Experiencing pain during intercourse, riding a bike, or wearing tight pants, may mean you are a candidate for Labiaplasty. A Labiaplasty, or labial rejuvenation, reshapes or reduces the inner or outer labia; repairs damaged labia, or change the appearance of the vulva. Aging, genetics, and childbirth can cause problems that can be corrected with a Labiaplasty. Women who are embarrassed by the shape or size of the labia, have pain during intercourse or other daily activities, and are finished having children are good candidates for a Labiaplasty.

The Procedure

Dr. Whitlock will customize the procedure based on your initial consultation. General or local anesthetic may be used and will take approximately 1-3 hours.  Dissolvable sutures are used and patients should avoid any sexual activity for six weeks or until you are fully healed.

G-Spot Enhancement

Peruse any publication targeted at women and you will most likely see an article about bridging the O-gap. G-spot Enhancement, one of the newest procedures available, is intended to help women have an orgasm more easily through penetration.

An injection of cosmetic filler is used to enlarge the G-Spot, making it easier to stimulate and achieve orgasm. The effects last for approximately four to 12 months. G-Spot enhancement can be done in our office as an outpatient procedure and has virtually no recovery time. Patients can typically resume sexual activity the same day.