Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Believes in individuals gaining their own personal confidence through the Journey with Whitlock To achieve their own personal goals. We believe every individual can go beyond external concerns to truly let one’s inner beauty shine from within. Here at our company, We believe in every individual’s purpose and mission, and we want to assist you in accomplishing your personal goals and mission. With Dr. Whitlock’s incredible knowledge in terms of quick recovery, it makes his skills the most highly sought among patients all around. Our team encourages our patients to be active within their own personal surgical Journey, and our staff is always going to be here to assist you with any needs possible.

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Offers a wide variety of services to every individual for any Cosmetic service you may have or want to accomplish. Dr. Whitlock performs a wide variety of cosmetic services, yet specializes in breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation. Our team utilizes artistic skills and talents to assist others to truly realize the full potential of their personal confidence. Dr. Whitlock’s Surgical talents are more like an artist, and his surgery tools are basically like a paintbrush for his field. We truly believe in using artistic talents and knowledge to help others gain confidence and find the true inner beauty of each individual.

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery was founded and created by Brian Whitlock Who was brought up in a medical family. His father was a physician, Boyd Whitlock whereas his mother was actually a registered nurse. From an early age, Brian Whitlock found a gift for art and began to explore from an early age on. Both bothering about his education at the University of Oklahoma he realized his god-given talents would be excellent in the field of plastic surgery. After an additional 16 years of training following High School Dr. Whitlock was ready to begin his journey and achieve confidence for individuals. This is around the time of 2000 when Whitlock returned to Tulsa and founded Tulsa plastic surgery, which also happens to be the parent company of Whitlock plastic surgery and reflection Medical spa. With these two companies being combined ever since they Have now been doing business at Whitlock Cosmetic Center of Oklahoma

When it comes to finding inner beauty and achieving personal goals cosmetically, Dr. Whitlock’s office is the place to call. If you’re looking to achieve cosmetic confidence and work with a great staff, reach out to us now. Our team is looking forward to working with individuals and accomplishing everything they have ever dreamed of. whether you’re thinking about it or just wanting to consult feel free to reach out to our team with all Inquiries or concerns. No matter the external concern, we want your inner beauty to rise and shine through you, so feel free to reach out to our team and accomplish these goals with Dr.Whitlock’s Tulsa cosmetic surgery. You can call us at 918-743-5438 or visit our website at https://www.whitlockcosmetic.com

 Experience your purpose

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Has a mission to assist individuals and find their true inner beauty. Our goal is for everyone to experience their true beauty while working with you to smash every cosmetic goal no matter the external concerns you may have. No matter the external concerns you may have, Dr. Whitlock and his team are fully prepared to assist you every step of the way. Our team is ready and prepared to sit with our clients to ensure that their goals and purpose are met. Dr Whitlock Specializes in body contouring facial rejuvenation and breast enhancement. Yet due to his artistic talents, he can do all types of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery can offer many cosmetic services to many individuals. Some of these include breast enhancement services, body enhancement services, facial and Medical Services, and we even have things coming soon. These Services Dr. Whitlock performs are specialized down to the t. Our team wasn’t sure that you would come in for cosmetic services and leave feeling unhappy and truly content with your inner beauty no matter what external concerns others or yourself may have. Even if you’re just feeling like having a spa day, come in and experience our Medical Spa services with Dr. Whitlock and his team.

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Has an entire Mission based around assisting others and beauty within. so when it comes to our pricing we offer 100% financing with no money down. We have breast augmentations and liposuction for as little as $150 per month and again with no money down. One Source we utilize is PatientFI, Which Is a financing option for almost every patient. When it comes to this source, the best part is that there is no risk to apply to see if you qualify for this soft credit check. take advantage of the 0% APR plan without any penalties, compounding interest rates, or even hidden fees. When it comes to more affordable options, United Medical Credit is an option even if you do not have the best credit score. They even accept co-signers. No matter the situation, we have options to further assist you and achieve your dreams. You can always reach out to our team for these options so that we can better assist you.

At the end of the day, Dr Whitlock and his staff are fully prepared to assist you with every cosmetic need possible. We have a great team looking forward to meeting with you and achieving every personal cosmetic goal. our mission in the end is for everyone to see their true inner beauty, and assist with everything that we can’t possible. Even if you’re struggling financially, we have options for you, we have your best interest in mind. So whether you just want a console or you have any inquiries please feel free to reach out to Dr. Whitlock and our team. Let our team help you find your inner beauty and achieve all your goals imaginably. Let us exceed your expectations and find your purpose.

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