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If your skin has been damaged from sun exposure, aging, or free radicals.
Peels used on the face, hands, neck or back can help reduce the appearance of the surface skin that has been damaged by the sun as well as many other harmful factors. Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery provided by Dr. Whitlock’s center can help provide the kind of cosmetic help you need for your skin, to look radiant, and reflect your true beauty. The first thing we often notice about someone is first their face. Second, we usually take not of their skin, whether they have freckles, acne, oil skin, dry skin, smooth skin etc.

So, why wouldn’t someone want to take the best care of it they possibly could! With the help of Whitlock’s Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center, we can provide beautiful peels that can be used on the back of your neck, chin, face, or hands. You will be able to fortify your skin, and keep it looking amazing for many years to come. When you have wrinkles, fine lines, freckling from spending hours upon hours in the sun, scars, acne, or rough patches of skin, you are eligible for the wonderful Facial peels.

All you need to do to find out more information, is contact the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center. This Cosmetic center is run by Dr. Whitlock himself. He oversees the training and abilities of his staff members. He ensures every patient leaves happy and healthy. Many people in the world only offer up a negative outlook or opinion regarding Cosmetic surgeons or even the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center. However, they may only see negative things, because they have not seen the good these services can do. We have completely changed women and men’s personal self – confidence. They are now proud and confident in the way they look. Our services here at the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center are a form of preventative care as well. When you take care of your skin for example, with the help of Facial peels, Obagi Blue peels etc., you help protect and fortify your skin against harmful UV rays, as well as bad genetics.

Whitlock Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center also offers a natural approach to our care. We offer natural facial peels, such as an Anti – stress Cranberry Pomegranate peel. A vitamin C peel, an Apple peel, and your one and only HydroPeptide Peel.


Anit-Stress Cranberry Pomegranate Peel

Now the Anti – Stress Cranberry Pomegranate Peel provided by the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center is a popular item. This rejuvenating service helps revitalize the skin. It helps your skin to diminish fine lines and many wrinkles as well as crows’ feet. It will protect and guard your skin against free radicals and harmful substances in the air, as well as brighten and smooth skin cells that result in a younger complexion. This peel also infuses hydration into dryer skin cells. Hydration is key to healthy skin cells. When your skin is dry it not only flakes, but it will crack causing pain, and irritation. It also adds stress to your skin, which may make you appear older. The Anti – Stress Cranberry peel also helps remove lactic acid and enzymes.

(With Echinacea stem cells, super antioxidants, lactic acid and enzymes).


Vitamin C Peel

The Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center also provides a vitamin C peel. This protects your skin with antioxidants. It contains seventeen peptides, proteins, and growth factors that stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells. It nourishes your skin with vitamins as well as minerals for a natural and healthy glow. It plumps the skin area in which it was applied, as well as prevents collagen loss and skin damage. If you are wanting to exfoliate your skin, and lighten and brighten your facial skin, then this Vitamin C Peel is the perfect fit for you! Not only does it lighten your healthy skin, but it also evens out your complexion. If you have been suffering from random bumps, or dips in your skin, this peel will help smooth out all the imperfections. Dr. Whitlock and his team at Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery have undergone extensive training, research and patient care, to be able to deliver to you outstanding services, and customer service.


HydroPeptide Pumkin Peel

The last Peel that the Tulsa Cosmetic Surgery Center offers is call the HydroPeptide Pumpkin Peel is exactly what it sounds like. It not only exfoliates, it hydrates, protects, and uses key ingredients to to help fight off and prevent acne. It also acts as your natural moisturizer.  It uses the pumpkin to activate the skin’s defense mechanisms. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to acne, dry and flaky skin, then contact us today!

There are many benefits to a more natural approach to healthcare. For instance, with our natural peel, you will find that you experience minimal irritation. Natural ingredients help regenerate and promote new skin cell growth. It provides your skin cells with antioxidants to protect your skin against radical damage. Most people do not understand that acne or other skin abnormalities can be cause by other variables besides genetics. For instance, everything you eat, every time you step outside, or breathe in polluted air, this affects the health of your skin cells. That is exactly why a healthy lifestyle and diet are highly important and keen to having healthy, hydrated and beautiful skin! So next time you go to eat that cheeseburger, think about how all the grease, sodium, and fat will affect your skin, and overall health.

It’s time for us to get you set up with the professionals! Go online to our website to view more information about Dr. Whitlock and his team members, as well as the bundle of outstanding services they provide. Tulsa Cosmetic services to not have to be out of your reach. Call today to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Whitlock and his team today! After this meeting, if you and your doctor agree you should continue with our treatment sessions, then we will discuss how you will pay, and schedule your future appointments with our team.

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