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Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery was founded by two amazing and different individuals. They came together with their ideas and created the amazing Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center you see before you today! Dr. Bryan R. Whitlock is native to Tulsa Oklahoma and thus has seen the needs that were not being met in his own city. That is where his journey began in creating Tulsa’s greatest Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center.

In July of 2000, Dr. Bryan Whitlock, a native Tulsan, founded Tulsa Plastic Surgery, the parent company of Whitlock Plastic Surgery and Reflexion Medical Spa, now combined and doing business as Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Dr. Whitlock completed a General Surgery residency (6 years) at the University of Oklahoma and a Plastic Surgery residency (2 years) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology at Oklahoma State University and his Medical Degree (with distinction) at the University of Oklahoma in 1992. So not only has he always had the passion and drive to help him get the necessary requirements, formal training and experience he needed, but he has met all the proper requirements of many years.

Dr. Whitlock performs all types of cosmetic plastic surgery. At his Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery center, he specializes in breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation. These services have completed changed women’s lives. There is so much pressure put on women to look a certain way, that when women feel they do not fit societies perfect mold, it destroys their self-confidence. These services are not only for cosmetic benefits, but for many people, after they have struggle but been successful in losing weight, they have one more battle to fight. What do they do with all their excess skin? Dr. Whitlock and his team at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center have provided Tummy Tucks, breast augmentation, and arm lift surgeries to remove the excess skin.

His incredible knowledge of quick recovery surgical procedures makes him one of the most highly sought-after breast surgeons in the region. His patients who travel to the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center attest to his incredible bedside manner, knowledge of plastic surgery, and gift for making people feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. His patients are encouraged to be active participants in their surgical journey, and Dr. Whitlock’s staff is always available to answer questions and address concerns in order to make for a successful plastic surgery experience. He understands that for many, plastic surgery is a longtime dream and very personal decision.
Outside of the office, Dr. Whitlock is married to Rhonda Whitlock. He is the proud father of three beautiful daughters, Haylee, Corynne, and Emerey and proud stepfather to Amber, Adam, and Ariel. Dr. Whitlock is a member of LifeChurch and enjoys lake activities, OSU sports, dining, wine, and travel.

The co-founder of Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center is none other than Rhonda Whitlock, who also happens to be married to Dr. Whitlock. They turned their ideas into a successful cosmetic business.

Rhonda Whitlock, R.N., is the owner and manager of Whitlock Cosmetic Center. She personally performs and is certified in cosmetic enhancement procedures such as mesotherapy, Botox®, Dysport®, dermal filler treatments, lasers, ear and body piercing, and skin and acne care. She trained with Bryan Whitlock, M.D., as a private plastic surgery nurse and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses and an active member of several nursing associations statewide and nationally.

Her enthusiasm and knowledge of plastic surgery, health, and beauty make Rhonda a trusted medical spa professional. She will only recommend procedures to her patients that she would feel safe doing to herself or for a family member. That is why all of her patients feel so confident in knowing they can trust her skills and abilities, but also her professional opinion about what procedures, treatments, and surgeries they may need. She is the core of Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery. She helps this business run smoothly, not only for her team members, but for her clients!

Outside of work, Rhonda is raising children with her husband, Dr. Bryan Whitlock. She enjoys gourmet cooking and loves to travel with a goal of seeing the world one trip at a time. These two highly trained individuals know and understand where you’re coming from with your insecurities, finances, and hopes and dreams. They lead regular lives just like you do outside of the office. So, if you ever have any doubt or concerns regarding treatment sessions, procedures, or payment plans, discuss this in your initial consultation. Your first consultation is free! To schedule that free appointment, all you need to do is go online today!

If you would like to see photos or hear from clients who have truly benefited from Dr. Bryan and Dr. Rhonda Whitlock’s services, you will also find this information online. There are many before and after photos showcasing their work. You will find these photos on whitlockcometic.com. They are located right underneath the before and after tab.

Now that you have done your research, you will feel confident in knowing you will love your results! Whether you are going to the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery office for spa services, a Mommy Makeover, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, Brazilian butt lift, or even a facial peel, we are here for you. Do not forget to schedule your free consultation today! There are many ways you may book this appointment. You may book this appointment online on our website, through that very easy and helpful form. Or you may dial our toll – free number today. After you dial that number, our kind receptionist will pick up and try and find the perfect time for you to meet with Dr. Whitlock. All our consultation meetings, procedures, as well as treatment sessions are all held in our local Tulsa office. You will be able to locate our office building easily. However if you find yourself wondering around lost, unsure where to go, call our number and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

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