Ladies, it’s time to get that toss a boob job that you’ve always wanted. Whitlock cosmetic center and plastic surgery is offering breast augmentation to help you feel beautiful again. Experience the highest, rated and rest, google reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the region. Dr. Whitlock is the owner of Whitlock cosmetics and he believes in helping others gain confidence in their journey. He believes and sees the inner beauty and every patient, but he also wants every patient to feel  Tulsa Boob Job beauty on the outside as well. That’s why he does what he does.

For your Tulsa big job, we have three different Tulsa Boob Job breast implant choices for you to choose from. The first is the silicone breast implant. The silicon verse implants are gel filled known for being softer and more natural looking results. These are also the most preferred and are also called the gummy implants because it’s a gummy-like substance that is inside of the implant. You can choose between how solid your structure of your implant can be and the harder silicone is going to last longer compared to the software version. It just depends on how natural you want them to look.

Your second option here at Tulsa. Boob job is the saline breast implants the saline breast and pepper plants are filters and saltwater solution, and are considered one of the safest and reputable. This is a natural solution, and it does not harm the body, and with it being a water like substance, the possibility of it lasting a super long time is just not likely. This option is more for the natural look then any of the other looks but then again, you will have to get them redone more often.

Your third option here at Tulsa Boob job is the structured breast implants which are ideal. The idea of the structure of breast plants was to combine the saline breast implants and the silicone breast implants. These ones will feel like the saline implants, but also have the left and and mimic the lasting effect of the silicone implant.

Another super awesome thing that we do here at Whitlock cosmetic center. If we offer financing for your boob job and it’s 100% much no money down cool. Your breast augmentation in liposuction for just as little as $150 a month and no money down you would have to call for more details. Certain sections apply based on the individual’s credit history, but we have not had any problems with that in the past.

We hope that you consider Whitlock cosmetic Center and plastic surgery for your next big personal care surgery. Head to our website at where you can find all of our cosmetic services before and after photos, learn more about our financing and learn more. It’s like a cosmetic center in general. Don’t forget to schedule your consultation today or call us at 918-743-5438. We hope you choose Whitlock cosmetics to help you feel beautiful again, and confident again.

Tulsa Boob Job | Before and After

Whitlock cosmetic center is a Tulsa boob job, plastic surgery, and medical spa. Experience one of the highest rated and most Google reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the region Dr. Whitlock believes in helping others feel comfortable and confident within their body and through the journey of life. Dr. Whitlock graduated from the University of Oklahoma college of medicine and after going through 16 years of training so he was finally able to open his own cosmetic company in 2000. 23 years in the business Whitlock has plenty of experience and an unremarkable amount of reviews He truly is one of the best plastic surgeons in the Tulsa area.

When you Google Tulsa boob job, I bet Whitlock cosmetic center is at the top of the Google search. Whitlock cosmetic center doesn’t just offer breast augmentations, but also breast lift, breast reductions, male breast reductions, and explant. He also has services in body enhancement, facial enhancement, and in medical spa.

Tulsa boob job offers breast lifts and we find this important here because sometimes women’s bodies undergo dramatic changes through pregnancy or through breast cancer and sometimes it’s just uncontrollable. As this is a sad thing, but also a true thing, don’t worry Whitlock cosmetics is going to take care of that. You’re an ideal candidate for a breast lift, if you want your breast repositioned into a more pleasing position for improved contour, or physically healthy physiologically, stable and realistic in their expectations. A breast lift isn’t going to make your boobs any bigger, but might make them appear to look bigger just a lot more perkier.

Whitlock cosmetics also offers specials and right now there’s summer specials are; OK well we are the summer sass which is 20 units of Botox and one syringe of lip filler as a cost of $799. Holy cow you save up to $140 with this summer special! So This is an amazing opportunity and everyone should take it vantage of it right now. The next summer special is called the summer fling. It is 20 units of Botox one syringe of lip filler and one syringe of Phoma and this is priced at $1499 and you can save over $340 on this treatment. Now both of these treatments must be scheduled within six months of purchase just to give us plenty of time and you plenty of time to think about it.

So are you ready to finally have that plastic surgery that you’ve always been talking about or wanting now is your opportunity to take advantage of it! Whitlock cosmetics does offer financing for breast augmentations and liposuction’s for a little 150 per month and no money down.

Go, check out to learn more about the cosmetic services before and after photos financing and just more about the clinic in general. Also feel free to call and schedule a virtual consultation and speak to the lovely staff. You can call them at 918-743-5438. We hope to see you in here soon, so we can make you more confident within yourself.