Here at Whitlock Cosmetic Company we are the best Tulsa Botox fillers Clinic in the area because we truly care about you and the services that we have provided here.We can offer anywhere from breast enhancement, body enhancement, facial enhancement and medical school services..We have the most skilled and knowledgeable surgeons and staff in the office. and with us here at Whitlock cosmetic Center we want to make you feel beautiful again with the usual experience of the highest rated and most Google reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the region.The next step for you is to reach out to Dr. Whitlock and the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule your free consultation.

At Whitlock cosmetic Center we are the best Tulsa Botox fillers Clinic because of our amazing services that we offer. Botox is a temporary Improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is actually injected into the muscle to stop your muscles from Contracting which causes those Fine Lines and wrinkles. As this is a temporary fix we know that the benefits of getting Botox can start to appear long-term. We offer Surgical and non-surgical procedures from breast enhancements, body enhancements, facial enhancements and medical swallow services. Our Botox is our highly requested medical spa treatment which is a non-surgical treatment. While Botox is FDA approved for glabellar wrinkles, there are many off-label uses for Botox as well.

Tulsa Botox Fillers injections are performed without anesthesia because they are virtually painless. Only a very small sting is felt when the injections are made. The effects are not permanent and may need to be repeated two to three times per year to retain the effects. Research has suggested, however, that long-term use of the injections leads to a longer duration of each treatment’s effect. Patients over the age of 65 may not experience such dramatic results. BOTOX Cosmetic is only useful in treating expression lines and cannot be used to repair sagging skin caused by aging. After the operation patients may experience slight bruising around the area that quickly fades. Normal activities can be performed immediately.

At Whitlock cosmetic we are the experts in all things face and strive to offer the most advanced care and conditions of the face, mouth and jaw. Our procedures really do change lives for the better. and we strive to help provide our patients with the best care and results possible. After the initial Botox injection, and within only a matter of days, you will see a definite improvement in your facial appearance.

If you would like to learn more about Botox injections go check out our website or give us a call at or 918-743-5438 and schedule your complimentary consultation today. we know you will be 100% satisfied with all of our cosmetic procedures.


Tulsa Botox Fillers | I hope your day is as smooth as your forehead

Tulsa Botox Fillers are the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world, and this is certainly true in all the Oklahoma area as well.Although patients can choose to have Botox in dozens of medical offices, spas, and doctors’ offices in the Cleveland area, it’s important to choose a Botox provider with the correct experience and training in facial anatomy to get the best outcome possible. Botox injections are usually only mildly uncomfortable for patients, but if requested, Dr. Whitlock will numb the treatment area with ice or topical anesthetic. Treatment with Botox Cosmetic is usually very quick and takes less than 30 minutes, however it may take slightly longer if you decide to combine Botox with other injectable treatments

When it comes to Tulsa Botox Fillers it is measured in units and the typical treatment involves anywhere from 20 to 100 units depending on the amount of Correction you desire. treatment of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating usually requires more units of Botox than wrinkle treatment or Botox brow lift. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are injectable wrinkle relaxers derived from botulinum type A, a neurotoxin designed to block nerve impulses that stimulate muscle movement. It is widely accepted that in skilled hands, both products provide comparable wrinkle correction. Dr. Whitlock will recommend Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to you based on the type of treatment you desire, your unique anatomy and whether you’ve previously experienced better correction with one wrinkle treatment over the other.

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, Tulsa Botox Fillers can be both preventative and corrective. The key to a natural and not frozen look is in the hands of the injector. Dr Whitlock is an experienced facial plastic surgeon serving patients in the Tulsa area, and uses a microdroplet technique for her injections. By placing small droplets in very selective locations,Dr Whitlock can achieve excellent results while using the fewest number of units. Dr Whitlock strongly believes that every patient deserves an individualized treatment plan. Botox works by temporarily preventing muscles from contracting. Botox has a range of benefits for those seeking to rejuvenate their facial appearance.

At your consultation, Dr. Whitlock will ask many questions regarding your health to help reduce the risk of experiencing these side effects. Once Dr. Whitlock has cleared you for Botox injections, you can then go ahead and schedule an appointed time to meet with his injection nurse. Remember, Botox injection sessions only take 10 minutes. You will see results almost immediately with no down-time. Dr. Whitlock’s injection nurse has been formally trained and has years of experience injecting Botox and dermal fillers.

If you would like to learn more about Botox injections go check out our website or give us a call at or 918-743-5438 we are so passionate about helping individuals complete their cosmetic Journey we know that you owe 100% be satisfied with all your cosmetic needs that we are able to provide for you. your confidence is going to be through the roof and you are going to be flaunting your stuff like no other girlfriend.