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Breast Augmentation

Tulsa Breast augmentation, breast enhancement or breast implants, is simply the placement of breast implants beneath the breast to increase the volume or cup size of the breasts. The breast implants choices are saline filled breast implants, silicone filled breast implants or structured saline breast implants. Also, Fat transfer after liposuction, using your own fat, is an alternative for Breast Augmentation. 

Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation

Enhance your chest size with little downtime. Dr. Whitlock specializes in a quick recovery breast augmentation technique. Therefore, your surgery time is cut in half.  In addition, you will have minimal bleeding and a short recovery.

The quick recovery breast augmentation method works by greatly reducing the amount of trauma to the soft tissue. Hence, this technique eliminates swelling, bruising and pain. Thus, your experience is improved. As a result, drain tubes and intense pain medications are not needed. Also, the need for a secondary surgery and the cost associated with this is dramatically decreased. Most importantly, the majority of Dr. Whitlock’s Breast Augmentation patients are able to go out to dinner the same day as their surgery. Furthermore, you will able to return to work within a couple of days.

Ideal candidates for Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation

A woman who desire more fullness and symmetry, secondary to:

  • Never developing the desired breast volume, shape or symmetry
  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancy 
  • Age

Breast Augmentation is often used in conjunction with a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) or Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty). Breast augmentation with these surgeries will improves the size or shape of the breasts. Therefore, you will have that upper fullness and “perky” look back. This is a longer term solution for upper fullness.

Breast Implant Choices

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure which increases or restores breast size. Several breast implant options are available to help achieve these goals.  Certainly, the Ideal Structured Breast Implants, Silicone Gel Breast Implants, Saline Breast Implants, or in some cases fat transfer can help to achieve this goal.

Silicone Breast Implants 

Silicone Breast Implants are gel-filled prostheses, known for producing softer, more natural looking results.  All Silicone Breast Implants are not created alike. But, be aware the term “Gummy” Breast Implants refers to any Silicone Breast Implants, no matter how solid the silicone is. Therefore, the Silicone Breast Implants vary in how solid or structured they are.  Hence, the more solid the breast implants the more upper fullness they will keep long term.  In addition, rippling and leaking of the implants is less. Therefore, the implants will maintain their shape and keep the upper fullness long term. Hence, Dr. Whitlock will discuss and show you all your options at the consultation.  Above all, the Silicone filled Breast Implants are currently the most frequently used implants for Breast Augmentation. 

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are filled with a saltwater solution and considered safe in the event of an implant rupture. The saline or saltwater is a natural solution and does not harm the body. Certainly, being that the saline is a liquid, the upper fullness will not be maintained as long as other implants. That being said, Saline implants are less expensive. This, they are typically easier on the budget for breast augmentation.

Structured Breast Implants (Ideal Breast Implant)

Or choose the revolutionary Ideal Implant that combines the realistic look of silicone with the safety of saline. First of all, the Ideal Breast Implants are structured with several layers of shells and have two saline reservoirs. Thus, they can have a more natural look and feel than traditional saline implants. As a result, this combination gives arise to a non-silicone breast implants with lower overall complication rates.

Incision Choices for Breast Augmentation:

Inframammary Fold Crease Incision (Under the Breast)

The incision is in a concealed position along the crease underneath the breasts. Typically the incision heals nearly invisible. Also, the location gives the better opportunity of breast implant symmetry.  Through this incision, there is better visibility.  Therefore, this leads to less bleeding, shorter recovery and less risk of complications. Hence, this incision is the most preferred incision for breast augmentation.

PeriAreolar (Around the “Nipple”)

This incision is placed along the lower part of the areola, the darker skin around the breast nipple. By this method, the breast implant is placed through the breast tissue. Because of this, the infection rate around the implant is slightly increased. Likewise, an infection like this can lead to inflammation of the implant capsule (scar tissue formed around the implant). Then the Inflammation can then lead to the capsule thickening up and making the breast implant feel hard or firm from the outside, a capsular contracture. 

TransAxillary (Under the Arm)

This incision is placed along a crease in the underarm area. The breast implant is placed through a “tunnel” to reach the pocket for the implant. Hence, this incision is further away from the implant position than the previously mentioned incisions.  Thus, visibility is less when creating the pocket.  Therefore, with less visibility, the creation of the pocket is less accurate. Leading to the implant position is also less accurate. In addition, there is also a “tunnel” available for the implant to slide back into over time. This incision was most commonly used with saline breast implants.  Because the saline implants are placed empty and filled in place. In contrast, the silicone breast implants are placed already filled from the manufacturer.

Periumbilical (Above the Naval)

This is a novelty breast implant incision. First of all, this incision is placed just inside the naval. Next, a tunnel is created to where the pocket for the implant will reside.  Furthermore, with less visualization, the pocket is created using blunt dissection. This blunt dissection, or ripping and tearing, tears tissues and stirs up bleeding.  Hence, the bleeding will result in several problems. Most notably, hematoma (a collection of bleeding), an infection, and capsular contracture (increased scarring of the implant covering leading to a hard or firm implant)

Consultation for Breast Augmentation

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Whitlock to discuss the desired outcome of your breast enhancement with breast augmentation. From the measurements which are obtained during your initial exam, an implant type and size will be recommended for you. At this time, you will also be able to “try on” different sizes to determine the best option for you.

Dr. Whitlock is proud to offer affordable breast enhancement without compromising on quality or experience. Furthermore, a patient coordinator will review costs and payment options with you as part of your initial consultation.

What to expect…

You will likely be asleep, under general anesthesia, during the breast augmentation. We place numbing medicine just before you awake so that you remain comfortable the rest of the day. You will be at the facility for three to four hours before being able to go home, so please make the necessary arrangements.

Although we give you a prescription for pain medication, most women have reported needing only one to four pills, if at all. Using the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation technique, most of our patients have experienced much less pain than anticipated. In fact, if you feel up to it, we recommend getting out of the house the afternoon of the surgery to go eat or shop.

Although we recommend that you can expect to be off work three to four days, many women report feeling they would have been able to return to work within 24 to 48 hours.

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