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Whitlock Cosmetic is proud to offer spa services in our comfortable office with experienced staff.

Customized Facials
A great way to improve a variety of skin complaints such as acne, texture, large pores, and dryness.

Smooth your skin with one treatment. An ideal way to achieve optimal exfoliation with no down time.

Brow Shaping
Our trained professional will help determine the best shape of the brow to fit your face.

Ear & Body Piercing
Piercings done in office by a licensed medical professional.

Facial & Body Waxing
Remove unwanted hair in different areas of the face.

Weight Management
Maintain your weight or lose those excess pounds before and after surgery.

Customized Facials

Your skin’s needs are as unique as you are. After a thorough consultation and exam, patients enjoy a relaxing and refreshing customized facial designed to target their needs. It’s a great way to improve a variety of skin complaints such as acne, texture, large pores, and dryness and is perfect for any age!

Customized facials are a good way to combat the ravages of time, as well as to enhance the general health of the skin. They improve the appearance of the skin through the promotion of circulation and the removal of impurities. Customized facials might include chemical peels, the application of special serums, microdermabrasion and other procedures tailored to your needs.



Smooth your skin from head to toe with a Vibraderm treatment. Patients will see significant improvement in skin tone and texture with just one treatment. Vibraderm is an ideal way to achieve optimal exfoliation with no down time. You will love the way your skin feels after a Vibraderm treatment. This treatment has excellent results for a person who has extremely dry skin. Treat yourself to the full body experience.


Brow Shaping

Probably the easiest way to give the face a more youthful appearance, as well as draw more attention to one’s lashes and eyes, is to have your brows shaped. Brow shaping involves taming unruly brows or filling in sparse brows so they complement and enhance your facial structure and features.

Brows can be waxed or tweezed or threaded to a highly defined shape or sparse brows can be filled in so they look more natural. The arch of the brow, its thickness, and its length all contribute to the shaping of a perfect brow. Brows can also be tinted to match your hair color or highlighted to add more vibrancy to a woman’s complexion. Henna-defined brows are also a way to add a bit of high definition.

A typical appointment lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.



It is a safe bet there isn’t a woman on the planet that looks forward to shaving. It’s expensive, time consuming and, often, painful. For some women, especially those with dark hair, the stubble can appear within hours. Believe it or not, there is a way to eliminate shaving from your life and have the beautiful, smooth legs you want.Waxing is the miracle you are looking for. Waxing removes all the hair and keeps it away for weeks. When the hair does return, it is finer and thinner.

Patients of Dr. Whitlock can remove unwanted hair on different areas of the face and body via facial and body waxing. The most popular areas are the brow, lip, and chin. Sometimes waxing is also done on the sides of the cheeks to rid the face of “peach fuzz.” Your makeup will be applied much more smoothly in these areas. Your spa professional will determine whether to use the waxing or sugaring technique. Comfort, beautiful results, and a satisfied client are our goals.


Weight Management

Why weight management is a priority

If you undergo any cosmetic procedure or treatment, such as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), brachioplasty (contour of the arms), butt lift, or liposuction, it’s important to support your new look with a program of weight management.

Also, weight management can aid those patients who want to undergo a procedure such as a tummy tuck in the future. Other patients who have already lost weight may find that a supervised weight loss plan can give them the initiative needed to get rid of those few remaining, nagging ten pounds. Older patients, too, find losing weight is less difficult when they follow this kind of dietary program.


Learning to modify what you eat

While many women believe fasting or starving will help them lose weight quickly, this form of dieting actually will slow down the metabolic rate because the body’s system is put on alert as it needs to convert energy at a slower rate in order to survive. In addition, a stringent or restricted diet can also lead to physical issues, such as headaches or hypoglycemia.

A good weight management program aids patients by showing them how to modify their eating while incorporating a regular routine of exercise in their daily regimen. Weight management enforces sound nutritional habits by underscoring the concept of portion control along with healthy eating. In a medically supervised program, a registered nurse often assists patients in realizing their weight loss goals.

Weight management assists patients who have firmed their arms, tummies, or bottoms by cosmetic means maintain their new toned look with a sensible eating plan. With a weight management plan, patients can follow an eating schedule that allows them to consume nutritionally balanced menus without worrying about the number of calories they consume. This type of approach to weight control means that patients can opt for foods that fall under each of the basic five food groups (vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and dairy) and limit their intake of processed or junk foods, bakery products, and foods that derive most of its calorie content from fat.

Naturally, no one is immune from succumbing to temptation every now and then, and a good weight management program takes this factor into account. The program emphasizes portion control as well as regular, daily exercise.


Set up an appointment for a consultation

Patients who are good candidates for a weight management program are generally about 20 to 30 pounds overweight and are otherwise in good health for their age. If you feel you could benefit from this type of program, set up an appointment for a consultation today. At the initial appointment, your measurements and weight will be taken, and the dietary plan will be explained.


Ear and Body Piercing

Piercings are done in the office by a licensed medical professional. Our staff has been trained in the techniques needed to pierce the areas that people want. Our spa rooms are clean and relaxing and here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center your health and well-being is our main concern.

  • Ear Piercing
  • Cartilage Piercing
  • Navel Piercing
  • Nipple Piercing

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