We can help you out with all of your Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery needs today and we hope that you will give us a chance to give you a free consultation with Dr Whitlock and his amazing team here at the cosmetic surgery center. you might be wondering how many treatments you might need if you are getting micro pigmentation, this is going to be dependent on how long the base remains intact. most women want to know a few of these treatments, the initial treatment is immediately followed by another appointment 6 weeks later. these touch-up treatments and follow-up appointments are going to be required if you would like the implementation colors to stay there.

micro-pigmentation at Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery is generally going to lose its intensity after a three-year period. the colors are going to be want to keep up with so we recommend that you give us a call so we can assist and make this process easier for you. the entire process is very fascinating and lots of things need to be taken into consideration during these consultation meetings. the colors you choose will be based on your skin tone and also be based on how old you are. our older patients tend to have lighter hair so we recommend that they get lighter colors because if they were to get a darker color, they would need to have many more different touch-up appointments because their hair will grow out a lighter color than the micro pigmentation that we give to you.

Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery was going to provide you with a great procedure with called micro pigmentation. with this process, and let it go be applied before and during the procedure in order to ensure a painless process. we are going to make this as comfortable for you as possible in order to give you a little pain and discomfort during this treatment. we will also be educating you and how you can prepare for your appointment and what you can do Post procedure that is going to ensure a longer micro pigmentation time frame for you.

if you were looking to get your next pigmentation appointment scheduled today then we recommend you go over to our website and you can go ahead and fill out our 100% free consultation. you can find our website today by visiting https://www.whitlockcosmetic.com/ if you have any further questions and we want you to check us out by giving us a call today. you’re going to be so amazing with the amazing services that we want to provide for you. this is not going to be something you want to miss out on so go ahead and give us a call today by dialing the number 918-743-5438 and we will make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for time and time again. we want to keep educated on everything that we can do for you soon come check us out and you will not be disappointed.

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With our micro-pigmentation service at Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery, you will want to make sure that you know what the best practices are for taking care of yourself after your procedure as well as helping the pigmentation last for a long time period most of our patients will heal after about a week so if you are looking for full lip pigmentation, it’ll take longer to heal. some patients will last longer because their skin will absorb the pigmentation differently but for each case, our staff are going to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to enjoy your procedure to the full extent. we have some side effects from this procedure that can include flaking or crusting in the area that we treat so it is important to moisturize the area. after this procedure that we want to perform on you, you will experience a color loss so the follow-up appointment is going to be very important for you. this will allow us to repigment the area so the color lasts a lot longer than it normally would.

here at Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery, we’re ready to schedule your free consultation today. you should go ahead and give us a call because we are going to make your life more comfortable, productive, and easier for all of your needs. you were going to experience nothing like our services and we can wait to get started. we want to give you the confidence that you need and life so go ahead and call us today and we can help you out with absolutely anything that you are looking for cosmetically. the best cosmetic surgeon in your area is definitely going to be Whitlock cosmetic services and we hope that you will give us the chance to work with you today because it’s going to be an opportunity of a lifetime.

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