When it comes to Tulsa cosmetic surgery Whitlock Cosmetic Center, plastic surgery and medical spa is the best option. Here at Whitlock cosmetic Center we care about you and your confidence. We believe in helping you gain confidence in your journey through life and you believe that that is important to everyone’s well-being. Dr. Whitlock is a plastic surgeon as he attended the University of Oklahoma College of medicine. He then realized that his talents could be put to use in the plastic surgery industry. Dr. Whitlock is one of the best of the best surgeons in the region and he is confident that he can help you today.

Whitlock cosmetic center is the best Tulsa cosmetic surgery clinic in the Tulsa area because we offer so many cosmetic services along with many other medical spa services. When it comes to our cosmetic services are breast, enhancement and argumentations are hands-down our most popular. But it is from Sara press, argumentation or breast implants. We provide the best in the Tulsa area. A breast augmentation is simply the placement of breast implants to help increase volume and cup size under your current breasts. There are many other options when it comes to placing breast implants within your breasts. There’s liposuction that we use and could be used to suck out fat in other areas and then we are able to put that sign into your breasts to make them bigger.

Here at Whitlock cosmetic center. We are Tulsa’s cosmetic surgery specialist because we offer a quick recovery breast augmentation. You can enhance your chest size in very little downtime. Meaning that your surgery is cut in half. Or the surgery there is minimal bleeding and a very short recovery time. This helps with the amount of soft tissue that is being moved around and allows us to reduce the amount of trauma that is being put to them. With that being said, this illuminates swelling, bruising, and/or pain when it comes to having a breast augmentation. Along with this, there is no need for drain tubes or intense pain medication because there is no swelling, bruising and/or pain. If you are wanting a quick recovery breast augmentation, feel free to call us today.

Whitlock, Cosmetic Center, plastic surgery and medical spa offers three different types of breast implant choices. You have the silicone breast implants, the saline breast, implants, and structured breast implants. The most ideal breast implant is the structured breast implants. The reason they are called the structured breast implants is because they are structured with several layers of shells and have Celine reserve burgers. When it comes to breast implant choices, we suggest that you come into office for our free consultation Andorra virtual consultation now so we can get one figured out for you and for your best option

We highly encourage that you’re going to check out our website at whitlockcosmetic.com where you could check out her before and after our financing options and our specials that we are having for the summer. Friendly staff would love to help you every step of the way so if you have any questions and or concerns that are not answered on our website, please feel free to call us at 918-743-5438. We can’t wait to help you feel beautiful again.

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery | The Best of the Best

Who is the best Tulsa cosmetic surgery clinic in the area? Whitlock Cosmetic Center, Plastic surgery and medical spa is hands-down one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in the Tulsa area. At Whitlock cosmetics. We care about you and your confidence. And the ability for you to feel beautiful. We want to offer you the quickest recovery with the best results possible. Here at Whitlock, cosmetic center and plastic surgery we are known for our amazing customer service and for exceeding the expectation of every client. We offer so many services that it would be hard to turn us down. Our services include anything from breast, enhancement, body, enhancements, facial, and Hansmann or medical spa services. If you’re looking for any of these options, Whitlock cosmetics is your place to go.

As one of the best of the best Tulsa cosmetic surgery clinics in the area, we offered so many cosmetic surgeries. From breast, augmentation breast, lifts breast reductions, male breast reductions in explants. We want to help you with any answer that we can possibly think of. When it comes to breast augmentation sometimes you also have to offer breast reductions. A breast reduction is always a good option. If you are physically healthy, you have realistic expectations, you do not smoke, you are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too large, your breasts limit your physical activity, and you experience back, neck and shoulder pain due to the weight of your breast. Breast reduction is a surgery that removes excess breast fat, and/or skin so that we can help you choose the correct breast size and proportion with your body.

Whitlock Tulsa cosmetic surgery clinic is the best of the best because we truly care about each and everyone of our clients and we want you to not only feel good and feel confident by two. Also have the body that you’ve been dreaming of. We want your recovery time to be as quick and easy as possible. That is why we always offer follow up appointments to make sure that everything is going smoothly and the process is healing up correctly. We pride ourselves and support our customers and our clients with every step of their cosmetic surgery or medical spa needs. We suggest that you go to our website and check out our before and after photos as we offer before and after photos of every surgical procedure that we offer here at Whitlock cosmetics. This includes how often your procedures will need to be done. Also, at this consultation we will take our before photos so that after your procedure is done, we may compare the two side by side.