At fillers botox tulsa Whitlock cosmetic Center we are proud to offer amazing services to help you become more confident. Dr. Brian Whitlock attended the University of Oklahoma college of medicine. 1992. He started a six year general surgery internship residency at OU in Oklahoma City. He then went on to the University of Alabama at Birmingham prestigious, plastic surgery residency for two years. In July 2000 he came back to Tulsa and founded Tulsa plastic surgery.

How much does fillers botox Tulsa cost? I would like a cosmetic center. We always offer all new clients and patients a consultation in person or over the phone with Dr. Whitlock for free. This will last one to two hours. I would like cosmetics at the center . We understand that everybody has different budgets and goals and we have multiple financial aid options for you. Dermal filler starts at $450. This includes Juvederm, perlane, & radiesse. These fillers are all great for adding volume and filling wrinkles for a natural and youthful look. Our Botox starts at $250 a unit. Botox is great for smoothing wrinkles from the frown line, forehead, crows feet, and neck.

What are the costs of fillers botox tulsa and other services offered? Some of the cost for the more popular surgeries done at Whitlock cosmetic centers is breast augmentation; the saline implants start at $3895. Silicone gel and plant start at $5350 breast lift are $4169. Breast reductions are$4800. Liposuction starts at $3472 in Brazil but lifts start at $8890. Smart Lipo flashlights already start at $1500. We offer Titans entirely starting at $1000 per Microdermabrasion starting at $35. If you are interested in our skin brightening system we have a deep peel for $800 and a mini peel for $350.

At Whitlock cosmetics it is our goal to make you feel beautiful again. Dr. Whitlock is one of the highest rated most Google reviewed cosmetic surgeons in the region. We know that the first thing people notice is usually their face. We know it’s important to find the raider skin care, and use sunscreen every day but one thing you can’t prevent from happening is aging. At Whitlock cosmetics we went to assure you that you were getting the best deal at Whitlock cosmetic Center. To check out some of our amazing transformations go see our website.

You can visit our website at to review all of our services in depth, to check out our before, and after seeing what financial decisions we have, find out more about our story, look at specials and book an in person or virtual consultation today. We are constantly and you know, bringing new and improved products for our procedures every day to move things coming soon or the Katara transcode, which is a permanent fat reduction, a culture, a true sculpt flex, which builds sculpts and Burns. Call us today 9187435438 or check it out online for more information or to schedule your first free in person or over the phone consultation.

Fillers Botox Tulsa | Best Cosmetic Surgeon In The Region

At Whitlock cosmetic Center fillers botox tulsa we want to make you feel beautiful again. It is our golden mission to get you to get your confidence back so you can take on your life goals and missions head on. Here we are trustworthy, important, and we care. We have an outstanding, highly trained professional medical staff in a range of roles that are eager and ready to help you today. At Whitlock you come first that’s why every initial consultation is 100% free we offer consultations in person or over the phone or a video call.

What are some fillers botox tulsa frequently asked questions? How long will my appointment last? For a consultation that’s important for us so you don’t feel rushed and get in every question so your concentration class is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. A lot of people think that fillers and Botox are the same thing but by being used by men and women to enhance face features, they can be as soon Hantz other things that may be hurting your confidence.

How does fillers botox Tulsa work? Botox is not a one and done type of procedure. If you do Botox, you receive a number of injections over a few months and you continue to do this until you achieve the results you were looking for at Whitlock cosmetics we offer a great deal for Botox if you buy one Botox, you get one free Botox as well, if you have more questions about this, you can talk about this with a professional and knowledgeable injection, nurse. The average cost per unit of Botox is typically $20.

Another injection we offer at Whitlock is derma, fillers, that just like Botox can be used by men or women. Once filler has been injected, it disperses evenly giving you a smooth finish. Similar to the Botox event tonight, it will take time to look for atypical dermal filler that lasts about 3 to 8 months. Radiesse Fillers are some of the only fillers that can last up to a year since an FDA approved filler that can provide you with the year-long results. These syringes can cost anywhere from $600-$800. You will usually need one to two syringes per session.

Check it out online at see Oliver cosmetic services like Preston and Smith , body enhancement, and facial enhancements. Carol all the services are medical spa offers a child a coming soon time to see what new products or procedures you can expect. Also, on her website before, and after pictures, all of our financial aid partners, you can see her story, viewers, brushes, and book an in person or virtual consultation today. At a consultation you can sit down with a skin care, professional, injection, nurse, or a surgeon to go over any questions or concerns. You may talk about your upcoming procedure. Call us today at 9187435438 do you schedule your in person or virtual consultation today! This is where the greatest things can be welcoming you into.