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Here at Whitlock Cosmetics center we don’t just offer Botox and medical spa treatments but we also offer breast enhancements, body enhancements, facial enhancements and many more. We hope that we can be the team that helps you with your cosmetic needs and or your surgical or non-surgical needs. All of our staff members are well trained and very knowledgeable on every aspect of what they are doing here at the center. as we know how important it is to be well knowledgeable and every aspect of the services that we provide here that is why we would never have but the best working on you as our customer.

We encourage you to check out our website at Whitlock cosmetic.com and check out our before and after photos along with our financing options that are available to you as we want all of our services to be completely affordable for everyone. Also while you’re out, check out our specials and our reviews that are also on our website but also free to call us at 918-743-5438 if there are any other questions or concerns that you may have.

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Are you looking for the best botox Tulsa area has to offer? If so , please look into Whitlock cosmetic Center plastic surgery and medical school. We have everything that you need to make yourself more confident or feel beautiful. Here at Whitlock cosmetic Center plastic surgery and Medical Spa you will experience the highest rated and most Google reviewed cosmetic surgeon in the region. Dr Whitlock cares about you and your well-being and that is why he wants to help you gain your confidence throughout your journey of life. If you’re just curious about what all that we offer here or curious in general about Botox and or body enhancements please feel free to go to our website and book a 3D consultation for free or you’ll be able to see what your body will look like after your services are over.

We are for the best botox toss area has to offer because we truly care about you and your well-being. We would never let you walk out of our office with too big of lip filler, too big of Botox or simply an unhealthy amount. We care about you and your health here at the Whitlock cosmetic Center plastic surgery and Medical Spa. We also care about our reviews. We know that we are where we are today because of our past Best Botox Tulsa customers and we continue to thrive. Thank you to them and their reviews on our website.

We are proud to say that we are the best botox Tulsa area has to offer because we understand that the treatments that we are doing are temporary improvements to the parents of frontlines while doing Botox. Both men and women at our Clinic usually come in three to four treatments per year. We would love to educate you on Botox and how it works feel free to come into our office at any time so we can talk to you and talk to you about the process of how Botox works.

Here at Whitlock Cosmetics Center we also offer financing options as we believe that it should be affordable for anybody who steps foot inside of our clinic. We want you to feel happy and beautiful every single day and sometimes Botox and or other cosmetic treatments can be very expensive. That is why we understand and offer financing for everyone. An example of how much it could cost for you a breast augmentation and liposuction can be as little as $150 per month with no money down to start. Now certain restrictions do apply based on your individual credit history but we have never had any problems in the past.

head to our website at Whitlock cosmetic.com and learn more about our financing or before and after photos and read our reviews to understand why we are the best of the best of the Tulsa area. is there any other questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 918-743-5438 and we will gladly discuss any issues concerns or questions that you may have.