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Breast Implants Tulsa | Types of Implants

When you’re looking for Breast Implants Tulsa, Whitlock cosmetic Center has what you need. We are a plastic surgery and Medical Spa center that is the highest rated and most reviewed in the region. I want you to experience the highest rated cosmetic surgeon you’ll be able to find. so, but your consultation today. We have so many services that include breast augmentation, body enhancement, facial enhancement, and even medical spas. so, if you want surgery, we have it. If you want a non-surgical service, we also have that for you. Whatever you need and whatever your budget, we have it for you.

When it comes to Breast Implants Tulsa, we are the experts. at Whitlock Cosmetics Center, we know what we are talking about. Dr Whitlock has done more than 5,000 surgeries, and all of them were left with successful results and happy customers. you can choose your breast implant that you want. We have silicone breast implants which are gel filled and they are known for their natural looking results with a soft appearance.

We also have an option to have Saline Breast Implants Tulsa. These are filled with a saline salt water solution and they are considered safe if your breast implant happens to rupture. It does not harm the body and because saline is liquid, your upper fullness and your breast augmentation will not be maintained for as long as other implants such as silicone. The last breast implant option we have is a structured implant. This is the ideal breast implant that we like because it combines the realistic look of silicone but it also has the safety of the saline implants. They are structured with several layers of shows and they have extra safety precautions. They have a more natural look than the regular saline implants because they are filled with two Saline reservoirs. so, there are lower overall complication rates.

The last option is that you can also have a fat transfer after liposuction. so, when you choose to liposuction your own fat, you can put that fat back into your breasts as an alternative for a breast augmentation. This way, you can have the most natural looking breasts, but the only downside is that you have to have a liposuction first, so if that is not what you’re looking for, you will not be able to have a breast augmentation using your own fat. Whatever kind of breast implant you need, we will be able to help you decide which one is best for you and your circumstances and your body shape.

We are the experts here at Whitlock cosmetic center. so, when you need help choosing what implant choice is best for you, we can do that for you. we will have a free consultation with you. At that consultation, we will talk about everything to do with your breast enhancement. so, to set up your initial consultation, give us a call at 918-743-5438 or you can go to our website at to start a consultation there.