, going to get something out to eat is encouraged. Here at Whitlock Tulsa cosmetic surgery we assure you we will put forth our best efforts to ensure your comfort throughout this entire process.



Although we give you a prescription for pain medication, most women have reported needing only one to four pills, if needing pain medication at all. By using the Quick Recovery technique, most of our patients have experienced much less pain than anticipated. In fact, if you feel up to it, we recommend getting out of the house the afternoon of the surgery to go eat or shop. This will not only boost your confidence and moral, but you will quickly feel back to your old self, without any of the hassle of waiting around to heal.

Although we recommend that you can expect to be off work three to four days, many women report feeling they would have been able to return to work within 24 to 48 hours. However, if you have had some form of Tulsa cosmetic surgery before you may already know your body’s adjustment time period. Nonetheless, if this is your first cosmetic surgery of any kind, speak with your regular physician and discuss how long your body may take to heal. By providing ample time to heal, you will not feel the weight or burden of not taking enough time off to heal.

Cosmetic surgery requires an immense amount of thought, and time to plan the actual procedure, time off, and recovery time. If you have questions about having breast augmentation or any other type of breast enhancement, contact Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a free consultation.  At this consultation with Dr. Whitlock you will be able to discuss your desires and the outcome you prefer from your breast enhancement. From the measurements which will be taken during your exam, an implant type and size will be recommended. At this time, you will also be able to “try on” different sizes to determine the best option for you. You will also decide if you would rather have silicone, saline, or fat transfer as your preferred material used.

Dr. Whitlock is proud to offer affordable breast enhancement without compromising on quality or experience. A patient coordinator will review costs and payment options as part of your initial consultation. Breast augmentation is affordable and with the right surgeons and company, Tulsa cosmetic surgery can easily be available to you. Contact Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery with any questions you may have. Call us today to Schedule your free consultation. We offer many other services for our clientele and would love to help you with any other services you may be needing.

Cosmetic surgery has never been more affordable, or easily attainable. Allow us to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body, whether you have just experienced weight loss, or feel your body is not as aesthetically beautiful or symmetrical, there are many reasons as why someone may be searching out breast enhancement with breast augmentation with breast implants. Confidence is key to living a happy life. We will help you achieve that today by scheduling your free taking that first step and setting you up with your free consultation today

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