Significant, Rapid Improvement

Unlike attempts to solve the dimple dilemma at the gym, Dr. Whitlock delivers rapid improvement to cellulite problem areas - no blood, sweat, or tears required. Significant results can be seen immediately after treatment, with limited downtime, and continued improvement in months to follow.


Dr. Whitlock uses Cellfina to target the primary structural cause for cellulite, rather than prescribing a creamy “band-aid” to slather over dimply flaws. Unique in how it works, Cellfina releases the fibrous septae under the dimpled areas of the thigh & buttocks, to achieve results lasting three years or more.


One, minimally invasive treatment in-office with Dr, Whitlock, and it’s smooth sailing to dimple-free confidence. Cellfina is the only FDA cleared, long-lasting cellulite treatment on the market, and won’t require multiple office visits or uncomfortable treatments to get results. 93% of patients were satisfied, finding treatment to be effective and well-tolerated.

Cellfina ® Benefits

  • Long-lasting Results

  • FDA-cleared

  • Single treatment, in-office

  • Significant, rapid improvement

  • Minimally invasive

  • Effective, well-tolerated

  • Limited downtime

  • 93% patient satisfaction

Whitlock Mission

At Whitlock Cosmetic, our mission is to partner with you to uncover your best, confident and beautiful self, offer affordable beauty solutions, and provide the best premiere plastic surgery in Tulsa. Dr. Whitlock and our team of professionals are here to care for you and make you feel as beautiful outside, as you are inside.

Cellfina ® Testimonial Quotes

“I was extremely pleased with the whole process.”
“The results have continued to improve over time.”
“I would recommend it to anyone!”
“The treated dimples disappeared.”
“There’s really no cellulite left!”
“It’s really remarkable to see the improvement.”
“There’s no touch-up needed!”
“Cellulite or dimpling can really affect our self-confidence. As a woman, I’m extremely excited!”

FAQs About Cellfina ®