Are you currently thinking about gettingTulsa Breast Augmentation? Have you chosen which implant you were currently interested in or leaning towards ? We have three different types of implants that we offer whatever it comes to breast augmentation. The three breast implants that we offer are sailing filled Preston plants, silicone filled breast and plants, or structured saline Preston plants. This is gonna be based on your preference and what you want in your body and what you were trying to achieve with the goal you’re trying to reach that way. We are capable of reaching that goal.

When it comes to Tulsa Breast Augmentation and you were looking at getting silicone breast and plants we would like to give you a little detail on them. You will be receiving your Preston plants. This is the implant you have chosen from one of the highest rated reviewed companies and all of Tulsa offer cosmetic services. Our surgeon Dr. Whitlock is going to give you phenomenal results which is something he specialize in is breast augmentation. back to silicon breast plants. Silicon breasts and plants are going to be known for producing softer, natural looking boobs. Just for your information, not also looking for something created alike and that is something to keep in mind whatever you were wanting to get your implants.

A lot of times when someone is getting a Tulsa Breast Augmentation they can get a little confused when they hear the word gummy breast implants, which is referring to any silicone breast implants no matter how solid the silicone is. That silicone breast implants, very in-house solid or structured they are, are going to make an impact on the fullness of the upper area of your boobs. The more fullness and solidness the longer they will keep their shape and fullness.

When it comes to any type of Tulsa Breast Augmentation it is a possibility to have rippling and leaking of the implants, which is less likely in the silicon breast plants. These silicone implants are going to maintain their shape for longer. If you would like to discuss further information or details, Dr. Whitlock would be more than happy to go into detail on all of the great information and knowledge she has on every single type of implant. Doing a consultation you will be able to see different types of implants in sizes and what it is you’re looking for so if silicon is not the implant you were wanting, you always have the option to choose something different during your consultation and make sure it’s exactly what you want.

We look forward to getting you in our office and ready to get your procedure done. You deserve to have boobs. You’re truly proud of it. Visit our website at and get the best results you’ve ever seen when it comes to all of your breast implants ! Feel free to give us a call and schedule your consultation with one of our amazing team members who were here and ready to help you. You can do so by calling 9187435438.

Tulsa Breast Augmentation | Saline

Are you set onTulsa Breast Augmentation? We would love to be helpful to you getting your medication set up and scheduled. When you choose to use Whitlock cosmetics you are going to have the greatest experience. Our founder only hires the absolute best in the cosmic film, making sure that every single one of the patients that walked through that door has the opportunity to have the absolute best results possible.

We know how tough it can be to start researching and trying to find what the best Tulsa Breast Augmentation is that is why we are here to guide you and assist you with all of your breast augmentation needs. Our office has been open since 2000 and we look forward to keeping it open forever. Dr. Whitlock has been doing cosmetic services for over 20 years and is extremely good at what he does. He’s very well educated, highly skilled and going to give you amazing results. Is he going to give you the most recent results? He is going to guide you and assist you with this entire process making sure that your breast augmentation is done properly and a flawless experience.

We are positive that you are not gonna have a better experience when it comes to Tulsa Breast Augmentation rather than coming to our office which is a cosmetic center. We want to make sure that you are having the best possible surgery experience while we are working on you. Are you looking to get saline breast implants sailing? A Breast Implant that is filled with salt, water solution and considered safe in the event of a possible implant rupture. The saline or salt water is a natural solution and does not harm your body. This is a great way of getting what you want while also being conservative on what goes in your body. Although this is the best implant if you were currently on a budget, it is not going to maintain the ever fullness as long as the other implants will. This is a great way to get your results that you are seeking in a less expensive procedure and coming back later and getting something you truly want.

A lot of people choose if this is their first time and they are not wanting to spend too much money to make sure that they absolutely love having their boobs, bigger fuller, and improved, which is perfectly normal fine with as weird as here to give you the services you need and making sure that we are able to guide and assist you along this process. At the end, we just want to make sure you’re happy and receiving what you were going for. We take pride and dedication that we put into our Tulsa Breast Augmentation. Making sure you have a smooth experience along with having flawless breasts.

We would love to get you scheduled for your appointment prior to that. We will need to get you set up for a consultation. We can do that by having you go online to our website at or just by giving us a call we would love to set that up for you. Call us at 918-743-5438. We look forward to getting your Breast looking how you want