We have the best Tulsa Botox Fillers for you and your unique skin needs. Everyone is different, and that’s what we love about our customers. At Whitlock cosmetic center, we are a plastic surgery and Medical Spa that will customize each package for your individual needs. one of the things we specialize in botox. Botox is used for temporary cosmetic improvements. It is not a surgical procedure, and it is one of our non-surgical procedures that we have in our medical spa. If you want to learn more about our medical spa and our other non-surgical cosmetic services, check out our website under the medical spa section.

If you want Tulsa Botox Fillers, Whitlock cosmetic Center is the place for you. We have the highest rated cosmetic surgeon in the region. We know Botox and we know how to use it correctly so you will not regret using our services. Botox is used for temporary Improvement, it is not permanent because it is not a surgery. If you want a permanent fix that is like botox, check out our facial enhancement page where you can learn about our full facelift.

Dr Whitlock and his team would love to educate you and make sure you understand everything about talks before you get it done. Botox Works in a unique way that most people are not familiar with, so it is important to talk to a qualified injection professional before you decide to get BOTOX in a particular area. Many Tulsa Botox Fillers do not care about educating you, they just want to sell you a Botox product, and that is not who we are. We are compassionate and we want to make sure that everyone gets their unique skin care needs, so make sure you talk to one of our professionals before deciding on anything, because we will make sure that you get exactly what is right for you.

at Whitlock and Tulsa cosmetic surgery, so make sure you get exactly what you need. Not only do we treat wrinkles, but we can also treat Crow’s feet, forehead lines, gummy smile, dimple chin, necklines, and so much more. Our process is extremely simple and smooth and we’ll be able to give you exactly what we are doing before we start. We are on your side and we want you to be confident that you can get exactly what you need. you only feel a minimum discomfort as it is an injection, because we will numb it with a cold pack or a local anesthetic in the form of the agreement, depending on what you prefer.

The entire botox injection process only takes a small amount of time of 10 minutes. so, if you have time to spare, go ahead and give us a call at 918-743-5438 to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals today. or, if you want to learn more about Botox or look at our other services or fill out our consultation form, check out our website at whitlockcosmetic.com.

Tulsa Botox Fillers | Different Care for Different Needs

If you are looking for Tulsa Botox Fillers, you are going to want to come to Whitlock cosmetic Center first. We are a plastic surgery and medical spa in Tulsa Oklahoma and we have the highest rated medical spa and cosmetic Center in the region. The region does not just include Oklahoma, but the surrounding states as well. We’ll make sure that you not only get what you want and what you need, but you also know exactly what is happening so that you will not have to worry or have any anxiety about what the process will be. We will give you enough education to make an amazing decision that will impact your life forever.

We care about our customers at Whitlock cosmetic Center and we want to make sure that you get the best Tulsa Botox Fillers for you and your unique needs. Everyone is different, every skin care package and facial structure is different, which is why we require a consultation before you come in and get anything done. you can do an online consultation at first if you do not want to come in, and if you decide to get something done, you will come in for a physical exam so make sure we get everything done for you. After your physical exam, they will give you an amazing Spa facial for your unique skin care needs and then you will be able to get a unique skin care package just for you.

Botox is actually a cosmetic procedure that is not surgical. All we need to do is inject prescription medication into your muscles and we’ll be able to get rid of your lines and wrinkles that you do not want. If you want Tulsa Botox Fillers, we will make sure we get that for you. At the end of your procedure you will be left with a wrinkle free facial expression that is smooth and perfect for you. If you want any friendliness, wrinkles, or anything else on your face that has been caused by aging of the skin, botox is the perfect step for you and will be able to get that done for you and your face.

Our injection nurse can treat so many things such as brown lines, bunny lines, lip flips, dimple chin, pucker lines, for headlines, and so many more. any lines or wrinkles on your face that you do not want anymore, we can smooth those out for you so you can be wrinkle free and have an amazing facial structure that is the most smooth that you want.

We are on your side at Whitlock and Tulsa cosmetic surgery. our process will run smoothly, and the first step to our process is to start a consultation that is 100% free. Go ahead and give us a call at 918-743-5438 to get in contact with us or if you want to fill out our online form for a free consultation, check out our website whitlockcosmetic.com to get that started today.