Botox in Tulsa is defined especially when you come across Whitlock Cosmetic Center. Here will be able to exit dive right into the process of Botox. With Dr. Whitlock and his team on your side the process can always be very smooth. Obviously, the Botox is actually administered with minimal discomfort. So you don’t have to worry about a big needle going through your face. The injection site is numbed beforehand with a cold pack or with a local anesthetic. I’m usually the local anesthetic is usually in a form of the cream.

The Botox in Tulsa process usually only last about 10 minutes. It depends on how many units you want as well as what areas you want treated. But patients usually connect to have a treatment performed in their lunch hour and be able to get back to the office just in time. So but if you have hectic schedule or a need be able to do school activities are get your kit somewhere else then we can easily do it in 10 minutes after spare time. So reach out to Whitlock Cosmetic Center not learn more about what our initial Botox injection might do as well as what kind of improvement you could see.

The Botox in Tulsa found right here at Whitlock Cosmetic Center. And honestly people have been able to see results immediately an official improvement in their facial appearance. Frown lines continue to diminish over a period of about a month and you should note that Botox is a temporary treatment. So use they can last as long as four months depending on the individual and also course there are other variables when it in your Botox injections. Of course there are negative side effects see me to be able to talk to a professional to decide really if Botox is the best treatment.

We can discuss whether or not you’re a great candidate. Now if you want able to take some time to discuss what’s possible through the Botox injections and you can contact Dr. Whitlock and his team. We want able to discuss why some people just should not receive Botox injections. And usually it’s great for ages 18 to 65. Of course it’s not for everybody. And so if you need us to discover whether or not you are a good candidate for Botox start off with a free consultation.

But some people who may not be a good candidate for Botox are individuals who have breeding conditions like asthma or emphysema. And you may not be a good candidate if you’re susceptible to bleeding or any kind of issues like swallowing or maybe undergoing a surgery in the next few months. These are things to take into consideration. So call (918) 743-5438 good to

What Are you Looking For From Botox In Tulsa?

Get your get about Botox in Tulsa brought to by Whitlock Cosmetic Center. There will be able to address your questions as well as be able to cover the side effects of Botox. Using Botox if it your first time he’s usually will ask to experience site pain where the injection was made, tenderness, redness, bruising, swelling, irritation, or information. Obviously will make sure that has some patients have been known to expense headaches, dry mouth, neck pain, fatigue, or blurred vision. So this is your first time actually getting Botox we highly recommend that if you’re coming into the office you to have someone with you so that they can drive in case anyone of these pops up.

It has been known for people to experience allergic reactions all the rare such as asthmatic symptoms, dizziness, itching or rash after getting Botox in Tulsa. Now using worship stances people experience the side effects but again it’s rare but it’s always best to be able to consult a healthcare provider before and then talk to Dr. Whitlock to make sure that you can ask many questions regarding your health as well as performing basic health exams and also measurements in the initial free consultation. We will make sure that were able to reduce the side effects as much as possible.

There may also make sure that you able to do initial research on us so that Dr. Whitlock can have everything cleared up for you during the procedure as well as for Botox injections. But if you have already done this before this is my first rodeo anyone be able to get in for an appointment to do Botox with us and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our team members today. Ask about Botox in Tulsa from Dr. Whitlock. That you should know side effects or minimal pain is typical only in the last for a few days. If they do persist any need to follow Dr. Whitlock.

For more details or any questions you have before you leave or before you actually go through with the procedure Dr. Whitlock and his staff want to let you know that every member of his team is formally trained and have years of experience in every single field. So whether you coming in for Botox injections or you’re coming in for breast augmentation Whitlock Cosmetic Center has the best in mind for you. Get your questions answered today as well schedule a morning or afternoon free consultation with Dr. Whitlock.

Call (918) 743-5438 go to if you’re looking for premium quality long-lasting results brought to you by Whitlock Cosmetic Center. Dr. Whitlock is a true genius when it comes to breast augmentation, Botox, my perception, eyelid surgery and more.