Whitlock cosmetic center and plastic surgery is hands down the best Tulsa Botox option in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dr. Whitlock at Whitlock cosmetic center is a very highly knowledgeable and well-known doctor of plastic surgeries here in Tulsa. Here it is with that cosmetic center we take pride in what we do here and we only do it if we’re going to do it the best. We love what we do and we love making you feel more confident and more beautiful in this journey of life. Whether that be Botox or a breast augmentation we want to help you feel better about yourself every day.

As one of the best Tulsa Botox clinics in the area, we take pride in our services here. Within our medical spot, we offer many services to help you feel beautiful, feel confident, and that is why we also give a free consultation with any of our medical spa treatments. Our treatments include Botox, chemical, peels, dermal, fillers, facial peels, lashes, micro, needling, blue peel, photo, facials, skin brightening treatment, spa services, and skin tightening treatments. We here at Whitlock cosmetic center know how important It is to take care of your skin so you feel young and beautiful all of the time. Your skin’s needs are always unique compared to anyone else’s skin and that is why we only plan the best possible treatments for you and your skin.

Here at our Tulsa, Botox and medical spa. Whitlock cosmetic center wants to provide the best Botox experience. Along with Botox. There are many OK advantages to having Botox done so let’s talk about those. One of the number one things about Botox is it treats your muscles not your skin. The Botox treatment actually goes into your muscle to help it not be able to contract which causes these fine lines and wrinkles. The second is Botox can treat depression and improve your mood. Studies have shown that people that are getting Botox are generally happier than those who don’t. And lastly Botox is not a type of filler. It does not add value to the facial area and is said to just reduce lines by relaxing the muscle. We think that these are important facts that you should know about Botox so it will make your decision on getting Botox even easier.

Perrit Whitlock cosmetic Center we offer specials and our current summer specials are the summer sass which is $799 and it is 20 units of Botox in one syringe of lip filler and you can save up to $140 on the service also our second special is called the summer fling which is $1499. It is 20 units of Botox, one syringe of lip filler and one syringe of Voluma and on the service. You can save up to $340 and we offer free consultations so feel free to call us at 918-743-5438.

Lastly, we would like to invite you to visit our website at whitlockcosmetics.com so you can look at all of our before, and after photos, some of our financing options, and just read more about it in general. While you’re on our website, go ahead and check our reviews so you can see what people are saying about us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Tulsa botox | the best in the game

Here at Whitlock, cosmetic center. We are the best Tulsa Botox clinic in the surrounding Tulsa areas. We are also a plastic surgery and medical spa. All of our staff is extremely experienced and highly educated and what they are doing, and we pride ourselves on being able to help you every day. We want to make you feel more confident and more beautiful within your body From the moment you step in the door. We offer so many cosmetic surgeries from breast enhancements all the way to our medical spa treatments. We also have some exciting new treatments that we are excited to announce that here soon we will offer a permanent fat reduction. So are you ready to let us help you feel more confident and more beautiful today?

Here at Whitlock cosmetic Center, We truly are the best Tulsa Botox option in the area. We offer so many services in our medical spot areas and we can guarantee that you will be amazingly satisfied with your results. We only hire the best of the best year and that is what makes us so awesome here at the Whitlock Cosmetic Center, plastic surgery medical spa and Botox center.

Our Tulsa Botox clinic offers the best medical spa treatments in the Tulsa area. We want you to feel confident and beautiful every time you walk in here. We also offer a free consultation with all of our medical spa treatments as we know that picking one is hard and also trying to treat that one area is also hard to find. Medical spa experience is so simple, so easy and hands-down one of the best pampering treatments you’ll ever have. We offer Botox, chemical peels, dermal, fillers, facial peels, micro needling, facials, skin tightening, and skin brightening along with many more options. We know how important it is to take care of your skin here and we highly encourage you to pick us to be your Botox center.

We love to be able to help you and that’s why we offer our summer specials. Or summer and specials include the summer size which is $799. It is 20 units of Botox and one syringe of lip filler. This service can save you over $140 and we highly recommend it. If you’re wanting a little bit more for your buck this summer fling is $1499 and you get 20 units of Botox one syringe of lip filler, and also one syringe of Voluma. On the service you can save up to $340 and it truly is one of the best specials that we have ever had run at our clinic.

We highly encourage you to go and check out our website at whitlockcosmetics.com and sign up for a free virtual consultation now. Also, feel free to call us at 918-743-5438 at any time if you have any questions. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.